A frank and fun discussion about all things Tech. The good and the bad. The relationship that we have with the tech companies that can emotionally drive us to stand in line and cheer for a computer! The emotion when something goes wrong, and how polarizing they are.I will review and discuss how I use tech and how it fits in my life. We all see the bad actors in tech, and the bad actors that use tech and spread bitter rumors as fact and the way we want to believe this rumors and sometimes the way we will defend the company with every fiber of our being to the bitter end!


  • EP 001 Kevin and Jason, Covid-19, Good Coffee, Raising Teenagers and Social Media

    22/03/2020 Duration: 01h31min

    The innagural episode, we introduce ourselves and share a bit about why we are doing this podcast.   Today we discuss: Covid-19 and the effects on us and our communities Coffee Social Media and raising children Being offended And more Jason-Apollo 13 Real-Time Lucky Diamone Rich The Great Alone Book Jason is a lifelong learner who spends his free time doing anything to prevent becoming board! Hobbies that have drifted in an out of his life are Fishing, Backpacking, Photography, Video Editing/Filming, reading/writing, and Observational Astronomy. All of those hobbies revolve in some way around what is most important, Family. Spending time with two children, and his wife of 25 years who’s shares many of the same hobbies and pursuits. Popular culture is very much part his life, from Big Brother watch parties in the early 2000’s all things Star Trek and pretty much anything sci-fi. Being a member of the MTV generation and growing up in the golden age of television means he is a world class nerd and