Sl With Matty M & G Laner



Matty M (officially known as Slim G), part-time hair model and self-proclaimed reincarnation of Hal 'No Skill' Gill, and G Laner, the only Canadian left salty after Sid the Kid's Golden Goal who spends his weekends getting his ankle broken during U12 boys basketball practices at the YMCA, are here to deliver you their passion for ice cold Bud Light, hot takes on sports, and love for banter every week.


  • Episode 4

    29/04/2018 Duration: 42min

    In this week's episode, the boys kick it off by forgetting #ClownOfTheWeek, and therefore give it to themselves. The Starting Lineup this week is of fictional sports teams, which is where we discover that Grant is a cuck. Yikes. They finish with some (delayed) talk about the first round of the NHL and NBA, and then some alcoholic banter to close it out.

  • SL with Matty M & G Laner - Episode 3

    22/04/2018 Duration: 01h15min

    Our Starting Lineup this week is about the biggest Ls of all time, because we took a huge one, as described in and inspired by the opening of the show (0:00-30:00) before being pleasantly interrupted by a friend and varsity rugby player with a whole lot of from British Columbia, Jack McCarthy (30:00-52:17). The guys then dive into the NHL and NBA playoffs for the remainder of the show (52:17-1:15:50).

  • SL with Matty M & G Laner

    08/04/2018 Duration: 01h36s

    In today’s episode, the fellas introduce a new segment that you’ll be hearing more of: Clown of the Week (2:10). They discuss the retirement of Henrik and Daniel Sedin (9:25) which brings us into this week’s Starting Lineup (Top 5 Dynamic Duos) (14:06), where they realized that G Laner is casually a complete nerd (32:30). Touching on the tragedy involving the Humboldt Broncos, the boys send their thoughts and prayers to the organization, community, and all else affected by this devastating incident (33:00), but get back on the bright side of things when discussing whether Kyrie Irving is injury prone or just a pussy (34:00), the Ball family (36:10), and an entire league of #ClownOfTheWeek candidates (36:50). In other sports news, the lads debate whether RG3 is back or not (38:19), G Laner takes shots at every athlete that isn’t a hockey player (40:00), discuss the NHL heading into the playoffs (41:35), talk about the state of the Cleveland Browns and whether they could be beaten by a college football team (47