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Podcast created by Erin Williams focused on visual artists and the process and influence of the work they create.


  • Episode 75 - Michael Prater

    15/10/2021 Duration: 19min

    Michael will be one of several artists participating in the 2021 show, One Night Stand at the Ole Miss Motel, taking place October 16, 2021. Contact for more information. -------- Untrained and schooled only by museums and the Friday New York Times, Michael started painting and collaging and building with whatever he could find. He loved 90’s bands like Guided By Voices and Sebadoh that made music in the bedroom or garage without fancy equipment—low fidelity but still fantastic and beautiful. Lo-Fi. Signing his name to something when he wasn’t a “real” artist seemed presumptuous and weird. He decided to just use Lo-Fi because that’s the way his work is made.

  • Episode 74 - Marshall Blevins, Part II

    15/10/2021 Duration: 20min

    Marshall will be one of several artists participating in the 2021 show, One Night Stand at the Ole Miss Motel, taking place October 16, 2021. Contact for more information. ----- (from Marshall Blevins, or “Church Goin Mule,” is an outsider artist living in Louisiana. She had the opportunity to work in horse racing from age 14-23, and now works as a track photographer at Evangeline Downs. She owes horse racing her livelihood, and is honored to participate in this fundraising effort for off track Thoroughbreds. Horses have been her biggest teachers in art and life. You can see her work at

  • Episode 73 - Capt. James V

    14/10/2021 Duration: 12min

    James will be one of several artists participating in the 2021 show, One Night Stand at the Ole Miss Motel, taking place October 16, 2021. Contact for more information. ------- (from "No one medium or concept defines James “Capt.” Stovall’s artistic practice. He flows seamlessly from larger-than-life murals to intimate doodles and off-the-cuff musings, to text-based works with cadences that beg to be read aloud. Regardless of the form his work takes, there seems to be a constant tension between the figurative and the abstract, the flat and the unfolding, the whimsical and the grotesque, the primal and the evolved (...or evolving), the child and the man. As one half of LZY GENiUS (an artist collaboration with his brother), Capt. James hails from Henderson, Nevada but describes himself as a "Pasadena kid," graduating from Pasadena High School in 2004. He is a close friend and collaborator of artist Frances Berry, and his work can be viewed at https://www.ins

  • Episode 72 - Amy Marceaux

    14/10/2021 Duration: 17min

    Amy is an artist based in Mississippi. She will be one of several artists participating in the 2021 show, One Night Stand at the Ole Miss Motel, taking place October 16, 2021. Contact for more information. -------

  • Episode 71 - Katherine George

    13/10/2021 Duration: 16min

    Katherine will be one of several artists participating in the 2021 show, One Night Stand at the Ole Miss Motel, taking place October 16, 2021. Contact for more information. ------- Based in Memphis, Katherine's current work is inspired by the variety of forms found on daily walks: the foliage, a glimpse into a neighbor’s back garden, and the leafy shadows cast on the pavement. She is drawn to the delicate appearance, implicit strength, and patient and confident growth of plant life. In addition to my website, her work can be purchased through Juniper Print Shop and Artfully Walls.

  • Episode 70 - Ashleigh Coleman

    13/10/2021 Duration: 19min

    Ashleigh will be one of several artists participating in the 2021 show, One Night Stand at the Ole Miss Motel, taking place October 16, 2021. Contact for more information. ------- Ashleigh Coleman (1983, Virginia) is a self-taught photographer. As she susses out where she lives and what is required of her as a mother, Ashleigh looks through the lens of an inherited Hasselblad. In the meantime, her photographs have exhibited across the United States, including solo shows at the Fischer Galleries in Jackson, MS, the University of Mississippi's Center for the Study of Southern Culture, and the Claire Elizabeth Gallery in New Orleans. Her work has also been shown at the Ogden Museum, the Griffin Museum of Photography, the University of West Virginia, the University of Southern Mississippi, the Bo Bartlett Center, and is currently part of the traveling exhibitions for Looking for Appalachia and A Yellow Rose Project. She is a founding member of Due South Co. Ashleigh lives on the land

  • Episode 69 - Heather Sundquist Hall, Part III

    13/10/2021 Duration: 12min

    Heather will be one of several artists participating in the 2021 show, One Night Stand at the Ole Miss Motel, taking place October 16, 2021. Contact for more information. ------- Heather Sundquist Hall is an artist based in Smithville, Texas. Her work is heavily influenced by narratives, nostalgia and details. Heather’s illustrations have become pieces of her own stories whose purpose is to preserve memories like souvenirs. Much of Heather’s focus is on the details. It’s the subtle floral pattern on a curtain, or the kind of plaid a certain couch was that she sat on in November of 1986 that she is most attracted to explore. Heather’s work is also an attempt to honor the past, either by way of exploring it's authentic parts or through her own interpretations. Although Heather’s work illustrates her personal stories, it is her hope that when making and sharing art, that she can create a connection with the person looking at it, inviting them to pause for a quiet moment, to feel

  • Episode 68 - Christina Hummer

    12/08/2021 Duration: 35min

    O’Fallon, MO based artist, Christina Hummer, has been honing her skills as a mural painter since 2009 when she launched her company Sweet Dream Murals LLC. Christina’s clients run the gamut from school administrators, restaurateurs, professional small business owners, home owners and creative professionals such as interior designers and photographers. She prides herself in creating colorful, visual narratives that are as engaging and unique as each client she meets. Prior to becoming a small business owner, Christina spent 14 years working in various corporate positions including advertising/marketing specialist and web programmer. In these roles, Christina learned the importance of connecting with her clients by paying close attention to their needs and understanding how she can help them achieve their goals. This experience is what has made her one of the most sought after mural artists in St. Louis.

  • Episode 67 - David Quarles, IV

    12/08/2021 Duration: 45min

    David Quarles is a Memphis-based, multi-hyphenate creative and wellness enthusiast whose philosophy on life stems from doing all things from a place of love. David comes from African-American, Afro-Caribbean, European and Indigenous-American descent; a vibrant cultural background that influences his work and movement in this world. With a professional background in Jewelry Design, Interior Styling and Design, Visual Merchandising, and Wellness Coaching, David views creativity as more than an activity, he views it as his way of life. So while you’re here, make sure to journey through all of the intricate musings that make David who he truly is while gaining an enriched perspective on how just how amazing you are! “Our lives are meant to be lived. Our lives are meant to be loved. We may not be able to control what happens, but we can definitely control how we move about this life in order to get the most out of all of our beautiful days.”

  • Episode 66 - Darcy Campbell

    12/08/2021 Duration: 37min

    Darcy Campbell is a Saint Louis, MO based artist with a focus in abstract and pop art. She has a BA in Studio Art from Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts in Saint Louis, MO. Her pieces are in many prestigious private collections across the United States including St. Louis, MO, Dallas, TX, Tampa, FL, Oxford, MS, Los Angeles, CA, New York City, NY, Chicago, IL, Nashville, TN, Boca Raton, FL, San Francisco, CA, Boston, MA, Tierra Verde, FL, Philadelphia, PA.

  • Episode 65 - Arabella Proffer

    12/08/2021 Duration: 47min

    Arabella Proffer is an artist, author, and co-founder of the indie label Elephant Stone Records. Her work combines interests in portraiture, visionary art, the history of medicine, and biomorphic abstraction. She delves into the her practice of oil painting tying together its relationships to biology, nature, and emerging sciences. She attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA before receiving her BFA from California Institute of the Arts where she studied under artists such as John Mandel, Derek Boshier, Jim Shaw, and Suzan Pitt. Arabella’s work is in over 60 private collections, and she participates in solo and group exhibitions throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia. She has authored several art books including, The National Portrait Gallery of Kessa: The Art of Arabella Proffer (2011) Gurls (2016-17) and The Restrooms of Cleveland (2019) . She was awarded an Ohio Arts Council grant in 2016, Akron Soul Train Fellowship in 2019, a Rauschenberg Foundation award, and a

  • Episode 64 - Timothy Joe

    12/08/2021 Duration: 52min

    Timothy Michael Joe is an American self taught, representational artist from the rural southern town of Greensboro Alabama. He participated in his first art festival in his mid teens and since completed many commission pieces. Timothy creates art based on themes associated the southern rural culture loving God, family, and heritage. He has experience with many mediums over the years including; graphite, calligraphy, charcoal, gouache, acrylic, and oil paints and soft pastels. He enjoys using his gift to educate, uplift, and encourage his audience.

  • Episode 63 - Mari Andrew

    20/05/2021 Duration: 46min

    Mari Andrew is a writer, artist, speaker, and flamenco enthusiast, living in New York. She grew up in Seattle, went to college in Chicago, taught English in Chile, and spent a few years working a series of retail/food/nonprofit jobs in Baltimore and DC. Her life experience has been my best writing teacher. Her first book, Am I There Yet? is a collection of observations from being in my 20s and navigating the murky waters of dating, heartbreak, grief, moving, finding community, and creating home in a studio apartment. It is not being developed into a web series for Amazon. She wrote her second book, My Inner Sky, when she was recovering from illness and finding home within herself again. It’s an ode to the experiences that make up a whole life, not necessarily a purely happy one. It was published in March 2021 by Penguin.

  • Episode 62 - Nicole Crowder

    17/05/2021 Duration: 56min

    "Nicole Crowder makes gorgeous, upholstered pieces. An artist of exceptional and varied talents, Crowder comes to upholstery from the photography world; until 2016, she worked as a senior features photo editor at the Washington Post. Now she applies her finely tuned aesthetics to furniture design and upholstery, whether on projects for major hotels and retailers, custom pieces for clients, or soft pieces like meditation pillows, sold directly through her website. (The latter sold out, perhaps not-unexpectedly, during these meditation-requiring times.)" - From ---- Nicole's work has been commissioned by the leading hotel chains, restaurants, and spaces, such as Osteria Morini, the British Embassy, and Ethel’s Club in Brooklyn. She also has created bespoke pieces for private clients and has been featured in design publications, including Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, and Martha Stewart Living. Nicole began her journey into upholstery design after spending her childhood traveling and often m

  • Episode 61 - Meredith Olinger

    16/05/2021 Duration: 49min

    Meredith Olinger is an artist living and working in Chattaooga, TN. Olinger works primarily with wallpaper of her own design. Her work deals with the dependence of art and design on each other, handmade versus digital production, and blurs the line between painting and installation. Olinger has been included in many group shows, most recently the Color of the Year Exhibition sponsored by Pantone at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts and Studio Exchange: Memphis at Zeitgeist Gallery. Olinger holds a Masters of Fine Arts from the Memphis College of Art.

  • Episode 60 - Janie Velencia, founder and CEO of The Card Bureau

    12/05/2021 Duration: 46min

    Janie is a recovering journalist turned greeting card entrepreneur. A Michigander, (though she was born in Albania and immigrated to the U.S. at 5 years old) she moved to Washington to work in politics after graduating from the University of Michigan in 2013. She started The Card Bureau in 2016 as a side hustle that served as a creative outlet from election coverage. As a journalist Janie has worked for FiveThirtyEight, Huffington Post, and CQ Roll Call/Economist. Now she just writes copy for cards. Janie enjoys making products that help people think, laugh and connect with those they care about.

  • Episode 59 - Natalie Slyman

    11/05/2021 Duration: 53min

    Based in St. Louis, Natalie Slyman is a home and vintage design enthusiast who has chronicled the decor and renovation of her century-old home on her ever-growing Instagram account. She and her husband Nate have thrifted their way through the midwest and turned their Tower Grove home into a haven of paradise, one coat of paint at a time.

  • Episode 58 - Asia Babbington

    05/05/2021 Duration: 53min

    Asia Babbington is a creative human who decorates, welds, renovates, and manifests design work who is currently residing in Pilsen, Chicago with her dog River and 50 house plants. She was and raised in Oak Park, Il, surrounded by the works of Frank Lloyd Wright and raised in a home by a Foreman in construction as a father and a flight attendant/ inspired decorator as a mother. This led her to to a Bachelor’s of Science in Architectural Studies, with an emphasis in Interior Design and later immersing herself into a few design career endeavors that ultimately led to Salvaged Sanctuary. Salvaged Sanctuary is a small interior design studio specializing in curating environments, metal fabrication, designing custom furniture and incorporating plants into your daily habitat. Salvaged Sanctuary was born with the intention of making interior design and customized furniture pieces more approachable, more green and to help others achieve the full potential of their spaces. https://w

  • Episode 57 - Emily Regina

    04/05/2021 Duration: 47min

    Emily Regina, Founder of Regina Creative, curates interior transformations. With a degree in Interior Architecture and Design from the Academy of Art University, she’s provided expert design direction in San Francisco and New York City. Emily has transformed a wide range of environments including luxury houses, sailboats, and vacation rentals. Her tenacity towards making dream spaces a reality has awarded her “Best of Houzz 2020”. Emily believes great design should be attainable and everyone deserves to Live Life Inspired.

  • Episode 56 - Matthew Agrall

    03/05/2021 Duration: 34min

    An Illinois native who is now based in Washington, D.C., Matthew's passion for calligraphy came from a constant desire for good penmanship throughout my life. He is self-taught, beginning with brush markers and then dabbling in pointed pen, and now focuses solely on the art of pointed pen. He loves coming up with the perfect color palette of card and ink.

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