Stories of successful Canadian immigrants who made it in terms of their personal and professional life


  • Episode 10- Happy Birthday Canada

    02/07/2019 Duration: 10min

    In this Canada Day special episode, we discuss what the essence of Canada. The episode includes few excerpts from "Discover Canada" study guide that is given to every individual who applies to become a Canadian Immigrant. The excerpts very briefly summarize what Canada is to anyone who plans to immigrate or to remind what we stand for.

  • Episode 9- Minimum expectations maximum life

    19/06/2019 Duration: 31min

    In this episode, we talk to Susana Baez who came as a student to Canada to a town she never heard of or visited before and it slowly became her home where she got her education, where she found work, and of course, where she found love.

  • Episode 8- A research scholar who loves art

    08/06/2019 Duration: 42min

    In this episode, we meet Camilo Pena, a research scholar and an art lover about his journey from Columbia to Canada and comparing different cities in Canada from a new perspective

  • Episode 7- How backpacking in NewZealand can land you in Canada

    29/05/2019 Duration: 19min

    In this episode I talk to Rose Muiderman, a digital marketer and a newbie to Canada. She shares her story of how she landed in Canada and the things she likes and dislikes about Canada. 

  • Episode 6- An Entrepreneur who loves to teach

    10/05/2019 Duration: 42min

    In this episode, I interview Prof. Mark Ziebarth from Okanagan College, Kelowna, BC. Mark is an entrepreneur, investor, and a consultant to a number of hospitality, marketing, and technology ventures. He is passionate about teaching those skills to his students as well. On top of that, he is an American who chose to work and live in Canada.  

  • Episode 5- A Pen is costlier than a sword

    01/05/2019 Duration: 28min

    In this episode, we meet Mervin Mascarenhas, a designer, creator, artist, and of course, an immigrant, of customized luxury pens. Mervin has an interesting story to share about his initial struggle, his success, and where he gets the motivation to create his masterpieces. To explore more about Mervin and his pens, visit his website

  • Episode 4 - A Proud Canadian

    29/03/2019 Duration: 07min

    In this episode, I share my experience and feelings of becoming a Canadian after my Oath Ceremony. It was a proud and special moment for my entire family.

  • Episode 3- A Canadian "Good Morning"

    16/03/2019 Duration: 04min

    In this Episode, I give a brief preview of the Canadian Culture of wishing each other (even strangers!) a "Good Morning", or a "Have a Great Day" every time they cross each other and how I used it to impress my parents when they visited me for the first time.

  • Episode 2- From Physiotherapist to Real Estate Entrepreneur

    03/03/2019 Duration: 34min

     In this episode, we listen to Julie Hoffman, physiotherapist turned real estate entreprenuer. She moved to Canada 20 years ago and has gone through various ups and down professionally in order to reach where she is. She has been able to raise more than $80 million in the process for various real estate ventures. 

  • Episode 1- Beavertales

    02/02/2019 Duration: 06min

    This podcasts shares stories of successful Canadian Immigrants who have come and adopted the ways and cultures of this amazing land- Canada.