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It aint nothing like the first time! Tune in for Cherry Popper Tuesday's (CPT) as hosts Aysia Drew and HDee discuss all things first! Do you remember your first time?


  • 10| Comedy..for the FIRST TIME w/ Carl Tart

    15/12/2020 Duration: 46min

    Today we sit down with comedian, writer, actor, artist, (and the list goes on), Carl Tart!! He tells us when he first discovered his comedic talent, the first time doing stand up, and also the first time he started writing for such shows as Brooklyn Nine Nine. 

  • 9| Tattoos and Piercings...for the FIRST TIME

    01/12/2020 Duration: 42min

    Do you remember your first tattoo or piercing? Do you regret your decision or need a cover up? Tune in to hear hear some real life ishh!! 

  • 8| Fear...For the First Time

    25/11/2020 Duration: 01h16min

    This episode, Cherry Popper Podcast hosts dive deep into various types of fears they experienced for the first time from Childhood to fears of the future. Do you remember your first fear?

  • 7| Homeownership..for the First Time w/ Adrienne Your Realtor

    17/11/2020 Duration: 40min

    Its another Cherry Popper Tuesday and we sit down with Los Angeles based realtor, Adrienne Maeweather, to talk about FIRST TIME HOMEOWNERSHIP!!! She talks about her first time experiences with showing her first listing, closing her first deal, and also dropping some steps on what you can do to prepare to buy your first home!. 

  • 6| Designing..for the First Time w/ Graphic Artist/Fashion Designer P.Slater

    10/11/2020 Duration: 37min

    In this episode, Cherry Popper Podcast sits down with the talented, Phil Slater. Phil Slater is an artist, graphic designer, clothing designer, actor, poet, writer, and the list goes on. Mr. Slater discusses what it was like First realizing his talent and passion for the arts in all creative forms.

  • 5| Natural Hair..for the First Time w/ Celebrity Stylist Ashley Noel

    03/11/2020 Duration: 01h05min

    In this episode we sit down with our long time friend, Ashley Noel who is a celebrity hair stylist that specializes in natural hair care. She has worked with Nicole Ari Parker, Issa Rae, Marsai Martin and more..She tells us how she got her start and what its like to work in this industry being a black woman who wants to embrace and celebrate our natural hair pattern! She also gives us some tips and tricks to making this natural hair flourish!!

  • 4| Recognizing 'THE ONE'...for the first time feat. Michael Zachary Tunstill

    29/10/2020 Duration: 35min

    We had our good friend Michael Zachary Tunstill on our podcast last week and had such a great time that we ended up getting two episodes out of him in one recording session. Well, we got a bit sidetracked which led us this wonderful discussion about love and marriage. It worked in our favor as Mike dropped some gems on "recognizing the one" for the first time. 

  • 3| Racial Injustice...for the first time feat. Michael Zachary Tunstill

    22/10/2020 Duration: 56min

    In an ever-so-changing world, some things still remain - racial injustice; years later and we are still fighting for equality. It's astonishing that although this episode was recorded a few months ago, new issues have arrived not only in the U.S., but currently in Nigeria as well. We must continue to fight against police brutality across the globe and work together to end this mess for once and for all. #BlackLivesMatter #EndSARS #DefundthePolice.

  • 2| Dranks, Trees and other Thangs...for the first time

    13/10/2020 Duration: 53min

    Do you remember your first drink, puff or those other thangs that ya'll might take for pleasure and enhancement? lol Let's talk about it! 

  • 1| Dating for the first time... in a pandemic?

    06/10/2020 Duration: 46min

    *old person voice* It's been 84 yearssss in 2020 alone...but here we are now in October and Cherry Popper Podcast is BACK!  This episode is all about navigating the "ever-so-troubled" dating life but this time, in a pandemic...for the first time. whew. 

  • 10 | First Time: Milestones throughout the decade

    01/01/2020 Duration: 01h18min

    Hello 2020!! In this episode, Cherry Popper hosts reflect on various accomplishments and milestones from the 2010's! Hope to inspire and motivate someone to achieve new goals in 2020! 

  • 9 | First Time: Christmas Traditions

    24/12/2019 Duration: 46min

    Cherry Popper Podcast has successful made its way to another Christmas!! This year, we are talking about all of our first memories of Christmas traditions with family, friends, coworkers, solo tings and loved ones. We even came up with some fun ideas for future traditions so take note and tune in! 

  • 8 | First Time: The First Year of Cherry Popper Podcast

    17/12/2019 Duration: 01h28min

    People tend to highlight larger scale victories such as huge awards or accomplishments, but the most rewarding components are those small, subtle victories that we accomplish on the journey towards our success. After completing a year, plus some, of Cherry Popper Podcast, hosts Aysia Drew and HDee provide a fun recap of seasons 1-4 to date. Tune in and share with us your favorites! 

  • 7| First Time: Fave Hood Classics w/ My Fave Podcast

    10/12/2019 Duration: 01h51min

    It's never a dull moment when Cherry Popper Podcast collabs with My Fave Podcast! This episode is very special because it was the cherries FIRST time as a featured guest! Tune in for their take with My Fave on their favorite hood classic TV shows and films! 

  • 6| First Time: Leaving the Job

    03/12/2019 Duration: 01h01min

    CHANGE. Obama encouraged it and we live it daily. The world around us is changing (sometimes it seems like it's for the worse) but through it all, we change. Sometimes it might take some time to embrace it, sometimes we are pushed outside of our comfort zone into a new path. Today, hosts Aysia Drew and HDee discuss career changes, from getting fired, laid off or quitting. Talk about the big three! Tune in and remember, in order to grow, we must change. 

  • 5 |First Time: Getting a protective style

    26/11/2019 Duration: 01h02min

    Corn roll Braids. Individuals. Faux Locs. Crochet braids and everything in between! This is for our sistas! Have you tried a protective style? What was your first experience like?! Tune in as hosts Aysia Drew and HDee share their experiences about natural hair! 

  • 4 |First Time: Experiencing Disney!

    19/11/2019 Duration: 01h09min

    Who doesn't enjoy the magic of Disney? As you know, the brand expands beyond the "original" Princesses. There's Pixar films, Shorts, Originals from Disney Channel, Marvel Universe, National Geographic, Star Wars... c'mon! These shows and films make impact us in some way which is why Cherry Popper Podcast hosts Aysia Drew and HDee are diving into experiencing the Disney brand for the first time! Do you remember the first Disney film you saw or your first time at Disneyland? Perhaps you have some Disney cherries to pop! Enjoy and happy #CPT (Cherry Popper Tuesday)! 

  • 3 |First Time: Roooaaad Triiiip!!

    12/11/2019 Duration: 54min

    Road Trips are fun year round. From RV's to squeezing in a compact car, there's an experience for everyone! In this episode, hosts Aysia Drew and HDee discuss their first ever road trip experiences and the woes and good times that came with it. Tune in for the laughs, the memories and the future plans all about road tripping and don't forget to like, comment and share this episode with someone you'd take a road trip with! 

  • 2 | First Time: Let's hit the movie screenings and premieres

    05/11/2019 Duration: 53min

    "You want the want the action..." - Hov voice Hosts Aysia Drew and HDee talk about their first time experiences attending g a movie premiere and / or an exclusive screening for the first time. From the influencers to celeb sightings and simply how a 2 regular LA girls mange to fit in amongst the "Hollywood Dream". Ahhh shucks! Tune in to get the tea on this little gem called entertainment.  Happy #CPT and don't forget to like, rate and leave a comment! 

  • 1 | First Time Meditating feat. Justin Michael Williams

    22/10/2019 Duration: 01h04min

    Welcome back, Cherry Poppers! Season 4 is officially here and to kick off another successful season, we are super excited to have the honor to collaborate with Justin Michael Williams for this fun and mindful episode. Justin Michael Williams is an author, speaker, and top 20 recording artist who is using music and meditation to wake up the world! He is also the host of the "Motivation for Black People" Podcast. YES, JUSTIN!  In this episode, hosts Aysia Drew and HDee dive in with Justin on utilizing meditation as a way to transform your life. As an extra treat, the hosts even partake in a live, guided meditation by the talented Justin Michael Williams.  Tune in to laugh it up with us, all while getting tips on personal growth, motivation and meditation for your every day life. 

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