Nick CiceroFounder; PHILOSPOHY-101 NYC x VegasCLV x LABEL-Less phi·los·o·phy - is the study of fundamental problems concering matters such as the existance of the universe, knowledge, values, human thought, and the connections between these topics.Philosophy-101 explores these theories by joining people from all walks of life together through the sound of house music.Booking/


  • PHILOSOPHY-101 E:45

    07/09/2021 Duration: 01h04min

    TRACKLIST: Faded (Intro Version) vs. Elements (Cicero’s LetGo Tool) - Danny Tenaglia False Suggestion (Original Mix) - Paride Saraceni Descartes (Original Mix) - Maae vs. I Control You (Cicero’s DJ Tool Stem Edit) - Chriss Vargas feat. Sakura Darkhearts (Sasha Carassi Remix) - Alex Bau vs. Welcome To The Jungle (Ahh It's Dark In Here Tool) - Wow & Flute Uruguay (Cicero's Dr. Birds Edit) - Jean Agoriia, Mundopal vs. Griselda Kosmos (Peppelino Remix) - Eric Sneo, Klaudia Gawlas vs. The Mad Techno Producer - Michael Aidala Fight The Good Fight *Remix* (Cicero's TakeItUnderground Edit) - Lunatique Sublime, Jean Agoriia vs. Lula Asteroid (Original Mix) - Paul Ritch Purple Rain (Original Mix) - &Me Grand Central NYC (Original Mix) - Luciano Pardini Fabulous (Cicero's Drunk On Beatz Edit) - Peppelino vs. Lula

  • PHILOSOPHY-101 E:44

    27/08/2021 Duration: 01h06min

    What’s good Philosophy fam.. You know the vibez.. Welcome to another edition of Philosophy 101.. First off, from the bottom of my heart; Thank you, thank you, & thank you to all of my dedicated fans & supporters.. Yesterday, Wednesday August 25, when I logged onto SoundCloud for the first time in a week, I was ecstatic to see that there was over 3100 listens in just 7 days.. I’ve been saying this since day 1.. A SAVAGE KNOWS A SAVAGE & Philosophy fam you’re all god damn thoroughbreds!! I love yous all.. So for this mix we’re gonna take a real ride through the current sounds of New York’s underground.. As always you know I got some personal edits coming at you.. Along with another teaser track off my brotha Mike Aidala’s upcoming album.. After that I’ll be coming at you with the new Reality EP by one of my favorite NYC Veterans.. The one & only Frank Pellegrino.. This EP also features monster remixes from fellow NYC Legends; Vtone & Diezal.. Following that; I’ve got some Hot off the press unreleased sl

  • PHILOSOPHY-101 E:42

    07/08/2021 Duration: 01h01min

    Yerrr what’s good Philosophy fam!! It’s Friday August 6th 2021 & you already know the vibez.. Nick Cicero here & welcome to another edition of Philosophy 101.. First off I wanna thank everyone who reached out personally, along with, all of the positive feedback & responses to the 3 year anniversary mix.. I’m glad you all enjoyed it as much as I did!! But now it’s back to loading up a playlist & going on the fly.. I got a bunch of personal edits coming at you in this mix.. As well as, a few teaser from my brotha, Mike Aidala’s, upcoming full length album titled; I am MA, which will be released later this month on August 31st.. Mikey once again brother.. brav-the-fucko.. couldn’t be happier for you!! Continuing on.. Back in 2019 Jay Mosley & I started working on this demo that we inevitably ended up titling; “Tell Me (Your Philosophy)” I’ve rocked it many of time times during live Philosophy events in the past but I realized the other day that I have yet to drop it in a podcast episode.. so to all of my fan


    24/07/2021 Duration: 03h10min

    On July 12, 2018... I released the first ever episode of Philosophy 101… 3 years later.. here we are… Philosophy family.. can you believe it?! I have 3 things to say to all of you; THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! & THANK YOU!!! There are not enough words to express the copious amounts of gratitude that I have for every single person who has supported from the start... From the team who has helped me transform Philosophy 101 into what it is today.. to anyone who has listened to every episode or just one episode.. and most importantly; the universal gratitude that I have for EVERY.. SINGLE.. House-Head that I've ever had the pleasure of having a conversation with, or just simply having shared a dance floor with you over my 29 years of existence… Seriously if you were to tell me 3 years ago, that not only will this podcast be listened to on every continent, throughout 75 different countries, & will have generated over 10K listens... Swear on my moms I would have told you; “Pass me whatever it is that you're smoking o

  • PHILOSOPHY-101 E:40

    29/06/2021 Duration: 01h05s

    What's up Philosophy fam! Welcome back for another edition of Philosophy 101. As always this episode is loaded with a ton of heat for you all. Featuring personal & live edits, some vinyl only gems, & most importantly new tracks from artists out of NYC, LA, & MIA. As we approach the 3 year anniversary of Philosophy 101, I always like to switch things up. And as you will hear throughout this episode I've started taking a new approach that a lot of fans, friends, & fellow artists have recommended. So moving forward I will continue to commentate throughout every episode. Thank you all so much for helping turn the Philosophy brand into what it has become today. I couldn't have done this without all of you!!! TRACKLIST: Surprise (Cicero's Griselda Edit)- The Ataman 24 Bit Whore (Hector Couto Remix) - Richie Santana, Chris Soul It's You (Original Mix)- Henry Fonda [Junction Vol.4 | Tech Avenue Records] Dark Veldt (Dark Cloud Mix)- Lovesky **Vinyl Only** Hollywood Legend (Original Mix)-D. Zeledon & Nick London [H

  • PHILOSOPHY-101 E:39 Live At Pattern Bar, LA 6.19.21

    24/06/2021 Duration: 01h30min

    My set for Tech Avenue Records first label showcase recorded live at Pattern Bar in Downtown LA on Saturday 6.19.21. This night was absolutely perfect. I couldn't have pictured my LA debut any better than this. Thank you to everyone who came throughout the evening & most importantly thank you to my family at Tech Avenue Records for blessing me with the headlining honor. Enjoy the filth!!

  • PHILOSOPHY-101 E:38

    14/04/2021 Duration: 01h01min

    What’s going on everyone, Nick Cicero here & welcome to another edition of Philosophy 101. I gotta real dope episode for you's. Now obviously you know that I am New York through & through but Vegas has been my home for the last 6 years & I love being a desert dweller. So this mix is a focus on them desert vibes & that real LA tech sound.. sprinkled with a touch of New York.. because duhh you know the vibez. So with that said I wanna give a big shoutout to my brotha Steph, along with Stu, Jon, Josh, & the rest of the boys behind the LA based label; Tech Avenue Records! They’re doing some real big things & most importantly are representing that west coast sound to the fullest. Be sure to check them out! TRACKLIST: SOULGroove! (Vinyl Only) - Chus & Ceballos vs. Cicero's (Pleasuredome Welcome Tool) Egyptian Magician (David Tort Nitelife Edit) - Jungle Juice vs. Drum Theory (Cicero's Vocal-Extract Tool) - Mind Trap Twilo (Cicero's Back2Pacha Edit)- Lula, Carlos Fauvrelle & Dj Jiggy Myrmidon (Original Mix) - Kn


    10/04/2021 Duration: 41min

    I initially planned out this whole elaborate description. But as I type I'm thinking, less is more. If you know me, you know where I grew up, & you know why I got enthralled with the art of deejaying nearly 16 years ago. This mix is for you. This is a tribute to the man who showed the world our side of New York, our 914 hometown hero. And personally; This is for the poet whose words have helped me navigate life since I was 13. “My music is not just for the moment; it’s forever...” -DMX Legends never die.. Sleep peacefully king X -Cicero

  • PHILOSOPHY-101 E:37

    17/03/2021 Duration: 01h11min

    What's going on everyone, Nick Cicero here, and welcome to another edition of Philosophy 101. As always; like, subscribe, comment, follow all the social media. I got a lot of good shit for yous, this episode will feature a bunch of edits that I've been working on recently. I also got an unreleased track from my boy Jay Mosley, as well as, an upcoming remix by the one & only, my brotha Corvino. So lets kick things off with an edit that I did of a track called - Rekloos by none other than Brooklyns own, my homegirl Melissa Nikita. Enjoy! TRACKLIST: Rekloos (Cicero’s SoulShaker Edit) - Melissa Nikita New York At Night (Cicero’s NowYousCantLeave Edit) - Stripclub Junkies Underground Funk (The Horrorist Remix) - Niereich vs. We Have The House Surronded (DJ Tool 1) Orphan (Original Mix) - Rocco Caine vs. Save The Planet Kill Yourself (Vocal Tool) Full Method Jacket (Chris Liebing Repaint vs. Cicero's WhiteRabbit Edit) - Alex Bau vs. Jefferson Airplane Lost In New York (Cicero’s LikeARiver Edit) - Eleonora, EarthL

  • PHILOSOPHY-101 E:36

    02/02/2021 Duration: 01h28min

    TRACKLIST: Pumpkin (Cicero's YouKnowTheNYVibez Edit) - Monoloc Division (Cicero's Elements Edit) - Stephan Barnem Round Your Place (Original Mix) - Gary Beck Quemadura del Sol (Perc Remix) - Alejandro Trebor Paranoize (Original Mix) - Alan Fitzpatrick vs. LetMeSeeYouWork (Vocal Tool) EDLX Tool (Chris Liebing Edit w/ Cicero’s Born In The Dark (Cicero’s Vocal Edit) - Speedy J Mi Estudio (Original Mix) - Pfirter Talus (Original Mix) - Tommy Four Seven vs. The VooDoo (Cicero Live Edit) When 2D Meets 3D (Original Mix) - Traversable Wormhole ?????? (Original Mix) - ?????? Darknot (Original Mix) - Theo Komp End Of Rotation (VC's 'Let Me Set You Free' Edit | NC's 'Better Days' Vocal Edit) - DJ Dry, Victor Calderone

  • PHILOSOPHY-101 E:35 *2021 Revamp*

    11/01/2021 Duration: 02h04min

    What’s going on everyone, Nick Cicero here & welcome to the revamp of Philosophy 101.. After basically a year long hiatus it’s once again go time. For the time being new episodes will be released bi-weekly but eventually we’ll get back to new episode releases every week. For the last 6 months I have been focusing on production so to start the new year off properly this 2 hour mix will feature a ton of my new personal edits & reworks. As always thank you for tuning in & be sure to follow my social media for philosophy updates throughout the year. TRACKLIST: Schemamonk (Intro Tool Rip) - Docetism Underground Matrix (Cicero's Intro2Snakes ReWork) - Nerdjack vs. Konrad (Italy) Kaavan (Cicero's Underground Edit) - Da Mike vs. Celeda Masters of Nothing (Cicero's D-Block Edit) - The Junkies Action X (Original Mix) - Kobbe, Hugo Rizzo VS. Take It to Las Vegas (Original Mix) - Martinique Ha (Original Mix) - DJ Boris VS. Twilo vs. Hours Of Dancing (Cicero's Pacha Tool) - Lula I Smell Ass (Cicero's 4TheFreaks Ac

  • PHILOSOPHY-101 Daddy Russell (Guest Mix)

    23/07/2020 Duration: 01h44s

    Born & raised in Sicily, now based in London, Daddy Russell has been a gracing the airwaves for well over a decade. From his productions to his DJ sets Daddy Russell surely knows how to provide the crowd with nothing but spectacular music from start to finish! Having released on labels such as; Record labels : Bach Music, Japonesque Musique, Synox Digital, Rebellious, Reconstruction, Wolfrage Recordings, Universal Music Emotion, Flemcy Music, Huamborecords, 1980 recordings, Senor (Ibiza rec label). There is no doubt that you should keep your eyes open for what he has in store for the future. I have been friends with this man for well over 2 years now & I can personally tell you besides being a fantastic all around artist, he is genuinely one of the most kind hearted individuals I've had the pleasure of knowing & working with. So without future a due here is the world premier of Daddy Russell's Philosophy 101 takeover!!!

  • PHILOSOPHY-101 E:34 *Welcome To 2020*

    07/07/2020 Duration: 01h57min

    What is good Philosophy family?!?!?! After a much needed hiatus we are back in action for the remainder of 2020. I have a bunch of new guest mixes coming at you from all over the globe. Here is a brand new 2 hour mix to get back into the swing of things!! Stay tuned & welcome back to the revolution!! Tracklist: Philosophy Intro - Nick Cicero Code Source (Original Mix) - Tokamak LIveset Creepr (Original Mix) - 80xx Chasing Rabbits (Maksim Dark Remix) - Mac Vaughn Reality (Rich Gior Mix) - DJ Mello In My House (Original Mix) - Rocco Careri VS. Don’t Laugh (Acapella) - Winx Android Bordello (Original Mix) - Trent Cantrelle VS. Down The Rabbit Hole (VOX) - Nick Cicero The Journey Begins (Original Mix) - Victor Calderone, Nicole Moudaber Sussurro (Original Mix) - Melissa Nikita, VTONE Bow Down (Cristian Arango Remix) - Joe Cozzo, Madam Marvelous Zion (Extended Mix) - Fluke Enigma (Original Mix) - Chriss Vargas VS. What The F*ck (Acapella) - Roland Clark Roll (Dubspeeka Remix) - Victor Calderone Trinity (Nick Ci

  • PHILOSOPHY-101 E:33

    15/11/2019 Duration: 56min

    Tracklist: ABS (Nick Cicero Casino Edit) - Veerus & Maxie Devine Gross (Original Mix) - Diego Olarte Revisit The Preposterous (Original Mix) - UMEK vs. XXL Freshman Freestyle - Dave East Addiction (Nick Cicero Underground ReWork) - Jay Mosley **Available Soon on Phunk Traxx** Paralyzed (Nick Cicero Poolhall Junkies Edit) - Sinisa Tamamovic Blood Mist (Original Mix) - Mid City vs. ODB - Raw Believe In You (Original Mix) - M.Rox Hunk (Original Mix) - Funboys vs. My Beat (Nick Cicero Vocal Tool) - Veerus & Maxie Devine Balls (Nick Cicero Zip It Edit) - Coyu Call Me (Original Mix) - Rich Gior

  • PHILOSOPHY-101 E:32 Nick Cicero B2B Corvino LIVE@Studio151 09.13.19

    18/09/2019 Duration: 02h52min

    After years of friendship; Nick Cicero & Corvino, finally got to display their life long love of techno together in a 3 hour b2b set this past Friday 09.13.19 @ Studio151 NYC under the Philosophy 101 banner. This b2b has been years in the making and was something that Cicero & Corvino will always remember. To everyone who came out and danced the night away with us we just want to say; THANK YOU!! Enjoy reliving the madness!!

  • PHILOSOPHY-101 E:31

    17/08/2019 Duration: 57min

    Tracklist: Philosophy-101 Intro vs. Dead Ocean (DJ Tool) - Tommy Four Seven Bauhaus (Sledge Mix vs. Nick Cicero Voodoo Edit) - Chris Liebing & Tommy Four Seven Dark Laugh (Original Mix) - Pablo Caballero Sex Is A Drug feat. Adrienne Russo (Mike King's Addictive Remix) - Joseph Indelicato, Chriss Vargas Don't Laugh (Agent Orange DJ Re-Work) - Winx Razor (Original Mix) - Klangkuenstler Look What Your Love Has Done To Me (Amelie Lens Remix) - Perc The Rabbit Hole (Original Mix) - AlterEgo vs. The Rabbit Hole (Tekno Tom High-Fi Remix) - AlterEgo Realized (Original Mix) - Chriss Vargas vs. Deal With (Chriss Vargas & Mike Techh Dub Mix) - Chriss Vargas Real Thing (D-Unity Remix) - Cristian Arango Downshifting (New York Mix) - Peter Bailey, Carlos Fauvrelle

  • PHILOSOPHY-101 E:30

    05/08/2019 Duration: 01h01min

    Tracklist: Intro 1 (Joaco Cabrin Remix) - Moloko Jungle, Sebastian Olano vs. From Sax to Disco (DJ Tool) - Massimo Logli, Luca Signorini vs. Philosophy-101 Vocal Tool Morka (Original Mix) - Hunzed, Erik Schievenin vs. Ready to Freak (Acapella) - Soul Clap, Kathy Brown Divine Ritual (Original Mix) - John Summit, MKJAY Peak (Jean Nipon Word Office Remix) - Piri Piri House Workz Yall (Original Mix) - Young Bad Twinz vs. It’s Always Sunny *Dancing Skit* Kiloform (Original Mix) - Daddy Russell Catch The Spirit (Original Mix) - Anfisa Letyago Cissy Strut (Original Mix) - Fabio Neural Kooshe (Extended Mix) - Reset Robot Foundation (Ejeca Remix) - Nocturnal Sunshine Busy (Original Mix) - Mike Techh Mona Lisa (Original Mix) - Kyle Cermak

  • PHILOSOPHY-101 E:29 Live @ HYDE Bellagio 6.23.19

    06/07/2019 Duration: 59min

    An hour part from Nick Cicero’s open-close live set from the CLV x PHILOSOPHY-101 takeover of HYDE Bellagio on the Las Vegas Strip on Sunday 6.23.19 Enjoy!

  • PHILOSOPHY-101 E:28 Nick Cicero b2b Pat Falciglia b2b Bill Solano *Live*

    07/06/2019 Duration: 01h42min

    Happy Friday Everyone! Episode 28 is a special mix provided by the CLV collective. An amazing B3B between Nick Cicero, Pat Falciglia, & Bill Solano as they closed out the final hours of Philosophy-101's first NYC event at Studio151 on 5.11.19. It is an incredible vibe of techno, tech-house, minimal, & tribal combined as they played together for the first time showcasing some of the core members of CLV x Philosophy-101 Vegas | NYC collective. We hope you all enjoy this as much as we did & can not wait to share the decks together again. Stay tuned to see what is in store within the upcoming months! Thank you!!! Nick, Pat, & Bill...

  • PHILOSOPHY-101 E:27 *Live @ Studio151 NYC 5.11.19*

    21/05/2019 Duration: 01h58min

    Nick Cicero Live @ Studio 151, NYC 5.11.19

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