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Spiritual Charlotte’s Kendall Heath & Debbie Chisholm muse about all things spiritual and healing in & around Charlotte, NC and waaaay beyond! *Fill out the guest request form on our website to be considered for the show.


  • Ep. 57 - From Trauma & Emotional Insobriety to a HEMP OIL Solution!

    14/03/2018 Duration: 01h11min

    http://www.projectcbd.comJoin Co-Hosts, Kendall Heath and Debbie Chisholm, for this powerful interview with Charlotte/Lake Norman-based Psychotherapist and TEDx Speaker, Kim Honeycutt, and Nutritional Science Coach/Faith Based Life Coach, Amy Potvin. We're talking about HEMP OIL and the miracle(s) of moving from trauma and emotional insobriety TO a solution, emotional sobriety, and mind/body/spirit care through plant medicine. This show has some mind-blowing science and heart wrenching/life-affirming truths in it! Amy, a former Pharmaceutical Sales Rep, tells her emotional story of losing one of her twin daughters to cancer, and both discuss how God used tragedy to circle them back together in a process of deep healing and a repurposing of their calling. This show will touch your heart, enlighten your mind, renew your hope, and empower you to use grief, shame, and struggle as a stepping stool to your greatness! For more information about hemp oil, visit: www.pubmed.gov and www.projectcbd.com.    

  • Ep. 56 - Shift happens @Shift Charlotte - CLT's Largest Mind/Body/Spirit Expo!

    07/03/2018 Duration: 01h02min

    SHIFT Charlotte, Charlotte's largest Mind/Body/Spirit Immersion weekend, is right around the corner (March 23 & 24, 2018) and today Co-hosts, Kendall Heath and Debbie Chisholm, are talking all things mind/body/spirit with Shift's Founding & Directing Creative Force (to be reckoned with), Lori Ives-Godwin! Lori tells her own story of being a refugee from corporate America about a decade ago and making the life-changing and life-affirming transition into holistic health and ultimately holistic health networking. A once self-proclaimed close-minded person, local healing professionals and the support of a conscious community lead her to more openness, health, and happiness. And now, Shift Charlotte helps others to be a part of the same community and experience the potential for personal transformation and spiritual support! Lori talks about what the Shift Charlotte experience is and what it isn't, why YOU might be interested in it, and what you can expect this year at this light-filled conference of spe

  • Ep. 55 - Heart-centric Leadership with TEDx Charlotte's Mike Watson

    21/02/2018 Duration: 01h11min

    Today we're interviewing Mike Watson, Founder of Heart-centric Leadership, about what else - heart-centric leadership! What is heart-centric leadership? Here's what Mike has to say about it: "There is a leadership and engagement crisis in organizations that I believe (and I am doing research on for my doctorate) is associated with a lack of willingness by leaders to embrace spiritual intelligence, along with IQ and emotional intelligence. This crisis extends beyond the organization and into our home lives wherein we are all leaders of our own lives, and is evident with the number of people that say they don't know what their purpose in life is, and how to find it. When we listen to our heart, and let it inform our mind prior to decision-making then we are also allowing space for spiritual intelligence to guide us on our own purposeful journey." Mike spent 15 years in organizational leadership, where his insights and foundation were shaped for Heart-centric Leadership www.mikewatson.today. He has done multip

  • Ep. 54 - The Sacred "Path of Pollen" with Merryman Cassels

    14/02/2018 Duration: 01h06min

    Today Co-Hosts, Kendall Heath and Debbie Chisholm, broadcast from Hive Design Stationery Gifts in Gastonia, North Carolina where we get to bask in the golden, honeyed glow of The Hive's Founder, Merryman Cassels. Merryman is one of "those" women; you know the ones! She arrives with stories of sacred pilgrimages, dreams realized and dreams brewing, a buzz of creative life-force swirling around her, and exotic gifts from far-off adventures sparkling in her shaman-starry eyes.She talks about The Hive as being her ministry in the world, as she dredges up the wisdom of The Melissae of Ancient Greece and tells sacred stories of important moments of anointing and connection. She's says, "I love sharing my personal calling from the bee and the powerful ways the hive has stung, taught, and healed me with its guiding love. The hive is a superorganism that is a powerful metaphor for life and our existence as Divine beings. Hive Design in its purest essence is my ministry and our beautifully restored building is the te

  • Ep. 53 - Learning About Light Language with Debbie Chisholm

    24/01/2018 Duration: 57min

    Today, Spiritual Charlotte Co-hosts, Kendall Heath and Debbie Chisholm, talk about Light Language, an illumined, sacred language being channeled and spoken around the world today.   A major component of their work at Light House Spiritual Center in Mooresville, North Carolina (near Charlotte), Debbie Chisholm channels Light Language for all to experience, and Light House Co-Founder & Medium, Kendall Heath, channel-translates this Divine tongue to receive messages from light realms beyond. Those who hear it generally experience activations (openings) of their inner heart light, the direct nurturing love of Highest Consciousness, various levels of healing, reduced stress and increased inner peace, and accelerated spiritual growth and transformation. Today we explore what we know about Light Language and open up a conversation for others who are speaking and working with this phenomenon. Learn more at: www.lighthousespiritualcenter.com .          

  • Ep. 52 - Part 3 On The Urantia Book with Thomas Orjala

    17/01/2018 Duration: 01h01min

    Today we reconvene with Thomas Orjala, President of the Inland Northwest Urantia Society (among other Urantia group involvement) to talk about the "The Invisible Helpers" mentioned in The Urantia Book. Do you know about the Urantia book?  This is what urantia.org has to say about it: "The Urantia Book, first published by Urantia Foundation in 1955, presents us with the origin, history, and destiny of humanity. It answers questions about God, life in the inhabited universe, the history and future of this world, and it includes an uplifting narrative of the life and teachings of Jesus.The Urantia Book portrays our relationship with God the Father. All human beings are the sons and daughters of a loving God and therefore brothers and sisters in the family of God. The book provides new spiritual truth for modern men and women and a pathway to a personal relationship with God. Building on the world's religious heritage, The Urantia Book describes an endless destiny for humankind, teaching that living faith is the

  • Ep. 51 - A Spiritual Mediator Reports from The Light House

    10/01/2018 Duration: 01h02min

    Co-hosts, Kendall Heath and Debbie Chisholm, interview Andy Silver today from our podcasting table that he nicknamed "The Corpus Callosum" for its job of giving everyone a place to communicated between both hemispheres of the brain. (We loved it!)  A constant comedian, Andy Silver, "Spiritual Mediator in the Field", has been working in the healing/spiritual community much longer than social media and podcasts have been around, and he's got a historical archive inside of him to proove it! Once a reluctant, young member of The Peoples Temple Agricultural Project, better known as "Jonestown", and one of 20 who did not travel on the Guyana trip that resulted in the deaths of more than 900 people in the Jonestown Massacre, Andy moved on to work in the fields of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Conflict Resolution & Divorce Meditation, Hypnosis, and ultimately Intuitive Medium work.  On today's show he talks about his spiritual and vocational journey that spans several decades, including extensive training in The

  • Ep. 50 - The Essential World of Oils with Amy Sutton of My Tribe Essential Oils

    15/12/2017 Duration: 57min

    Today we interview Davidson, North Carolina's Amy Sutton of Bodywork by Amy Sutton and MY TRIBE Essential Oils about her work as a healer and the plant medicine that is available through pure essential oils. Amy has been connecting with bodies for a long time, listening to what the body needs, beneath the words of her clients. She knows the body does not lie, and in fact, informs us about exactly what is needed! The pharmacy, she says, is provided by nature. Learning how to use that pharmacy is something she passionately teaches about and shares through oil education. Amy says, "I think about the connection that we have to everything, how we impact each other and the world at large. I think about our connection to this planet and how we've grown away from all things natural, and how beautiful mother earth is, as it literally we supports us in every manner....I worry about us as a species and how we've evolved, but devolved, at the same time. We know that we have 5 senses, but we actually have 6! ALL of us hav

  • Ep. 49 - Minister, Kendall Heath - More Stories on the Sacred Path

    06/12/2017 Duration: 58min

    Tune into the Spiritual Charlotte podcast on Wednesday, December 6, at 9:00 AM E.T. (or anytime after) as Co-Host, Debbie Chisholm, turns the table on Host, Kendall Heath, in an interview about her spiritual journey and work as an Interfaith Minister, Medium, and Co-Founder of Light House Spiritual Center. Kendall shares what matters to her most (i.e. the primary mission) of her spiritual work, ...and her "awakening journey" thus far, which started in early childhood with stressful family experiences. Today she acts as a bridge and translator of spiritual language across many traditions, making room for a God that she believes is way too large for any one dogma or doctrine. She's thinks (for the most part) that every tradition is onto something - a piece of the gorgeous whole! Kendall also sees healing and spirituality as an intertwined path - one as integral to the other. Her mission includes facilitating healing from the illusions we have of our disconnection and separateness, a perception she says le

  • Ep. 48 - Minister, Kendall Heath - Personal Stories on The (Messy) Sacred Path

    22/11/2017 Duration: 01h04min

    Today Co-Host, Debbie Chisholm, turns the table on Spiritual Charlotte Podcast Host, Kendall Heath, in part 1 of 2 on an interview about her spiritual journey and work as an Interfaith Minister, Medium, and Co-Founder of Light House Spiritual Center. In part 1 on this topic, Kendall shares stories of her  "awakening journey" thus far, which started in early childhood with stressful family experiences. She struggled through trauma, deep depression, drug abuse, love and sex addiction, divorce, single motherhood, soul-sucking relationships, spiritual disconnection, low self-esteem, and more...on a journey that has ultimately always been about a search for the Light (you know, the Light inside!).  Kendall sees healing and spirituality as an intertwined path - one as integral to the other. Her mission includes facilitating healing from the illusions we have of our disconnection and separateness, a perception she says leaves people lost, addicted, and suffering with various forms of soul sickness. She also share

  • Ep. 47 - Part 2 on The Urantia Book with Thomas Orjala - Paper 100

    15/11/2017 Duration: 01h00s

    This is Part 2 in a series we're doing on The Urantia Book, a sacred text considered to be a divine revelation of our time by many people. In Episode 44 we did a general overview of this massive body of papers, introducing our listeners to this masterpiece work. Today we're honing in on Paper 100, which addresses many of the questions that seekers have about spiritual growth and progress. What does it mean to be human, having a spiritual experience in the body? Why are we here? How can we understand the role of religion in this world? How do we get off track on these spiritual and religious journies? What is the goal of self realization? Today we look to Paper 100 of 196 for the answers, and raise new questions that The Urantia Book may bring insight to! You can learn more about the Urantia Book here: The Urantia Foundation  

  • Ep. 46 - Finally, an Interview with Light House Co-Founder, Debbie Chisholm!

    01/11/2017 Duration: 01h30min

    It's time to shine a light on Spiritual Charlotte Co-Host and Light House Spiritual Center Co-Founder, Master Energy Work Practitioner, Debbie Chisholm. Debbie is known for her calm, kind presence and her ability to "hold space" for people in a gentle way. And ALSO, in the back office, she has a lot to say and do and is explosive (in a minature explosion sort of way) with a passion for pioneering meaningful work in our region and beyond! Faithful to the meditation and metaphysical path, Debbie's Aquarian energy is one of quiet innovation, inquiry, and a faithful devotion to the "Divine downloads" that come through her meditation practice. She lived many years in a "normal life", primarily focused on going to work in accounting, getting the bills paid, and being a Mom and Caregiver. But in the second chapter of her life, she has aligned with her soul's purpose, stepping out of the spiritual closet and into the calling of being a facilitator who helps others remember who they really are, on the soul level, and

  • Ep. 45: Hollis Crittendon on Addiction, Spirituality, and Choices for Recovery

    25/10/2017 Duration: 01h10min

    Today we interview Hollis Crittendon, Executive Director of Choices for Recovery in Charlotte, NC.  Hollis shares his own harrowing and miraculous addiction/recovery journey and talks about the relationship between addiction, recovery, and spirituality. Twenty-four times in treatment, 30 + times jailed, one month in a coma, at least 5 overdoses, and a couple near death experiences...and living today to teach from it and facilitate healing for others. Unconditional love from "the other side" (and this side, no doubt!) changed the trajectory of his life, and can change yours, too. Hollis talks about how addiction and spirituality are two sides of the same coin. Both are a longing for connection. And remembering who we truly are is central to the path of healing. He also shares various methods for treatment that extend beyond the traditional Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.  Learn more about Choices for Recovery here: www.choicesforrecovery.com. Spiritual Charlotte here: http://www.spiritualcharlotte.com . 

  • Episode 44 - We're Diving Into the Urantia Book with Thomas Orjala!

    18/10/2017 Duration: 01h00s

    Join us today for an unforgettable and intriguing interview with Thomas Orjala, President of the Inland Northwest Urantia Society, among other Urantia group involvement. Do you know about the Urantia book? It's a BIG book - a collection of papers that is considered a Divine revelation masterpiece directly from a loving Infinite and Eternal God. It has changed many paradigms, narratives, and lives of individuals and communities who study it. This is what urantia.org has to say about it: "The Urantia Book, first published by Urantia Foundation in 1955, presents us with the origin, history, and destiny of humanity. It answers questions about God, life in the inhabited universe, the history and future of this world, and it includes an uplifting narrative of the life and teachings of Jesus.  All human beings are the sons and daughters of a loving God and therefore brothers and sisters in the family of God. The book provides new spiritual truth for modern men and women and a pathway to a personal relationship with

  • Episode 43 - The Divine Appointment of the Doula with Rebecca Duerr

    11/10/2017 Duration: 01h14min

    Today on the Spiritual Charlotte podcast, we are joined by Lake Norman-based Pregnancy & Labor Doula and Integrative Nutritionist, Rebecca Duerr, of Mindful Family Wellness in Mooresville, North Carolina. A mother of four girls herself, whom she birthed naturally, Rebecca seems born to be a Doula! Today we talk about the support and wisdom that Doulas bring to the pregnancy, labor, post-labor, and even fertility experiences of couples and/or mothers. We look at the true impact that optimal nutrition makes on getting pregnant, hormone health, having a healthy pregnancy, and a lower stress labor. *Did you know that men are most often (though not always) the reason for fertility issues? Rebecca explains why working with the male partner is so important! The gap that a Doula fills is one of focused mind/body/spirit support for the mother (and father), and the ability to act as an educated liaison to medical teams, midwifes, and others so that a woman can do her most important task of bringing new life into

  • Episode 42 - The Internal Lives & Healing of Men with Dr. Damon Silas

    04/10/2017 Duration: 01h31min

    In October we're focusing on the mental & spiritual health of men, beginning with this incredible interview with Charlotte/Lake Norman-based Psychologist/Hypnotist/Author, Damon Silas, of Damon Silas Psychological and Consultation Services. Damon shares his own journey of overcoming horrific family loss, the murder of his beloved sister, as described in his memoir, From Mourning to Knight. How does a man move through a "Dark Night of the Soul" like this, and into living from a compassionate heart, in service to his authentic self and the world? We cover the topics of stigmas males have around mental health help, the epidemic of men separating the mind/body/spirit connection and numbing their pain, and the mistake of approaching life issues as simple behavorial problems. Damon draws from his years helping veterans through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and trauma, as we talk more about what PTSD and trauma actually are, and how they can be detected and treated. We also look at how men's relationships w

  • Episode 41 - Mindfulness & Meditation & Soto Zen Buddhism with Mimi Sherman

    27/09/2017 Duration: 01h08min

    Today on The Spiritual Charlotte Podcast: an enlightening interview with the "Queen of Calm", Lake Norman/Charlotte-based Mindfulness & Meditation Instructor, Mimi Sherman! Mimi's transformative story of once living as a stressed, disconnected, busy business woman in New York to taking a hairpin (life-saving) turn into the study and practice of Soto Zen Buddhism, Zazen meditation, and Mindfulness is an inspiring one. Mimi talks with Co-Hosts, Kendall Heath and Debbie Chisholm, about the many types of meditation and various mindfulness techniques, what mindfulness can actually look like day-to-day, and some of the mentors and teachers who have impacted her own journey. We also touch on mindful eating practices, meditation & mindfulness in Corporate America, and the current classes and series Mimi is leading in the Lake Norman area. And we have to say, we became more calm and mindful as the show went on! #itscontagious#thisstuffworks! Tune in to this episode with Mimi Sherman to take a deeper dive

  • Episode 40 - Spiritual Healing & Prayer Beads with Author, Kristen Vincent

    20/09/2017 Duration: 01h01min

    Today's show is going to be a special one! We're interviewing Kristen Vincent of Prayerworks Studio about healing spiritual wounds caused by pain and trauma, and her unique relationship to and teachings around prayer beads! Kristen will share how healing and wholeness from pain requires not just physical and emotional healing, but spiritual healing as well. She recently published a book in which she shares her own story of childhood trauma and spiritual healing, and offer...s a guide for others who seek healing. On the Spiritual Charlotte Podcast, she'll talk about the need to a) speak your truth before God; b) heal your spirit by addressing the various issues related to your trauma (grief, anger, shame, etc.); and c) experience God's peace through trust, love, forgiveness, peace, etc.. She'll also share how prayer beads can serve as a tool for spiritual healing. Kristen is the author of Beads of Healing: Prayer, Trauma, and Spiritual Wholeness (Upper Room Books, 2017). She also wrote A Bead and Prayer: A

  • Episode 39 - Corporate America & The Spiritual Life with Coach, Katie Jo Sutton

    13/09/2017 Duration: 58min

    Katie Jo Sutton, Charlotte-based Intuitive Healer & Meditation Coach, is here to talk about the challenges (and opportunities) of working in a corporate world or day job, while also living a spiritual life. There are also challenges (and gifts) when transitioning out of a corporate reality and moving into an entirely new career paradigm. Sometimes the world of work and the world of our spiritual lives can be quite at odds, difficult to integrate, and part of a larger journey to and through more authenticity, vulnerability, and wholeness in our lives! Can you relate? Today, Katie will tells her own story about The Universe supporting her in moving away from a corporate job that was no longer in alignment with her desires, values, or energy. She also offers valuable insight on how a person can live an authentic and spiritual life while operating in "the real world", including but not limited to corporate America. What spiritual tools and practices are available to us to bring more mindfulness and balance

  • Episode 38 - Progressive Pastor, Joshua Adam Scott, is back for Bible School!

    30/08/2017 Duration: 59min

    Guess whose back on The Spiritual Charlotte Podcast?! Our favorite self-professed "Bible Nerd", Joshua Adam Scott! Josh's theology is refreshing, bold, and unafraid to grow up and away from "the way things have always been done(or taught)". And yet, he loves and knows the Bible through and through! So, if you're going to talk about The Holy Bible and Jesus, this is the Pastor you want to talk about it with! Today we're talking about JESUS, and we'll be ...asking the hard questions: If we struggle with Christianity, do we necessarily have to struggle with Jesus? Is it possible we made him up? Who was/is he and who is he NOT? How can we make peace with Jesus when we don't know how we feel (or have conflicting or adverse feelings) about the religion, the churches, and/or the scripture surrounding him? What teachings of Jesus' are available to us today (regardless of our religious affiliation or UNaffiliation) to help us respond to issues like racial injustice, gender & LBGT rights, government corruptio

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