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This is an unedited and unscripted long-form podcast/videocast about artists, educators, entrepreneurs, musicians, writers, politicians, and many other people in the Pacific Northwest.The purpose is to highlight what guests may do and also get at the nuances of real conversations between people.


  • Narrative Creatures - Contemplations - Align Yourself 3-24-20

    25/04/2020 Duration: 06min

    During these difficult times, we should take stock in the power of nature and our own bodies. We must not live in fear. Please listen and share this short 6-minute contemplation. Thank you I love youP.Reworked-(charity croft)

  • Narrative Creatures #22 - Chris Sprigs 3-12-20

    25/03/2020 Duration: 03h12min

    Chris Sprigs is co owner of Iron and Gold Tattoo in Spokane, WA. He also has a private studio in downtown Spokane, Rage City Tattoo. 

  • Narrative Creatures #21 - Austin James Hunt 3-5-20

    07/03/2020 Duration: 04h18min

    Austin James Hunt is a 19 year old trans male. He has been super open and confident within his experience. His active role within his community by sharing and standing up for equality is refreshing to see at such a young age. 

  • Narrative Creatures #20 - Ben Fife 2-26-20

    29/02/2020 Duration: 03h59min

    Ben returns for another episode in season 2! He is the owner, creator, designer and maker for Westward Leather Company out of Spokane, WA. He is also launching a photography brand. It is always a great talk with Ben and insights to ideas, feelings, intentions, business, inside jokes and this weird long strange trip. Love ya homie !

  • Narrative Creatures #19 - Bart Templeman 2-06-20

    11/02/2020 Duration: 03h28min

    Bart Templeman is the owner, creator, maker, and designer at Dare Designs, a custom furniture/art/build-ins/or whatever you may want, in Spokane, WA. He is also a musician in the band Lindy. Check him out at or on Instagram @dare_designs.I had a great time with Bart! You will enjoy this one!

  • Narrative Creatures #18 - Chad White 1-30-20

    01/02/2020 Duration: 04h36min

    Chef Chad White is a Spokane native who served in the military, then found himself in San Diego starting restaurants and eventually coming back to Spokane to find success in Zona Blanca, High Tide Lobster Bar and TT's Iron Brewery and BBQ. In the midst of all of this, he became known for his appearance on Top Chef. 

  • Narrative Creatures #17 - Erika Kayrin 10-9-19

    13/11/2019 Duration: 02h10min

    Erika Kayrin is a Spokane Native that moved to Montana to fly fish but found herself in LA modeling, being an HBO Boxing ring girl, photographer, jewelry designer, vintage clothing dealer, and now an owner of a non-invasive body sculpting spa in downtown Spokane. She is also writing a book about her experiences that offer ideas and tools to maneuver life and provide self-help.

  • Narrative Creatures #16 - Susan Webber 11-5-19

    13/11/2019 Duration: 02h20min

    Susan Webber is a local artist in Spokane, WA. She paints and draws daily while exploring multiple mediums along the way her creative endeavors. She has adorned Spokane with some of her murals and also has put her art onto material goods. She has just taken up tattooing but you would not know from her new work that she just started. Her tattoos are exceptionally gorgeous. Susan also was diagnosed with breast cancer and came out on top. The episode was thought to have been more about art but it took a deep dive into her experience with cancer and life itself. This is the beautiful thing about this podcast, we never know where it will lead. But I suppose art mimics life.....

  • Narrative Creatures #15 - Ryan Dean Tucker 10-1-19

    10/10/2019 Duration: 02h31min

    Ryan has lived in Spokane since the mid 90's. He has been in the music scene for a long time and has been doing video/film work for awhile in the area. He hosts a live talk show at Spokane Library downtown called Lilac City Live. Ryan is also an avid film buff and went to school in California for film. He also paints.

  • Narrative Creatures #14 - Dr. Rob Sauders 9-6-19

    11/09/2019 Duration: 02h32min

    Dr. Rob Sauders is a PhD in Anthropology. He is from the east coast but came out to Spokane to teach anthropology at EWU. He has quickly moved into other positions throughout his time at EWU. His teaching style is what is missing from higher education today. His perception on how to educate reflects what a college career should be. This was a great conversation and hope you enjoy it!

  • Narrative Creatures #13 - Patty Tully 8-26-19

    27/08/2019 Duration: 02h40min

    Patty Tully is co-owner of Baby Bar and Neato Burrito in downtown Spokane. Baby Bar has been a Spokane institution since the 70's. Patty and partner, Tim purchased it back in 2007 and implemented Neato Burrito into the connected space of the bar. For the last 13 years Patty has become a Spokane favorite as so has her bar and burrito spot. You will quickly hear why Patty is loved by so many and why the bar holds a special place in the hearts of the downtown Spokane community. Her and Tim also are in a band together called The Fun Ladies. She is a legend. 

  • Narrative Creatures #12 - Fay Ripley 8-15-19

    18/08/2019 Duration: 02h37min

    Fay is a Canadian transplant into Spokane, WA. She fell in love with photography and then found a bigger love through the vehicle into vintage women's clothing. She sells her clothing at Chosen Vintage downtown Spokane as well as Boulevard Mercantile in Spokane, under the name Red leaf Vintage. You can also find her on Instagram. 

  • Narrative Creatures #11 - Tyreil Poosri 8-5-19

    07/08/2019 Duration: 01h58min

    Tyreil Poosri is a Spokane native who instructs at Eastern Washington University, freelances in UX design and just started podcasting. He is into martial arts, fitness and photography as well. 

  • Narrative Creatures #10 - James Hunt 7-29-19

    02/08/2019 Duration: 03h24min

    James hunt is a staple in the Spokane community. He has been an avid musician and supporter of the music scene, a large part of the skateboarding community, drink slinger and co-owner of Berserk Bar downtown Spokane. James is very community oriented and cares a whole lot about this community by actions , not only words. He is a dear friend of mine and I wish him much success in everything he touches. We spoke about many things on this episode, much of which James stated compassionately and direct with much care. I enjoyed my time with James and hope to get him back on in the future. 

  • Narrative Creatures #9 - Shawn Heale 7-23-19

    25/07/2019 Duration: 04h13min

    Shawn is a Spokane original who has been a part of the music scene, cocktail enthusiast, service industry staple and now the owner of Garageland in downtown Spokane. It was a long talk but went by quick. Take a pause and come back to it as much as you need to. The tequila shawarma was delicious. 

  • Narrative Creatures #8 - Nick Debusk 7-15-19

    18/07/2019 Duration: 01h52min

    Nick Debusk is a local Photographer, videographer, gym owner and US Navy veteran. His genuine sense of self and care for the world and others is unbound. He has seen a lot and has many things to say on life and the beautiful struggle as it is. We hit on many things and definitely want to have Nick back to dive into more of these subjects we scratched the surface on. 

  • Narrative Creatures #5 - Ben Poffenroth 6-26-19

    07/07/2019 Duration: 02h28min

    This episode was a great time. We enjoyed whiskey a whole lot this evening. That being said, I did mess up and forgot to place the mic lines into the computer. So this episode is picked up by a room mic. I hope you can enjoy the conversation still and see past the hall room sound. This is a learning experience and it will only get better. I won't make that mistake again. We definitely will have Ben back on and I promise to get it right for him next time. Sorry brother! Ben Poffenroth is the co-owner of Durkins Liquor Bar and Casper Fry in Spokane,WA. He is a person who works his ass off and puts everything he can into his eateries. You can tell by the vibe, aesthetic and energy when you walk into his places. The music, design and food respectfully mirrors this on many different levels. Separate from that Ben is a down to earth genuine human being that everyone in the community should get to know and appreciate. I know I do. You can progressively hear the whiskey kicking in :) 

  • Narrative Creatures #7 - Ben Fife 7-2-19

    03/07/2019 Duration: 03h08min

    Ben Fife is the owner and creative at Westward Leather Company out of Spokane, WA. His passion for beautiful products that last a lifetime is absolute. You can see how much he cares when you experience any of the products he makes. His vision and care are unrivaled. His love for his work and community shines brightly as does anyone who encounters his presence. Spokane is lucky to have someone like Ben. I would highly recommend taking a gander at his products which are more like art pieces. 

  • Narrative Creatures #6 - Matt Bogue 6-27-19

    29/06/2019 Duration: 02h11min

    Matt is a Spokane, WA native who grew up playing the drums in school which lead to his passion to play music in bands in the PNW which then lead to his love for design. Matt is the co-creator, alongside his wife Stephanie, of Unifest Co. Matt also just launched a new company called Houdini. We talk about both of these things as well as music and stories from the past. I had a super rad time with him and I hope we can get him back on here down the road to check in on all his endeavors. Matt and his wife care a whole lot about people, the community, networking, and unifying us all under the blankets of art and music.

  • Narrative Creatures #4 - Mimi Lindquist 6-20-19

    22/06/2019 Duration: 02h10min

    Mimi Lindquist is a professional Nutritionist who is educating people about AHCC, a medicinal mushroom that prevents and cures disease. Her passion to educate and spread good health and lifestyles is unparalleled. She is a rare bird and not one to ignore. I am very excited for her adventure she is on and I cannot wait to see how far she goes. Thanks Mimi!

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