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  • Episode Four: Going Viral!

    02/05/2020 Duration: 21min

    Mike and Don investigate the effects of the Coronavirus on smartphones, and test out three new virus-diagnostic apps that go the social distance.

  • Episode Three: The Wellness Whisperer

    17/10/2019 Duration: 21min

    On today's UNICORN WATCH, Mike and Don explore exciting new ways to fail harder, by accepting the digital advice of in-ear personal coaching apps.

  • Episode Two: Gotta Disrupt ’em All!

    04/05/2019 Duration: 22min

    EXCLUSIVE!  Don Moss gives us a peek at SMARKET, a soon-to-be-released entertainment/finance app for iPhone and Android that gamifies market disruption, warps time, and makes mind control fun again! In this episode: SMARKET, the fun new game for capitalists of all ages. TIME-BLIND, new technology for embracing the future more efficiently. HYPNO-SMS, the text message … Continue reading "Episode Two: Gotta Disrupt ’em All!"

  • Episode One: Going Multi-Watch!

    18/02/2019 Duration: 18min

    Don installs an app on his Apple Watch to try to locate his other Apple Watch. In this episode: New Multi-watch games: SLAP SLAP REVOLUTION, SLAPFIGHTER PRO, YUKIMASHI WRISTS FRIEND, POKEMON STRANGLE WORLD. Watch finding utilities: MICROSOFT THINGBING, GOOGLE WARRANTLESS SEARCH. WATCHWITCH, the first app that locates missing objects using witchcraft! ROOMBEDIENT, a training/punishment app … Continue reading "Episode One: Going Multi-Watch!"

  • Episode Zero: Does Your Phone Hurt?

    13/01/2019 Duration: 13min

    In this inaugural episode, Don and Mike give the Unicorn Watch once-over to POORLY, a new social-media healthsourcing app that helps you cure your friends’ illnesses by clicking on them! Featured this episode: CLAPPR: online dating gateway for venereal communities. POORLY: social-socialworking app for crowdsourced folk diagnostics. UBERBULANCE: disruptive ambulance-hailing app — because sometimes even … Continue reading "Episode Zero: Does Your Phone Hurt?"