Hadley Growers



If you have a green thumb (or you'd like to have one) you are invited to Hadley's gardening discussion group! We will swap success stories, talk about our favorite plants and generally 'dish the dirt' on all things horticultural


  • Pesky Garden Pests...Who Needs Them?


    Pests are always chewing on the leaves of beautifully-maintained plants and damaging them. How do we identify and treat these pests? This month we swapped ideas on how to kick these pesky messy pests to the curb and protect your plants.

  • Add Zing to Your Garden


    Want to add a bit of zing to your landscape or garden? Ornamental grasses can play a dramatic role providing rich texture, vibrant color, graceful movement, and soothing sounds. We discussed the diverse varieties of ornamental grasses, growing requirements, and how to prune and divide.

  • A Perfect Plant Planter


    There are so many types, shapes and sizes of planters. The choices seem endless! This month we shared ideas on how to design a creative space and pick a beautiful planter that fits your plant.

  • Getting Down and Dirty with Master Gardeners


    Our guests this month included Master Gardeners from our very own Hadley Growers who shared why they volunteer to advise and educate the public.

  • Landscaping Inspiration


    Looking for creative ideas for landscaping? This month the group discusses some basic design principles to help you create a beautiful yard or garden. The group shared their best landscaping tips and tricks.

  • Water Wise


    Plants get thirsty! How do you know how much water to give your plants when you cannot see? From various watering systems to easy draining solutions, we discussed all the ways to get your plants just the right amount of water every time.

  • Gardening with Vision Loss


    This month we were joined by a special guest, Master Gardening candidate Lisa Haynes, who shared low vision tips on gardening safety, organization, weeding and seeding, and more.

  • Preserving Produce and Preparing for Winter


    Fall is upon us and before we know it, winter will be too. So this month we talked about the best ways to preserve and store our abundance of produce. We also shared our favorite low vision gardening tips.

  • Gardening for All the Senses


    The beauty of gardening is that it can allow us to explore nature through all of our senses. Sensory gardens can provide a tactile and therapeutic environment for anyone regardless of age and ability. This month we explored plants that are fun to touch, smell and taste.

  • Summer Vegetables


    This month we dished the dirt on the summer vegetables we're growing. We also shared tips on rescuing some of our favorite plants with pruning, fertilizer, and more.

  • Perfect Perennials


    This month we talked all about how to plan and plant a forever garden and shared our favorite perennials.

  • Growing a Cutting Garden


    A cutting garden is a great way to have your own private source of bouquets to brighten the indoors. Danette Johnson, Hadley Practice Leader and professional flower farmer, hosted this month's discussion where we discussed growing and maintaining a cutting garden.

  • Happy Healthy Houseplants


    In this discussion we talked about tips for indoor gardening. We shared our favorite houseplant and how to keep them surviving and thriving inside.

  • Planning and Plotting Your 2019 Garden


    Whether you're a veteran gardener or just starting out, looking forward to growing season is always exciting. In this discussion, we talked about planning and plotting this year's garden.

  • Advice for New Gardeners


    In this discussion we heard from veteran growers on their tips and tricks for beginner gardeners

  • Garden Pest Problem Solving


    In this discussion, we talked about fire ants and other pests and how to get rid of them using materials such as diatomaceous earth. Then we discussed different types of teas to harvest.