Laughing Labia All-female Comedy And Talk Show



Laughing Labia is a monthly show that features an all-female line-up of comedians. A mix of talk and live show celebrating the humour of women from all backgrounds.


  • Episode 8 - In Conversation With Maureen Younger

    30/08/2019 Duration: 32min

    This episode we interview Maureen Younger, a stand-up comedian, compere, author and actress. She talks about how, despite being a straight white woman, she ended up being a lesbian role model and performing regularly at BME gigs. We also discuss her all-female comedy night MY Comedy in London and Birmingham, about her skill of being fluent in German with an Austrian accent, and the universe keeping telling her to become a lesbian Find all info about Maureen on:

  • Episode 7 - What would Jesus do?!?

    03/06/2019 Duration: 32min

    This month we talk about British kleptomaniacs, Jesus coming back with a working iPhone battery and Unicorn Easter eggs. The live part of this month's show features: Kate Smurthwaite, Katie Pritchard, Sikisa Bostwick-Barnes, Katrina Quinn, Spring Day, Bella Humphries, Holly May King.

  • Episode 6 - Global Warming? Why is it still cold in March?!

    30/03/2019 Duration: 31min

    This months we feature climate change & man spreading! It's all in the degrees. This month with Barbara Brownskirt, Lily Phillips, Lesley Kershaw, Sophie McKay, Pauline Eyre and Loui von Dini aka Lauren Karl. Hosted by Catherine Allin & Alice Frick

  • Episode 5 - Love Factually

    03/03/2019 Duration: 26min

    A comedy show all about love, divorce, Chinese take aways and broken backs... Our live performers in this show are: Cecilia Delatori, Elf Lyons, Vanessa Hua, Rosie Wilby and Sandra Hale Hosted as usual by Alice Frick and Catherine Allin

  • Episode 4 - What does Brexit mean to comedians?

    06/02/2019 Duration: 26min

    This is a Brexit-special podcast, recorded in the attic, where we ask what Brexit means to comedians. Live chat with Catherine Allin and Alice Frick featuring: the oldest active female comedian Lynn Ruth Miller, Pernilla Holland, Mango Stone, Madge Hooks, Sonia Aste, and Alabaster Queen.

  • Episode 3 - What's your most inappropriate moment?

    13/12/2018 Duration: 30min

    Inappropriate moments, death and a drunk British accent all feature in this mix of talk and live comedy.Our live performers are Stella Graham, Pernilla Holland, Katie Price, Njambi McGrath, Madge Hooks, Evelyn Carnate. Hosted as usual by Alice Frick. Podcast recording by Catherine Allin.

  • Episode 2 - What's your Party Goblin?

    15/11/2018 Duration: 30min

    This month we feature our live comedy show Laughing Labia and chat about party goblins, inspired by Comedian Iliza Shlesinger. Comedians, in order of appearances: Fran Kissling, Stephanie Theobald, Jo Romero, Christina O' Sullivan, Pam Ford. Hosted by Catherine Allin & Alice Frick

  • Episode 1 - What is it like to be a female comedian?

    26/10/2018 Duration: 20min

    This month we feature live comedy from Janet Bettesworth, Hannah Brackenbury, and Primrose Proper (Burlesque performer). We ask our performers about their experience as female comedians in a male dominated scene.