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  • Associate Customer Experience with Time to Value | Interview with Curtis Brackus from Vozzi

    25/11/2021 Duration: 16min

    Giving a heightened customer experience means customer retention and customer loyalty. Yet some still miss the mark by overthinking innovation with big transformation. The VP of marketing at Vozzi, Curtis Brackus keeps it simple; give clients results quickly while remaining consistent, reliable, and never forgetting the human touch. Curtis discusses the inception of Vozzi, a mass-text company helping sports teams message and connect with fans. Although the beginning of Vozzi’s success was a chance taken it was a reminder that text messaging is not dead and sports fans remain forever loyal.

  • The Role of Storytelling & Partnerships in Growing a Business | Interview with Brandon Steiner from CollectibleXchange

    25/11/2021 Duration: 23min

    Partnerships, People, Process; is our guest's entrepreneurial mantra in growing his businesses. It was a great privilege to have Brandon Steiner, entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, and sports marketer on the show. Brandon passionately dives into the growth and inception of CollectibleXchange, an online platform for fans, collectors, store owners, celebrities, athletes, and teams to buy and sell collectibles. But it was the launch of AthleteDirect that got this, as he says, ‘61 year old excited’. With the development and launch of successful businesses and the growth of his personal brand, Brandon was able to offer us insights and strategies, while being honest about his own fears and challenges in growing a business. Storytelling has played a role throughout human history, passing down stories to retain our past, grow empathy, learn and connect. So when Brandon thinks about growth he thinks about storytelling. By focusing less on the actual product or service he has placed his efforts in focusing on

  • Insights into Data-Driven Growth and Marketing | Interview with Jean Ginzburg from Ginball

    24/11/2021 Duration: 16min

    Digital marketing is essential for any business growth and coupling that with impactful and useful data and truly drive success. Ginball is an award-winning digital marketing agency and we welcomed the CEO, Jean Ginzburg, to the show. Jean discusses the inception of Ginball and offers her insights into data-driven growth and marketing. Jean thrives in helping companies scale faster by dialing into the latest and most effective trends in digital marketing.

  • Alter your Messaging to Increase Conversions & Enhance User Experience | Interview with Amaya Woods from Chaser

    24/11/2021 Duration: 19min

    One size doesn’t fit all is a great way to think about your messaging, brand positioning, landing pages, and calls to action. Having a beautifully interactive website that clearly showcases your products or solutions may not be enough if you haven’t optimized your messaging. One of the biggest challenges faced by marketers is how to increase conversions. We’re all a little too wrapped up in the product, rather than how we communicate to prospects. Focusing on and optimizing messaging is the growth marketing manager of Chaser, Amaya Woods. Chaser is an end-to-end accounts receivable software helping businesses pay invoices more efficiently. They’re humanizing the automation process to ensure their users can maintain and personalize their client relationships. Amaya offers us insights into how she thinks about growth for the business and how she looks to better support the buying journey. With a dynamic website and software that solves key challenges in the industry Amaya is eager to focus on communication and

  • Create Customer-Centric Landing Pages for an Enhanced User Experience | Interview with Anna Kocsis from 10to8

    23/11/2021 Duration: 16min

    Websites are moving away from just being a resource or an opportunity to force our ideas on customers to more focus on the user experience and understanding what our customer needs rather than assuming their needs. 10to8’s head of marketing, Anna Kocsis discusses the growth of the appointment scheduling software and her ideas to optimize the user experience. With multiple landing pages and resources, Anna wants to support the buying journey and encourage a conversational design.

  • Driving Growth and Innovation with Brand Creativity | Interview with Carol Sykes from Legible

    23/11/2021 Duration: 21min

    Roald Dahl said; ‘That if you want to get anywhere in life you have to read books.’ As reading expands our minds, ignites our imagination, and encourages empathy it should be accessible to all. Legible is a web-based reading platform created by authors, book lovers, and publishers for readers everywhere. They are creating a platform that offers a beautiful, accessible, equal, and sustainable. The marketing leader and strategist, Carol Sykes joined us today to discuss the inception of Legible and what they stand for. As a newcomer to the business Carol is ready to push the start-up to a wider audience and encourage growth with brand creativity, word of mouth, and diverse social campaigns. With a busy world of adverts, billboards, online campaigns, websites it’s crucial that a business stands out in order to reach and retain an audience. With her 25 years of experience in developing marketing strategies, Carol reminds us of the value brand creativity has in driving growth, innovation, and overall memorability f

  • Clear & Content-Rich Website to Encourage Business Growth | Interview with Amy Woods from Content10X

    22/11/2021 Duration: 20min

    Content 10x is a creative agency specializing in content repurposing, helping clients grow their business with a content-rich website and marketing strategies.

  • Using Data to Enhance the Customer Experience | Interview with Amber Fehrenbacher from FlowCast

    22/11/2021 Duration: 20min

    There is even more pressure to enhance the customer experience as users access all they need independently and quickly. With the advantages of technology and online usability, consumers are even less reliant on you to support them and this has influenced and changed the buying journey. The customer experience is overtaking price and product as a key brand differentiator as consumers have higher expectations. To meet these demands and expectations businesses have to leverage data to better understand their consumers and service their journey in personalized and appropriate ways. A big fan of data is our guest today, marketing director of FlowCast, Amber Fehrenbacher. Flowcast leverages AI to help financial institutions make smarter credit decisions. Amber is proud and humbly brags about the specialists behind FlowCast as they help businesses assess credit risk more intuitively and intelligently. Although Amber is new to the team she is eager to grow the business and showcase its benefits to the world. To do th

  • Combining Data and Content for Successful Digital Marketing | Interview with Ryan Alford from Radical

    20/11/2021 Duration: 18min

    As a marketing influencer and experienced marketing executive, we were honored to welcome Ryan Alford, CEO, and Founder of Radical, on the show. Radical is a full-service digital agency helping businesses generate successful digital marketing strategies. You name it, they can do it. From website management to content generation to SEO you’ll land gracefully and quickly into the digital marketing age. Ryan offers practical insights and dives into the impact the art of content combined with the science of data can have on your digital marketing strategies.

  • Supporting and Improving Ecommerce Website Conversions | Interview with Gabriele Quaranta from Reid Supply

    20/11/2021 Duration: 15min

    I don’t like to assume but I feel pretty confident that we have all shopped online. I feel even more certain of this after a pandemic caused us to rely on our digital world more than we could imagine. Ecommerce is booming and we are ready to hear from Gabriele Quaranta, digital marketing manager of Reid Supply. Reid Supply offers a comprehensive line of over 40 000 quality industrial components serving a variety of industries, from automotive to electronics to medical. Supporting the buying journey appropriately and efficiently is essential to increasing website conversions, ultimately final purchases on Reid Supply’s online store, and Gabriele is focused on continuing to optimize the buying experience. With varying industries and personas, and a large product range Gabriele looks to improve page organization and categorization while personalizing the buying journey for each potential persona. To further support and improve their website conversions Reid Supply is hyper-focused on providing crucial product in

  • Successfully Increase Brand Awareness and Growth | Interview with Mark McCormack from Identity Marketing Group

    19/11/2021 Duration: 28min

    Brand trust is essential in a world where consumers rely on research and reviews. That being said there are a lot of decisions to make when it comes to defining brand identity, messaging, and building brand awareness. Identity Marketing Group knows that your brand is a powerful tool in your ability to attract and retain clients, recruit great people and communicate what’s best about doing business with you. Our guest dives into the conception of Identity Marketing Group and his experiences in the industry.

  • Generate Leads with an Inbound Marketing Funnel | Interview with Austin Black from Wide Narrow

    19/11/2021 Duration: 21min

    We love to ask our guests how they continue to educate themselves and filter through the online noise to find relevant and quality content. Our guest today, Austin Black, is the senior growth marketer and business developer of Wide Narrow, a SaaS company that helps with just that. Wide Narrow helps analysts with their intelligent workflow. Filtering industry-leading sources supported by AI and information specialists, their clients are provided with information that matters. Of course, Austin has the advantage of accessing Wide Narrow’s platform to support his career and individual growth. Austin breaks down the evolution of the business and his input into lead generation, marketing, and pivoting into a more online-based environment as the pandemic imploded into their outbound world. With a pivot to an inbound marketing funnel, Austin and the Wide Narrow team began to see an increase in their lead generation and the impact it had on their customer experience. By building tailored connections with potential bu

  • The Value of Brand Communication in the Buyer’s Journey | Interview with Claire Stott from Distology

    18/11/2021 Duration: 27min

    It’s a competitive world out there and it is vital to have a strong and authentic brand in order to differentiate yourself. But, to do that a brand identity must be defined and communicated. Working effortlessly to perfect brand communication is marketing manager of Distology, Claire Stott. Distology is an award-winning cloud IT distributor helping to represent market-leading and innovative vendors to launch their products or services efficiently with impactful and clear communication. Listen in to hear more marketing insights and buyer journey strategies from Claire.

  • Steps to Highly Effective Video Content for Higher Conversions | Interview with Sam Lister from Blnk Slate Media

    18/11/2021 Duration: 16min

    You have a limited amount of time to capture a visitor’s attention. You can take the opportunity to be a part of your audience's buying journey. Incorporating video content can help build customer trust and encourage higher conversions. Attention spans appear to be decreasing over the years and an ever-growing opportunity to keep page visitors engaged is with video and imagery content. It’s important to inject the human element to maintain and develop a connection. Helping brands grow through high-quality video and photo content is the team at Blnk Slate Media. Risk-taker, innovator, entrepreneur, and founder of Blnk Slate Media, Sam Lister joined us today. Launching and building businesses, pivoting to a remote and scalable business during the pandemic, and passionately creating content means that Sam can offer us real insights into growth marketing and strategies. Blnk Slate Media has been founded on the understanding of the challenges of creating engaging and shareable content. They have helped fortune 500

  • Match Educational Marketing Content to the Buyer’s Journey Stage | Interview with Aarushi Kaath from Function Point

    17/11/2021 Duration: 20min

    Content is a key player in the game of lead generation and educational marketing content is how you win the game. Educational marketing content has a profound impact on building brand trust, increasing the likelihood of purchase, and supporting the buyer’s journey. However, there can be an imbalance between the content we provide and how it correlates to the buying journey. Highly emphasizing educational marketing content and matching it to the buyer’s journey is Function Point’s growth marketing manager Aarushi Kaath. Function Point is an all-in-one agency management platform helping creatives become more profitable and productive. With varying personas in the creative industry and the decision process to onboard new platforms, Function Point’s audience is reliant on educational and appropriate content. To further lead generation and support the buying journey Aarushi is sure to match the content to the stage of the buyer.  If you are not offering an enhanced user experience it is easy enough for a prospect

  • Brand Positioning Secrets for Pioneering Brands | Interview with Marc Calamia from Sageworx

    17/11/2021 Duration: 26min

    The co-founder and CEO of Sageworx, Marc Calamia joins us today. Sageworx is a curation of top-tier thinkers and makers that form a creative and strategic agency for today's brands, providing heightened client and customer experiences, custom marketing solutions for brands looking for more than the expected agency partner. Marc offers us insights into successful brand positioning and how they essentially practice what they preach by curating heightened customer experiences and relationships.

  • Enhance the Customer Experience with Digital Transformation | Interview with Mark Probert from Newicon

    16/11/2021 Duration: 20min

    Software is changing the world. To provide customers with a consistent experience that is tailored to their needs is a crucial mission for businesses today. Helping companies with their digital transition so they stay relevant and keep humans central to a changing digital landscape is the team from Newicon. The digital marketing strategist Mark Probert joins us to discuss Newicon’s growth. Customer experience is driving their changes to succinct landing pages, quality case studies, and educational-led marketing.

  • Enhance Lead Generation Campaigns with Personalization | Interview with Dana Lindahl from Legendary Podcasts

    16/11/2021 Duration: 20min

    The world can be a little disconnected sometimes. With automation contributing to our daily lives from checking out groceries at a Supermarket to working without the need for face-to-face conversations, human interaction is decreasing. Never mind, the pandemic tearing us further apart. It’s said that human interaction can contribute to our overall happiness so it’s no surprise when we start to crave it, and it’s no surprise that marketers are turning to personalization to supercharge lead generation. Dana Lindahl, the founder of Legendary Podcasts and Legendary Leadgen, is a big fan of outbound marketing... when you do it right. To do it right Dana advocates for personalization as the much-needed solution in lead generation today. As a growing legend in helping businesses reach their audience with high-quality podcasts, Dana’s experience in lead generation has qualified him to grow their audience with value-based targeting and a hyper-personal approach. As podcasts center on a relationship-based ecosystem, it

  • Scale and Grow with Impactful & Effective Social Media Campaigns | Interview with Corrie Jones from Untapped

    15/11/2021 Duration: 19min

    No one likes to miss out on untapped potential. With social media growing and becoming a living and complex universe in itself, some brands could use some help to scale and grow in this digital world. Corrie Jones the co-founder and CEO of Untapped discusses her own business growth and touches on growth strategies for all.

  • Build Better Customer Conversations for More Meaningful Experiences | Interview with Mary Brodie from Gearmark

    15/11/2021 Duration: 19min

    Creating innovative technologies, solutions and services can often get business owners lost in selling their own ideas. Sales and marketing teams dedicate their careers to being successful in influencing a buyer’s decision, supporting the buying journey, increasing growth, and generating quality clients. However, we have the opportunity to move away from giving the customer what we think they want, to using customer conversations and insights to drive product development and messaging. Supporting companies to increase customer conversations to generate more meaningful experiences is Mary Brodie. Mary is the founder of Gearmark. The team and consultants at Gearmark help create memorable digital experiences made for people - not just profits. That’s what we have to remember: people are behind these purchases and decisions. We’re more likely to remember a meaningful experience rather than the unique qualities of a company or product. There is more to purchasing and interacting with a company than simply completi

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