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This is the Good Job Mom, Good Job Dad Podcast with hosts Ryan and Rebekah Frost. The show where we talk about our journey through parenthood. We have two boys under the age of 4 and are only in the early phases of parenting. We are not going to pretend that we have it all together or figured out. This is about our experiences and the things we are wrestling with and learning along the way. We hope you enjoy the ride as we share our stories and talk to other parents and affirm the never ending process of learning to be a parent!


  • 012: Getting Older As Parents & When Babies Learn to Crawl

    25/03/2019 Duration: 24min

    Why does it feel like we are getting older faster than our kids??? [5:31] Parent Guilt (Mom Guilt. Dad Guilt) [7:22] Our kids inspire us to push our selves [8:05] Life with kids is like dating…What?… [10:29] As we get older, how do we become a better parent? How do we stretch? How do we grow? [11:45] Exercise… [15:14] Eating Better [18:27] Our youngest is crawling! Time to child proof our home again!   FIND US ON: Facebook and instagram @goodjobmomdad LISTEN AT: Apple Podcasts Stitcher Spotify More at:

  • 011: Things We Use & Love and Birthdays!

    18/03/2019 Duration: 34min

    We talk about some of the things we use that have been totally WORTH IT! [1:45] Highchairs and Bibs IKEA High chair IKEA bibs  IKEA drool bibs IKEA food Smock [8:43] Teething Necklace Teething necklace [11:30] Refilable Baby Food Packs Reusable baby food packets [14:10] Thermometers! Temporal artery Rectal Non contact [14:35] Delux Pack N Play (with all the bells and whistles!) Graco Packnplay system [18:36] Breast Pump Breastpump Breast pump parts [23:10] We talk about Birthdays!! Find us on Facebook and instagram @goodjobmomdad LISTEN AT: Apple Podcasts Stitcher Spotify More at:      

  • 010: The Surprises of Parenthood

    04/03/2019 Duration: 29min

    In this episode Ryan and Rebekah talk about what surprised them the most about becoming, and being, a parent.  [4:27] Surprise #1: The severe lack of sleep that never ends. [10:25] Surprise #2: Our ability to increase our capacity. [15:51] Surprise #3: How quickly kids change and develop. [21:16] Surprise #4: The overwhelming love we feel toward our kids. Find us on Facebook and instagram @goodjobmomdad LISTEN AT: Apple Podcasts Stitcher Spotify More at:

  • 009: Traveling With Kids

    25/02/2019 Duration: 26min

    We are on the road! This episode is all about our experiences traveling with the kiddos. We share our stories from the car and in the air. Get ready for mountains of luggage, racing through the airport, and of course a plethora of bathroom stops! It always comes down to adjusting expectations and the fact remains -- you will always get there in the end...just maybe not when you thought you would! Find us on Facebook and instagram @goodjobmomdad LISTEN AT: Apple Podcasts Stitcher Spotify More at:    

  • 008: Getting Sick, Thermometer Drama, Parental Instincts

    18/02/2019 Duration: 30min

    We just got better from being sick…the kinda sick that is not bad enough to stay in bed, but …it’s miserable. **NOTE: We are NOT giving medical advice, only sharing anecdotes and our experiences. Nothing in this episode should be considered advice. Please consult a physician with any medical concerns.** When one person gets sick…everybody gets sick. The whole ordeal can last anywhere from a week to a month! Wintertime, especially the holidays is when people start dropping like flies.  Liam and Bekah were both sick up through Christmas Eve this year. We were traveling and staying with family, so we quarantined ourselves.  Liam was especially fascinated by “barfing”. He would ask for juice so he could barf more. NO!!! Yuk. He would end up barfing all over the floor and Ryan would end up walking through it.  Ryan tried to keep his distance from the sick room only going in when needed. Poor Bekah!  The quarantine worked! Nobody else got the flu! The thing about toddlers is—you never know if they are barfing from

  • 007: Rebekah Launched a New Product: Your Generous Home

    11/02/2019 Duration: 27min

    Rebekah just launched an online course focused on helping new moms with “everyday hospitality” **COURSE DETAILS AND DISCOUNT CODE BELOW** ….but first: We got started very late. 11:00pm…because we had a hard time getting both boys to sleep!  Ryan took Liam out to Trader Joe’s for groceries and the cashier gave him some candy (She asked first, which was awesome!) and the sugar rush added a couple hours to the bedtime routine. Bummer. Finally after Liam did fall asleep, Ryan came into the living room and Ari our 10-month-old decided he did not want to go to sleep. So we decided to go with it, watched some TV shows, and made some pop-corn.  But the big topic of this episode is the LAUNCH of Rebekah’s brand new online course, YOUR GENEROUS HOME. This project is several months in the making. Bekah has been putting this together for the past 6 months.  YOUR GENEROUS HOME can be found at Your Generous Home is a course that teaches "Everyday Hospitality" for busy moms with limited time, space

  • 006: Public Bathrooms (“DON’T TOUCH THAT!”), and Work vs. Home Life

    04/02/2019 Duration: 29min

    We are potty trained! Ryan tries to pull off a terrible dad joke. Boooo….. Unintended consequences of potty training: using public bathrooms. —using the toilet is great at home.. its our bathroom. its our toilet. Public Bathroom: Not so much. We went to IKEA today and Liam had to go 4 times. Ryan shares his harrowing experiences taking Liam into the bathroom which involves a lot of shouting “Don’t touch that…DONT TOUCH THAT!!!!” When a toddler tells you “I have to go potty” they have to go potty, RIGHT NOW. Ryan talks about dealing with disgusting toilet seats in the public bathroom. Which ended up with Ryan cleaning the toilet seat off with his bare hands….yep. It’s tempting to just have Liam put on a pull-up…but we don’t. That would be traumatic.  Liam hates the hand driers. Bekah talks about how they recycle “Poo-particles” into the air. Disgusting.  Work Vs. Homelife: We are still in the early phases of parenthood. Figuring out the balance of family vs. work can be a challenge. We need to figure out how t

  • 005: We Are Not Our Kids, Playing Inside vs. Outside, Parenting Pet-Peeves

    28/01/2019 Duration: 29min

    Rebekah brings up a quote “Dear God please let me not raise the child that I was, or the child I wish I had, but let me raise the child that I have”…It had never crossed her mind that she might try to raise her kids as if they were just like her growing up. Ryan and Rebekah discuss the idea of not projecting personal context on our kids. Just because they are our offspring, it does not mean they will be just like us and experience the same things the same way we did. It is important to utilize personal context and experience, but to make sure to remember that our children are different people. For Rebekah, this means that she needs to pay more attention to each kid and analyze each situation in it’s own merit. Ryan digs into some internet memes on parenting which brings up some personal reflection moments on how Ryan used to be an “arm-chair-parent” before having kids.  Ryan talks about a great piece of advice somebody gave him to keep sane while parenting: “Establish a consequence and follow through if the c

  • 004: Bedtime Routines, Plans vs. Needs, and Being Intentional

    21/01/2019 Duration: 27min

    Normally Ryan takes our 3-Year-Old Liam out for a walk every night in the stroller on a “Daddy Date”. They run some errands, grab some groceries, then by the time they get home, Liam is asleep. No drama. Zero wrestling. We recently returned from a trip, where we had been able to get Liam to lay down and go to sleep in a new bed without the stroller ride. Now back in LA, we are seeing if we can transition to this new routine at home!  At first it did not go over very well. Liam broke down into tears because he wanted to go on the “Daddy-Date”.  The next night, we decided to prep him ahead of time and let him know how the bed time routine was going to go. And it worked!  Ryan did have to wrestle through several delay tactics— multiple trips to the bathroom. Including one trip where he had a “poop” family which he named after mommy and daddy. Flattering. Ryan started to get frustrated that Liam would not go to sleep. He would not get off the toilet. Rebekah suggests bribing him off with chocolate…right before be

  • 003: Chore Charts, Robot Karate, and Toddlers at Bedtime

    16/01/2019 Duration: 20min

    The Chore Chart: a new strategy we are considering since our 3 year old gets a huge sense of accomplishment when he does something by himself. Ryan shares about his memories of the family chore chart when he was growing up. ***Our 8 month old Ari is awake and with us, squeaking into the microphone.*** We share what Liam loves to clean up including his many different “train tracks”, Ryan puts Rebekah on the spot and has her sing the "In The Bag" clean up song that she uses to inspire Liam to clean. (See Disney's "In The Bag" here) How do we get things to be less clutter around the house? We get Liam to help us in the cleaning. Ryan talks about how he built a tower with Liam, who refused to let Ryan knock it down while filming in slow motion. Ryan decided to play “Robot” with Liam, and attempted to karate-chop the tower down, but Liam would take off after Ryan, shouting “No!!! No!!!!” then poke Ryan (like pressing a robot button) which stopped the Robot. Then we’d declare that “Liam Saved The Day!” Ryan talks a

  • 002: Rebekah Sleeps Sitting Up, Ryan Gets TONS of Sleep!

    16/01/2019 Duration: 21min

    Ryan asks Rebekah, “How do you get through the day when you are very tired? “ Rebekah talks about how sleep deprivation is blowing up her world right now and not in a good way. It’s been going on for a long time since she is nursing our youngest Ari. Ari grew out of the co-sleeper bed and we live in a one bedroom apartment with two kids who sleep in the room with us. Liam has a toddler bed in the corner, and we set up a pack and play for Ari, but he will not sleep in it. So Rebekah holds the baby all night in bed. She has worked it out so he fits in a good spot, but she ends up sleeping sitting up. She is getting out of that stage and things are getting better. When Liam was a baby, it was a whole different story. We had a traumatic birth which prevented Rebekah from being able to nurse him. Ryan ended up sharing the feeding responsibilities which formed a special bond with Ryan and Liam. For a long time, he only wanted Ryan to put him to bed at night. Now since Rebekah is nursing, Ari refuses a bottle and Ry

  • 001: Parent Affirmation, Kids Change Quick, & The Most Epic Poop Story

    15/01/2019 Duration: 27min

    Welcome to the Good Job Mom, Good Job Dad Podcast with Ryan and Rebekah Frost. This is our first podcast episode together!  This is a podcast about parenting. Not about parenting advice. We want to share our enthusiasm of parenting.  Ryan talks about how he has to remind himself that the kids will not remain the same always as they are in this moment. Children change drastically faster than adults do. Rebekah talks about how babies change each week Why did we choose “Good Job Mom, Good Job Dad” as a title? We tell the story about how this came to be and the roots in Hawaii where we bought a used car while our 9 month old was having a melt-down. We were affirmed as parents by the folks who sold it to us, and it left a great impression. We talk about the struggle of being a tired parent, and glossing over real moments that our children are having. Small things to us, may be their entire world in that moment and it’s important as a parent to be patient and take the time to interact. Rebekah shares a story of bei