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  • FULLTANK 1542: Have a Goal: Zero Debt!

    16/11/2021 Duration: 06min

    People have so much debt. Instead of being borrowers, we should become lenders. Is that possible? Can we really have no debt?

  • FULLTANK 1541: Why I Failed In One Of My Businesses

    15/11/2021 Duration: 07min

    One day, I bought 6 “junk” cars. My dream was to turn it into a wedding car business. The dream never happened. It didn’t even take off. I learned 3 very important lessons why...

  • FULLTANK 1540: No Options? That’s Good!

    14/11/2021 Duration: 06min

    People tell me, “I’m not successful because I have no options...” But I have a mentor who told me that the reason he is so successful now is because once upon a time, he had no options. Listen to this story...

  • FULLTANK 1537: Too Busy To Live?

    11/11/2021 Duration: 06min

    People are not living a full life. They are just going through the motions. Reason: Perhaps they’re no longer doing the NON-NEGOTIABLES. May this short message be a wake-up call for you!

  • FULLTANK 1536: Meet God in 3 Places

    10/11/2021 Duration: 05min

    You can encounter God in these 3 places. You can find Him in other places, but start with these 3. May you meet Him and be changed forever.

  • FULLTANK 1535: This Is My Super Pill!

    09/11/2021 Duration: 07min

    Are you sick? Anxious? Sad? Financially hard up? Relationship problems? Let me share with you what may be the CLOSEST thing to a Cure-All... Be very blessed!

  • FULLTANK 1534: 5 Reasons Why People Are Sick

    08/11/2021 Duration: 07min

    There are MANY reasons why people are sick. But there are 5 things people are NOT doing. Get ready to be healed...

  • FULLTANK 1533: Can You Cause Someone Else To Sin?

    07/11/2021 Duration: 06min

    Can you cause someone else to Sin? Yes, you can. It’s SCARY if we are the reason why other people sin. Listen and be blessed.

  • FULLTANK 1530: My Wisest Financial Decision

    06/11/2021 Duration: 07min

    This is a bit personal. Let me share with you the 3 best decisions I’ve made in my financial life that have rewarded me many times over I pray it will inspire you and bless you!

  • FULLTANK 1529: Are You A Cook Or Chef? ( I’m Not Talking About Food!)

    06/11/2021 Duration: 08min

    There are successful people. And there are VERY successful people. What differentiates them? I’ll tell you the secret... (Just 4 Steps) PS. Change your life. Bless your family. Join the thousands who will be joining from around the world. Go to now!

  • FULLTANK 1527: Why Unfollow A Friend Who Likes A Different Political Candidate?

    06/11/2021 Duration: 08min

    Politics is so divisive. Sometimes, politics brings out the worst in human beings. For example? We hate people--even family and friends--who are for another candidate. Listen and find a better way... PS. 45+ Speakers in 3 powerful days. Join me! Go to now!

  • FULLTANK 1528: Are You Waiting For Nothing?

    02/11/2021 Duration: 07min

    Are you waiting for nothing? People stuck in their problem--but they’re not moving. Because they believe in the quote that says, “Great things come to those who wait!” Is that true? I believe in waiting. We must. But it is only Step 4 of the 4 Steps Of Success! Learn what the first 3 Steps are... PS. The Craziest, Biggest, Wildest Conference in town is happening on Nov 19-21. Join me! Go to now!

  • FULLTANK 1526: Don’t Chase After Happiness

    31/10/2021 Duration: 07min

    Don’t pursue happiness. If you pursue happiness as your #1 goal, you’ll never be happy. Because happines is only a byproduct of seeking SOMETHING ELSE. What is that something else? Find out in today’s Fulltank episode! PS. How to be Joyful amidst the difficulties! Join our biggest event of the year! Go to now!

  • FULLTANK 1523: If God Is On Your Side, Don’t Worry!

    28/10/2021 Duration: 07min

    So many need to hear this very powerful word! I’ll also sing a short song today that I know will bless you. Receive God’s Love today! PS. The original song I sang here is “Strong and Faithful” I wrote during a difficult time of my life. I pray it will bless you. Our hearts know no fear Strong and faithful is our God We are His, precious and dear A rock unmoved, He is our God For though, a thousand may fall And mountains may crumble We shall continue to stand For men, who are mighty and tall May falter and tremble We shall possess the land For strong and faithful is our God For strong and faithful is our God

  • FULLTANK 1522: Are You Hanging Out With The Wrong Crowd?

    27/10/2021 Duration: 06min

    Here are 4 Signs to know... Also, you need to know the difference between TIMING and PLACE. After you hear this message, you’ll realize, “OMG, I should have heard this a long time ago!”

  • FULLTANK 1521: Success Is Not A Mystery (Look For 5 Clues!)

    26/10/2021 Duration: 06min

    Why do some people succeed and others don’t? Here are 5 elements that you’ll find in any successful person. Watch and be empowered! PS. How to be Joyful amidst the difficulties! Join our biggest event of the year! Go to now!

  • FULLTANK 1520: 5 Steps To Have An Abundant Mindset

    25/10/2021 Duration: 06min

    Do you want to live an abundance life? You MUST to have an abundance mindset. Here’s how to do gain one. Aside from the 5 Steps to have an abundance mindset, I’ll share with you 3 statements you should declare often... PS. By the way, you can grab my book, “The Abundance Formula” Learn how to grow in your financial abundance by using the formula 100, 10, 20, 70. Go to now.

  • FULLTANK 1519: Are You A Complainer?

    24/10/2021 Duration: 07min

    Plus: 7 Signs Of A Negative Person Mark Twain said, “Don’t walk away from Negative People--Run!” But what if YOU’RE the Negative Person? What should you do? I pray that this important message will bless you!

  • FULLTANK 1516: God Is Very Near You

    21/10/2021 Duration: 06min

    God is not distant. He’s not a faraway god. He is very close. Listen to this awesome message! By the way, help our mission. Become a Fulltank Supporter! And as my way of saying Thank You, you’ll receive Fulltank Saturday and Fulltank Sunday so you’re entire week is inspired.

  • FULLTANK 1515: God Will Fight For You

    20/10/2021 Duration: 06min

    You need to relax. You’re not alone in the battlefield. God is fighting beside you. Trust in Him. He is fighting He wants you to trust in Him! Invitation: Be filled with joy! Join FEAST CONFERENCE 2021: JOYFUL JOYFUL! Join me at the biggest online gathering of the year. For details, go to now

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