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Inside Aesthetics hosts real and unbiased conversations about all things cosmetic. Each podcast will host an expert in their field to discuss a wide range of topics including nutrition, cosmetic injectables, skin and dermal treatments, cosmetic surgery, business insider viewpoints, cosmetic dentistry and more. We'll aim to get to the bottom of the myths and hype, peel away the bias and stick to real experiences.


  • Inside Aesthetics - Episode 143

    14/10/2021 Duration: 01h17min

    Episode 143 hosts Kian Moini, owner and operator of a newly launched aesthetic clinic called 'Q-Tox' in Sydney, Australia. We discuss the ups, downs and in-betweens of conceptualising and creating a new aesthetic clinic in a very competitive market - covering everything from the design and fit-out, signature scents, financing and recruitment. As a new entrepreneur in the space, Kian walks us through his journey from the initial concept to his imminent opening in October 2021 - creating an ultra-modern, injectables-only clinic that aims to stand out from the crowd. We cover: - The current injectables market in Australia, particular post-lockdown - Deciding on the location of the clinic and the advantages of building in a shopping mall - How to stand out form the crowd and the importance of doing your market research - Deciding when and what to outsource - Digital marketing, social media and the importance of adding your own personal touch - Tips for finding and retaining quality staff - Incorporating a plastic

  • Inside Aesthetics - Episode 142

    07/10/2021 Duration: 01h04min

    Episode 142 hosts Dr Dana Berkowitz, an Associate Professor of sociology, women and gender studies at the University of Louisiana, USA. In 2007, Dr Berkowitz published the book, 'Botox Nation: Changing The Face of America' which was an in-depth look at how injectables have become a cultural phenomenon. As a non-medical professional and having been an injectables patient herself, she interviewed hundreds of Americans to understand their motivations and reasons for seeking out treatments.  We explore: - Her reasoning for writing the book - Her own motivations for having toxin treatments - How treatments and marketing have changed over the last 20 years - The pressure that women in particular now face to look younger and more beautiful - Where men fit into this equation - Why aging is perceived so negatively in western cultures - How injectable treatments are advertised in the USA - Social media and celebrity influence on the public - How injectables have become essential treatments for those who use them - Insi

  • Inside Aesthetics - Episode 141

    30/09/2021 Duration: 55min

    Episode 141 hosts...our hosts! As half of Australia emerges from a 15 weeks severe lockdown, Dr Jake & David give a personal account of their own experiences, challenges and thoughts on what comes next. 2021 was the year that COVID truly hit Australia and it's been a difficult, concerning and stressful time for everyone. Whilst we've touched on this theme with all of our previous guests living through COVID, Dr Jake & David share their own challenges and inner feelings. They discuss: - what they did in the lockdown to cope - their fears and worries about the future - the personal challenges of maintaining their businesses - the difficulties in keeping staff motivated to come back to work - how this lockdown compares to 2020 and whether our industry will survive this time - the difficulties in communicating effectively with patients in a lockdown and the challenges this brings - preparations for opening our clinics again - how the lockdown has affected the podcast - Inside Aesthetic's plans to become e

  • Inside Aesthetics - Episode 140

    23/09/2021 Duration: 01h21min

    Episode 140 hosts Lizzy Boots, founder of 'Boots & All Consulting' and a leader in recruitment and human resources (HR) for the Australian cosmetic industry. Lizzy's company assists beauty, wellness, aesthetic and healthcare business owners with the full spectrum of human resource requirements, particularly when it comes to finding the right staff for the right role.    During this episode we first define what HR encompasses and assess how the pandemic has affected the Australian aesthetic industry. We then delve into: - What the 'new normal' is for the industry - People leaving the industry for more stability and if there will be enough staff left to service the demand? - How we might navigate the issue of mandatory vaccinations in-clinic from an HR perspective - Finding the right staff and keeping them happy - How to identify the best CV's/resumes - Speaking to referees and references - How to conduct a staff interview - Establishing a probation period for new employees - How long is 'normal' for staff

  • Inside Aesthetics - Episode 139

    17/09/2021 Duration: 01h23min

    Episode 139 hosts Maria Enna-Cocciolone, Founder of INSKIN COSMEDICS and one of Australia’s most reputable beauty industry gurus. Maria shares her inspiring journey with us and we get a glimpse into just how much the beauty & aesthetics industry has evolved over the past 35 years. We begin by explaining why this weeks podcast was delayed before getting to know our guest. From humble beginnings, Maria has become one of Australia’s most successful beauty entrepreneurs and is the founder of several brands including INSKIN COSMEDICS, O COSMEDICS & Ginger & Me. This podcast takes the form of a free-flowing conversation to learn about Maria’s approach to business. We get some incredible insights into how her personal touch and philosophies have made her so successful. As we emerge from the lockdown and think of opening again, we learn how some of Maria's core principles can be adopted by injectors and other practitioners to stand out from the crowd. We also cover the current climate within the Australia

  • Inside Aesthetics - Episode 138

    09/09/2021 Duration: 01h12min

    Episode 138 hosts Dr Nik Davies (GP & Medical Advisor for SILK Laser Clinics) and Dr Andreas Fox (Plastic Surgeon & Medical Director for Artisan Aesthetic Clinics) Since June of this year, the largest states of Australia (New South Wales & Victoria) have been in harsh lockdowns and no injectable treatments have been allowed. But as vaccination rates slowly rise, preparations are underway for re-opening - but what will that look like exactly? Injectors, clinic owners and practitioners may well be faced with some difficult decisions that have both financial and reputational implications. A minority of clinics have controversially decided to go it alone and open despite the lockdown restrictions whereas the majority are awaiting for clear guidance from the government.   We'll be discussing: - our guests backgrounds and their roles within their clinics - what date clinics may get the green light to open again - what differences exist between the end of lockdown in 2020 vs 2021  - our patients mindsets

  • Inside Aesthetics - Episode 137

    02/09/2021 Duration: 01h01min

    Episode 137 hosts Dr Marcus Mehta, Dr Tristan Mehta & we welcome back Dr Tapan Patel. Each of our guests are cosmetic doctors in the UK and are part of a larger team behind a new social media app that's been designed specifically for the aesthetic industry - 'Comma'. Comma stands for 'Community for Medical Aesthetics' and allows professionals to share knowledge and discuss topics related to aesthetic medicine within a secure, private and dedicated community. Comma was developed with state-of-the-art technology to be a user-friendly and intuitive process. We first find out more about our guests and their backgrounds before exploring: - what exactly Comma is? - what type of practitioners are able to join? - Comma's ambition to replace the numerous private WhatsApp groups, Facebook forums and other unmoderated channels that injectors currently use to share their ideas and get advice - what features are on the app and why should injectors join? - what a 'comma' is with in the app itself? - what the free and l

  • Inside Aesthetics - Episode 136

    26/08/2021 Duration: 01h55s

    Episode 136 hosts Professor David Veale, a consultant psychiatrist from South London, UK. He is an internationally-renowned thought leader and researcher in the field of body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). Professor Veale leads a highly specialised service for patients with severe anxiety disorders including Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), emetophobia (the fear of vomiting), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as well as BDD. Having first explored BDD way back in episode 7, we re-visit the topic and discuss: - how virtual working and the 'Zoom Boom' has affected our perception of ourselves - What exactly BDD is and how this differs from patients who are just very picky or 'difficult' - what can be done in the cosmetic consultation to explore the topic of BDD - the patient perspective in suffering with BDD - the treatment modalities commonly used  - novel approaches to treating the condition including nutritional psychiatry & psychedelic medications   Support IA with a Patreon donation:

  • Inside Aesthetics - Episode 135

    19/08/2021 Duration: 01h08min

    Episode 135 welcomes back Griz (Grazina) Fechner, a communication expert who regularly features on 7 Network's 'The Morning Show' to explain human interaction and behaviour. (Previously on episodes 50 and 79)  In this episode we explore the psyche of those currently living through and coping with the lockdowns across Australia. We discuss how and why this lockdown is probably being perceived differently to last year and share some personal insights into how it's affected us personally. We learn about how improve our motivation, optimism and mindset including: - the concept of 'stability rocks'  - learning to let go of issues that you can't control - that we're not our own thoughts and to acknowledge positivity instead of focusing only on the negatives - preparing for unpredictable situations - the use of 'to do' lists to prioritise & create a sense achievement - the importance of maintaining (or creating) a daily routine - what 'The Nun' study demonstrated about the importance of happiness in life - how r

  • Inside Aesthetics - Episode 134

    12/08/2021 Duration: 01h32min

    Episode 134 hosts Richard Crawford-Small & Rick O’Neill, both co-founders of Aesthetic Entrepreneurs. Richard has been in the industry for over 15 years and specialises in sales and marketing. His main passion lies in fusing healthcare and technology together. Rick's expertise is in digital marketing and has over 20 years experience in the field. He consults and advises on the digital marketing needs for numerous aesthetics businesses globally. Richard and Rick combined their skill sets together to provide a full range of complete business support services for aesthetic practices and injectors - known as 'Aesthetic Entrepreneurs'. Having joined us in the first lockdown last year to deliver our 6th Webinar, we invited our guests back to share their insights into what they learnt over a very volatile 18 months in the UK & what strategies worked for clinics. We'll cover: - what Aesthetic Entrepreneurs is - why clinics need to be pro-active and not reactive to change - why offering online consultations &a

  • Inside Aesthetics - Episode 133

    06/08/2021 Duration: 01h25min

    Episode 133 hosts Dr John Holbrook and Dr John Delaney, the co-founders of 'Fresh Clinics' (who first featured in Episode 52) The core offering of Fresh Clinics is a standardised consultation and medical compliance service for Australian-based cosmetic injectors. Their app enables doctors to work in partnership with cosmetic nurses, supervising treatments and improve both the patient experience but also safety through a telemedicine solution. In this episode we clarify some of the main issues that the Fresh Clinics app has helped solve for injectors. We get insight into: - Fresh Clinics meetings with the New South Wales Health Department to ensure that their service and app met the strict and expected standards required - what the recent amendments to 'Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Act' mean in practical terms for injectors, clinic owners and dentists - what format a virtual injectable consulation should follow - the question of whether virtual consultations are fit for purpose and how attitudes have signifi

  • Inside Aesthetics - Episode 132

    28/07/2021 Duration: 01h35min

    Episode 132 hosts Hattie Boydle, World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) World champion, personal trainer, body positivity advocate, motivational speaker and business woman. We first explore where Hattie's story started, taking up gymnastics as a 4 year old to reach elite status and win national awards in her disciplines. We then confront Hattie's battle with anorexia, learning how she went from rock bottom and being hospitalised to finding the motivation and mental strength to overcome her illness. In this very open discussion, we get insights into how eating disorders can manifest and what Hattie did to recognise and combat those unhealthy thoughts. Using this new focus, Hattie became a personal trainer to help others before discovering pro fitness modelling. She learnt to channel all of her past adversities into this new challenge, transforming both her mentality and physical body to win the WBFF world title (fitness modelling world champion) in 2016. We contrast her thought processes when she was ill to

  • Inside Aesthetics - Episode 131

    22/07/2021 Duration: 01h04min

    Episode 131 hosts Professor Nigel Crawford, a vaccine specialist based in Melbourne, Australia. Professor Crawford acts in a number of key positions for vaccine safety including: - Member of ATAGI (Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation) & Chair of the COVID-19 Working Group - Medical Head of Immunisation Services at The Royal Childrens Hospital, Melbourne - Director of SAEFVIC (Surveillance of Adverse Events Following Vaccination in the Community) - Director of the Melbourne Vaccine Education Centre In this special episode we cover the entire spectrum of how and why COVID-19 vaccinations are being used in the fight against the ongoing pandemic. We explore: - which ones are available in Australia and how the mechanism of these differs? - what exactly an mRNA vaccine is vs more traditional vaccinations and are these safe? - what a spike protein is exactly and whether it's dangerous to deliberately make these within our cells? - how multiple different vaccines were developed in several countrie

  • Inside Aesthetics - Episode 130

    15/07/2021 Duration: 01h04min

    Episode 130 hosts Cameron Glover, CEO of Interplast Australia. Interplast is a charity that provides life-saving and changing surgery across 17 countries in the Asia Pacific region. Their teams of volunteer plastic surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses and allied health professionals also train and upskill the local medical services to provide longer term and improved care. In partnership with local organisations including hospitals, universities and local NGOs, Interplast's mission is to ‘repair bodies and rebuild lives’ by providing surgical services for those who could not otherwise afford or access them. They also strengthen the capacity of the local medical systems through training and mentoring programs. Cameron shares his journey throughout this transformative organisation, from the surgeries on offer and the biggest challenges for his teams working in developing countries, to their community education programs such as burns prevention and management. With international travel now on hold, we also hear how C

  • Inside Aesthetics - Episode 129

    08/07/2021 Duration: 01h31min

    Episode 129 hosts Miranda Pearce, an aesthetic marketing, mindset and motivation expert based in Manchester, UK. She co-founded SkinViva, a leading cosmetic clinic with her husband Dr Tim Pearce and is self-taught in aesthetic marketing. We open by discussing one of the most difficult conundrums that every injector encounters on their journey - how to price themselves within an incredibly saturated market? We'll drill down into what the value of a skilled injector is and how to feel confident charging appropriately for that. We then explore how to improve communication and the value from our patients including reducing no shows, handling last-minute cancellations, increasing word of mouth referrals and improving patient loyalty. Miranda shares her expertise on motivation and mindset when it comes to one of the most common barriers that injectors come up against- how to combat 'injecting anxiety', dealing with limiting beliefs and recovering their confidence after a complication. Support IA by becoming a Patre

  • Inside Aesthetics - Episode 128

    01/07/2021 Duration: 01h36min

    Episode 128 hosts Alice Hart-Davis, a UK-based leading aesthetic journalist, author and founder of 'The Tweakments Guide'. Her books and website under the same name act as information resources for patients and are a guide to the entire spectrum of treatments available on the market. Alice has developed relationships with all of the leading cosmetic physicians across the UK - and has bravely trialed almost every cosmetic treatment there is! Alice gives us an insight into the complex world of aesthetics from her own unique perspective as both a journalist but also as an 'expert patient'. We learn how the market has evolved over the last 20 years, why injectables are still a taboo and get more insight into the lack of regulation that clouds the UK cosmetic scene. We also learn what treatments she's tried that didn't quite deliver and what makes a successful practitioner in the eyes of our patients. (Since recording this podcast Alice’s books ‘The Tweakment guide: Fresher Face’ & ‘The Tweakment guide: Start

  • Inside Aesthetics - Episode 127

    24/06/2021 Duration: 01h15min

    Episode 127 hosts Dr Tom Van Eijk, a globally-renowned cosmetic doctor and Holland’s most famous injector. He left surgical training in 2003 to focus on injectables and by 2005, had begun teaching students. He is especially well known for his ‘ferning’ and lip ‘tenting’ techniques which he has presented all around the world.  In many of our previous episodes we've speculated what a formal pathway in training in cosmetic injectables might look like - and  so we found a country who's done just that. In 2019 in Holland, cosmetic injectables became recognised as a medical speciality and a training programme was created under governmental control. Dr Van Eijk gives his unfiltered opinion on this and tells us what led to these changes. We explore whether it was necessary and assess what Australian injectors could learn from the Dutch experience. Follow IA on Instagram: website: Subscribe to IA on Apple podcasts:  Subscri

  • Inside Aesthetics - Episode 126

    17/06/2021 Duration: 01h51min

    Episode 126 hosts our first ever panel discussion on the podcast.  We were joined by Dr Steven Liew (Plastic Surgeon and internationally-recognised injectable KOL), Dr Davin Lim (Cosmetic Dermatologist), Dr Michael Molton (Cosmetic Physician & President of the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia) and Jacinta King (Registered Nurse & President of the Cosmetic Nurses Association) This open and very frank discussion was planned to provide an open forum to discuss the main and contentious issues that we experience in the Australian injectables space including: - Which professionals are permitted to inject and whether there is a need for tighter regulations? - Injectables in non-medical clinics, is appropriate? - Teleconsulting and remote prescribing for nurse injectors - The death of Jean Huang in 2017 in Sydney, what came of this and what, if anything, came of this? - The underlying 'turf war' between injectors of different professions - What we can do as a collective to improve the state of our i

  • Inside Aesthetics - Episode 125

    10/06/2021 Duration: 01h19min

    Episode 125 hosts Dr Hervé Raspaldo, a globally-renowned facial plastic surgeon based in Geneva, Switzerland. He specialises in surgical and non-surgical rejuvenation treatments of the face and neck and is especially known for his non-surgical rhinoplasty techniques. He is an international trainer and KOL for Vivacy, a French dermal filler company. We discuss the various types of fillers available on the market including the reversible as well as permanent types. We then explore filler rheology (the science of the physical properties of the materials) including cohesivity, elasticity, cross-linking and how these influence longevity and the patient experience.  Dr Raspaldo shares which filler brand he currently uses in addition to his experience with using 3D photography, ultrasound and MRI to track results and assess complications. Follow IA on Instagram: website: Subscribe to IA on Apple podcasts:  Subscribe to IA

  • Inside Aesthetics - Episode 124

    03/06/2021 Duration: 01h18min

    Episode 124 hosts Stephen Handisides, an international TV presenter, journalist, publisher and an all-round expert on aesthetic beauty and male grooming. He is also the founder of the 'My Face, My Body' website and global aesthetic awards. Most recently, Stephen launched 'Modern Male Mindset', a digital lifestyle platform for the modern gentleman covering topics including male grooming, skincare and etiquette advice. We first discuss the basics of male aesthetics including styling and fashion, teasing out what men can do to up their game. We then explore aesthetic treatments and get a better understanding of how clinics might better appeal to male customers, what treatments they want and the male psychology surrounding cosmetic intervention. Finally we discuss Stephen's latest venture that helps businesses develop incredible virtual experiences fit for the post-COVID era and beyond. Follow IA on Instagram: website: Subscribe to IA on Appl

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