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WE ARE TALKING ABOUT POWER!How progressive black men can be more powerful and effective in the areas of Fitness, Faith, Family, Finance, & Future. We ARE NOT here to debate Politics and be angry about what was and what is.... WE ARE TOO BUSY CREATING WHAT WILL BE!The Modern Operating System for Powerful Black Menthat Choose Excellence in the Areas of Life thatMatter Most!


  • The Warriors Atrophy Part 3 - Todays Crises for Black America

    05/08/2020 Duration: 09min

    IT'S WARTIME KING! We have been getting weak during the peace time, which can be considered sitting at home and not using our full power! It's not because there are no battles to be fought, or that we are not going through challenges, but we LOST OUR REASON, our WHY we must fight that has caused Atrophy to set in! IT IS TIME TO RISE UP KINGS! We are Warriors, those chosen to take on the fight to better our lives, for our families, our communities, and the next generation. I am challenging you to CHALLENGE yourself - to take on the 5 Day CHALLENGE at RiseoftheBlackWarrior.com

  • The Warrior's Atrophy Part 2 - Today's Crises for Black America

    30/07/2020 Duration: 09min

    Our future is at stake now! Because our children will create the world we will ultimately be living in at some point in our lives, we will be subject to their ability to Communicate, Create, and Solve Problems. Virtual learning, birthday parties, graduations, etc... have replaced the most essential times for creating formative memories that shape our children. The black community has been on the bottom of the production scale for wealth and education in this country for generations and WE CANNOT AFFORD to take another hit! More so than other communities this can have a devastating impact on our growth and ability to compete in this new global economy. It is going to take a village... better yet a TRIBE.

  • The Warrior's Atrophy Part 1 - Todays Crises for Black America

    29/07/2020 Duration: 08min

    GETTING SOFT A definition of atrophy is " a wasting away or progressive decline" Mostly used to describe the effects on the body when muscles or organs are not used and the begin to lose their strength and power. We will learn to recognize this and become aware of this is occurring in your life and how to recapture your Power.

  • ep 43 - How to Kill all of your Relationships Quick

    20/07/2020 Duration: 08min

    Everyone wants to be heard, respected, and appreciated... So the quickest way to make the people around us feel like crap is to Judge Them! Relationships have to be NO JUDGEMENT ZONES. If you want to share ideas and growth with people that you care about, ask them powerful questions and let them answer them, until they discover the truth and power themselves. #KINGTALK

  • episode 42 - I'm not your sheep

    15/07/2020 Duration: 09min

    I'm not your sheep

  • Episode 41 - The Tooliest Avenger, Thor's Greatest Lesson (No Spoiler) - Lerrod Smalls

    01/05/2019 Duration: 07min

    To be the tool or to use the tool, that is the question. Many of us have become so dependant on technology and things that we use in our world, that we have forgotten that we are the most powerful source of energy in the world. This podcast breaks down the comparison of Marvels character THOR experience of losing his most powerful and trusted weapon.  This lesson changed my life and gave me a new perspective on the resources that we have in our lives that may possibly be acting as crutches keeping us from releasing our greatness.

  • Episode 40 - The Foundational 5 For Modern Black Men - Lerrod Smalls

    22/04/2019 Duration: 07min

    A Major Key to living a Powerful life is being balanced; not totally dominating in one area and neglecting everything else. The ability of a man to be healthy, productive, and growing in all of the areas of life that matter most, at the same time, is what makes him a powerful force in this world. Rise of the Black Warrior has 5 Areas of Focus we call the Foundational 5. They are Faith, Family, Fitness, Finance, and Future.  To create a strong Black community chain, all Black Men must build our individual lives powerfully, as links in that chain. Each link has an IMPACT.

  • Episode 39 - Your Dream is Like Milk - Lerrod Smalls

    19/04/2019 Duration: 09min

    When was the last time you checked the expiration date of your DREAMS? Most people don't think of their dreams having a point of no possibility until they have already reached that point. The biggest regret in life is not failing to accomplish dreams, it is not going after them when you could have! Like any perishable food your dreams, have a "Best When Used" time frame; so don't let them spoil. There is an unmeasurable fortune of wealth lost to the graveyards of dreams that simply expired.

  • Episode 38 - How You Let "They" Steal Your World - Lerrod Smalls

    15/04/2019 Duration: 06min

    Way too often do I hear people refer to this imaginary person, group, or force called THEY. Where people are waiting for THEY to create something, change something, or step up and say something. As soon as we look for someone else to do something we are relegated to a space of weakness because we believe we don't have the Power to make the changes ourselves.  MAKE A DECISION RIGHT NOW. Consider one thing in your life that if it were different your life would be significantly better. NOW GO FOR IT... and don't look left or right until you get it done!

  • Episode 37 - So Broke, All They Have Is Money - Lerrod Smalls

    12/04/2019 Duration: 07min

    An ancient proverb that I think someone really smart said is Memories Matter Much More than Money. Even if no one else has affirmed this, I believe it is true. Recently I was promoted by my Jiu-Jitsu professors to the second level Blue Belt at 9 months of practicing. With all of my team and wife to witness, I felt like I won a championship. This will be with me forever, and it is a feeling unavailable for purchase by even the wealthiest billionaire. Of course, you could buy the belt, but no one can truly purchase a priceless triumph and acknowledgment. The lesson is Get Your Money, but don't miss the memories!

  • Episode 36 - It's Better to Be Than Do - Lerrod Smalls

    08/04/2019 Duration: 07min

    What if you didn't think about HOW or Do, could you still get things done? Absolutely! However, we have been conditioned since childhood to give up our natural playful imagination of BEING something to take on a task, and have settled at figuring out HOW to DO it. Ask an uninfected child to do something, and they will tell you who they are BEING to get it done. When you BE the thing you will automatically do all the things associated with the task. Trying to figure out how to DO is the biggest killer of dreams before they are even attempted!

  • Episode 35 - The Dog is Yours When you Name It - Lerrod Smalls

    05/04/2019 Duration: 06min

    Every time you create a label for things in your life, it creates a powerful connection of ownership. Our lives become a product of the words we speak because we bring things into and push things away from ourselves with our conversation. Don't miss this simple understanding of how the moment we gave our new adult dog a new name, he associated with it and the bond of ownership was formed. Where in your life are you creating labels for things you don't truly want ownership of?

  • Episode 34 - 3 Keys to Major Money - Lerrod Smalls

    01/04/2019 Duration: 09min

    I've been really blessed to know some very rich people; so I decided to figure out what the commonality is that makes them different than my broke friends. I found 3 major points they all use and talk about it, even in separate industries and age groups. They all have some business that works without them, providing residual income. They invest a very little portion of their money control. They each use sophisticated financial vehicles like insurance policies to grow and warehouse their cash! Don't miss this briefing on the 3 keys and stay tuned as we will be doing a deep dive into these keys real soon!

  • Episode 33 - How to Fight RIGHT - Lerrod Smalls

    29/03/2019 Duration: 10min

    Have you ever found yourself talking to yourself or complaining to other people about someone else about something you have NEVER Spoken to them about? Oh Yeah, You are not alone, most people have a problem with Conflict. Being bold enough to deal with a situation that has triggered you to being pissed the hell off, without taking their head off. I have been using this method called the sandwich method to have a FIGHT the RIGHT way. Arguing and being angry doesn't get things done, expression, understanding, and compromise will!

  • Episode 32 - REAL Black Panther Power - Lerrod Smalls

    25/03/2019 Duration: 09min

    Not only did Black Panther Break all of Marvel movie records with 1.3 billion in worldwide sales, not to mention having a black director with an almost all Black Cast. Deeper than all of this, I found value in recognizing the extreme traits of the characters in this movie, which represents the most inner feelings of all of us. As you should see, Black Panther, King Tchalla's, is surrounded by characters that each reflect a portion of his persona and emotions; each having a valid place. However, it is understanding the balance of who he must be as a man and leader, and what kind of king he chooses to be, will determine how he will govern his emotions and traits. 

  • Episode 31 - All of Your Power is in the 1440 - Lerrod Smalls

    22/03/2019 Duration: 10min

    1440 minutes are available every day for us to do whatever we want with our lives. Some of it we use for resting, earning, leisure, and some we just throw straight in the garbage! If each of our minutes had a price tag on them where you had to pay or become indebted for them, I believe most people would be much better stewards of their time. Less time arguing nonsense on social media, binge-watching TV series, or taking phone calls from people that just gossip and complain. How much are your minutes worth? How much are you investing? how much are you wasting?

  • Episode 30 - Reparations for Blacks In America or Nah? - Lerrod Smalls

    18/03/2019 Duration: 09min

    Here is a topic that surely has the potential to divide the country right down the middle. Are African American descendants of slaves entitled to compensation through a government reparations program similar to that in the treaty of Versailles, where Germany had to pay out the equivalent of 33 Billion; where the US fought for freedom in that war which has yet to acknowledge a similar standard for its humanity crimes? However, would it do more harm than good to try and figure out who deserves what and how that would impact our community from macro perspective considering would there be a viable generational with lump-sum lottery style payouts? Where is the power here? What are your thoughts?

  • Episode 29 - Don't Be A Trained Flea - Lerrod Smalls

    15/03/2019 Duration: 06min

    Don't Be A Flea! A small insect with a big talent for jumping can lose all the power of its capacity just by being stuck in a small jar with a lid on it. However, the greatest lesson and most frightening fact is that its offspring will limit their jumping potential as well and NEVER jump out of the jar even without a Lid on it. Our ability to lead will determine how effective we will be in this world and the legacy we leave for our community, culture and most important families to grow.

  • ROTBW Podcast Ep 28 - You Gotta Choose Between Force & Power - Lerrod Smalls

    13/03/2019 Duration: 09min

    Force and power are both the control of energy to get things done, but there is a fundamental difference between the two. Consider that how you get things done with people is by affecting their WILL by applying either your energy in the form of Force or Power! FORCE requires consequence, where POWER is based on Influence. Force is limited, where Power has no limit.  Now more than ever Black men must be aware of how to control these energies for impacting our families and communities; While becoming aware of how we can shift our energies and resources into POWER.

  • Episode 27 - We Should Communicate Like My Kid - Lerrod Smalls & London Smalls

    11/03/2019 Duration: 17min

    Today's guest is a 9-year-old girl scout, but she definitely has some powerful insights to share with anyone of any age. My daughter London joins me on the show to talk about communication and everyday challenges of family life. She makes it very clear that the dynamic between us dependant on our ability to communicate and allow everyone to be self-expressed. Wisdom from out the mouth of a child that would serve parents at any stage. Don't miss this one.

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