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N The Zone Network presents N The Cards. It's all about our St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. This show is here to discuss what happens on the field and off. You name it! If it's Cardinals baseball, we're on it!


  • Episode 12 - Wong Gone?

    15/10/2020 Duration: 43min

    With one, dare we say cryptic, Instagram post; we're left wondering if the Cardinals aren't bringing back their Gold Glove second baseman.  Tis the season to speculate and panic we guess.  @Dylan_Dinger joins Ron again this week as they sort this out.

  • Episode 11 - The Central Divisions are DONE!

    05/10/2020 Duration: 01h03min

    @Dylan_Dinger joined Ron today to assess the Cardinals Playoff performance, 2020 regular season and what they would like to see happen for 2021.

  • Episode 10 - "Not So Fast Baseball", Says COVID!

    29/07/2020 Duration: 51min

    With baseball back, it would appear that things are going to get back to normal.  Not so fast says the sick Marlins players.  Arlington Lane joins Ron on this episode to talk about baseball, BLM baseball statement, decreasing number of black players in baseball, and of course, their impression of the Cardinals 4 games into the short season.

  • Episode 9 with Palmer Alexander III

    28/06/2020 Duration: 34min

    Palmer Alexander III @thelegendkil joins Ron early on a Sunday morning to talk baseball and to catch us up with all that is happening on N The Zone Network.

  • Episode 8 - Baseball, what in the hell are you doing?

    30/05/2020 Duration: 26min

    It's too early to start bitching about sports on a Saturday right?  We have enough things to worry about these days.  Baseball has a chance to come back and in a big and positive way.  So what do they do?  They risk F&%#ING it up, as per freaking usual.  It's not a surprise, but do they know how much they are risking their future health?  

  • N The Cards - Episode 7, Are we close to coming back?

    21/05/2020 Duration: 20min

    There is some baseball news in the works.  MLB and ownership has agreed on a "get back to baseball" proposal and the MLBPA will be reviewing as early as Friday.  It won't be an easy hill to climb, but baseball does have a chance to get back into action around the 4th of July!  In other news, is the XFL making a comeback?  Ron sure as hell hopes so!  It was fun while it lasted, and would be great to see it make a return!

  • Let's Catch Up on Things. Shall We?!

    09/05/2020 Duration: 33min

    How will baseball come back?  When will it come back and in what form?  I discuss that today along with the disappointment of not getting to see the outfield competition through a full Spring.  Also, I was getting into the Battlehawks before that was shut down.  COVID-19.  BITE ME!

  • N The Cards Episode 5 - Winter (Meetings) is coming!

    09/12/2019 Duration: 40min

    Prepare yourselves.  Winter is coming.  The Winter Meetings are set to happen this week in San Diego, CA.  What will the Cardinals do?  Will they stick to the script and lay low?  Will they surprise us?  I hope they do, and I understand if they do not.  Non-tender main course would be my guess, but what the hell do I know?  What I do know though is that Ted Simmons is a HOF!  That is overdue, and it is awesome!

  • Episode 4 - Where do the Cardinals start with this off season?

    31/10/2019 Duration: 49min

    What are the Cardinals going to do this off-season?  What should they do?  What's likely to happen?  Why do some fans have an "auto no" response to certain possibilities?  Why is the sky blue?  What the hell are you looking at?  I was talking to myself tonight while watching the World Series, so I decided to take myself into the studio and just continue the conversation....with myself.  I'm my own best friend.  Sometimes.  Sometimes I'm an ass.  Sometimes I'm not.    This is N The Zone!  This is the Network!

  • Episode 3 - The Cards are heading home with a split!

    05/10/2019 Duration: 36min

    No playoff baseball on a Saturday, so I'll just take to the microphone instead and talk to myself.  I was doing that all day anyway.  Games 1 & 2 are in the bag and the Cardinals accomplish what every road team sets out to do....split at a minimum.  Now we head back to St. Louis with a chance to close it all out.  So what were the takeaways from the first two games?  What would my lineup be like for game 3?  Listen and find out.  #TimeToFly  #GoCards

  • Episode 2 - Pre Game Show - Cards @ Cubs

    21/09/2019 Duration: 35min

    Not a planned episode, but Ron took to FaceBook Live to talk about the series between the Cardinals and Cubs.  With the minimum goal achieved of a split, how do we see the rest of this series take shape and what is in store for the final week of the season?  Let's talk about it!

  • Episode 1 - The Opener

    10/09/2019 Duration: 45min

    In this, the debut, episode Ron takes look at the standings and analyzes the remaining schedule for the Cardinals.  He pauses to say a few words regarding the passing of Chris Duncan before he takes stock of the season and how it is that the Cardinals place themselves in the driver's seat the remainder of the way.  The last 3 weeks of the season are going to be great.  We'll be covering that as work our way back to post season play. www.nthecards.com www.ntznetwork.com Twitter: @nthecardspod Facebook: @nthecards Ron's Twitter:  @tor_ron75

  • N The Cards - Preview!

    04/09/2019 Duration: 05min

    N The Cards kicks off next week with a brand new show presented by N The Zone Network.  It's all about our St. Louis Cardinals.  Host - Ron Nuttall takes us through all of the latest news, rumors and views inside and outside the chalk lines.