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Truth lives at That LARRY SHOW, a weekly sojourn at the crossroads of madness and enlightenment. With LARRY in your life, you will Take No Sh*t, and laugh your way to victory.


  • Episode 368: How To Become A Legend - In 5 Easy Steps!

    30/06/2022 Duration: 23min

    How Bob Dylan made himself a legend ■ 5 steps that will make YOU a legend (no matter your profession) ■ Why the audience at a Dylan concert was the best part of the show ■ Fame-obsessed nut-jobs Larry has known ■ 5 legendary rock bands that tower above all others ■ Larry's evening with Sinatra and the mob ■ BONUS: Larry records custom outro music you will love

  • Episode 367: When James Bond Died, Did Cool Die With him?

    24/06/2022 Duration: 23min

    Why they killed 007 ■ Where will the world now source cool? ■ The creeps who killed him ■ The US president who was almost 007 ■ The hottest Bond girl of all time ■ How US Gubmnt glamorizes war and makes idiots love it ■ Another Hollywood soyboy kisses Zalenskyy's squishy ass ■ JFK vs. creepy imbecile Biden

  • Episode 366: Father's Day Special: The Secret of Life From the Cheeseburger Scene

    16/06/2022 Duration: 19min

    Larry's favorite movie - and the wisdom it contains ■ Words and phrases that make us losers ■ The Marine DI who saved Larry's future ■ How children re-wire your brain ■ What military life is really like ■ The 3 levels of learning ■ How Hollywood's war on fathers destroyed America

  • Episode 365: The Death of the Lifetime Warranty

    09/06/2022 Duration: 25min

    Larry buys an antique/gets a big surprise ■ Psychometry - real or bunk? ■ Flea market crap that can make you rich ■ A new Commie slogan to hate ■ Why Bezos isn't as smart as he thinks he is ■ The gargantuan online Chinese company you need to avoid

  • Episode 364: Johnny Cash's Big, Long Leak

    02/06/2022 Duration: 21min

    The sickest joke ever told ■ How Johnny Cash pissed away 30,000 gallons a day ■ Vandalism, the new comedic art form ■ What you never knew about "the man in black." ■ A greeniac feeds cake to Mona Lisa ■ Why Larry thinks the painting sux ■ How to make comedy funny again

  • Episode 363: The Hidden Cause of School Massacres

    26/05/2022 Duration: 22min

    Why is the term "mass shooting" a leftist construct? ♦ Why "psycho-shooting" is more accurate ♦ Facts Biden chose to omit in his TV address on the Texas school massacre ♦ Which three groups are mostly responsible for increased psycho shootings? ♦ What industry OWNS Biden?

  • Episode 362: Hotel Kyiv

    19/05/2022 Duration: 17min

    Why Sean Penn & Bono suck ▲ Why attention whores are flocking to Ukraine ▲Why Mitch McConnell is a phony punk ▲ Which is worse? Pelosi or Jill Biden? ▲ How USA became the global cop ▲ If you're sick of fake celebs and pols, this is your episode!

  • Episode 361: In Search of Reality

    12/05/2022 Duration: 19min

    Joey's latest lies - BUSTED ▲ Is America's pendulum swinging back to sanity? ▲ Recent events you NEVER thought would occur ▲ How social media is making everyone sick ▲ Joey's favorite TV shows - revealed!

  • Episode 360: Journey To The Bizarre

    05/05/2022 Duration: 24min

    Why are creepy dolls washing up on a Texas beach? Larry solves the mystery! ▲ The mannequin Larry made famous ▲ How a stuffed squirrel can help you meet women ▲ Why is L.A.'s bizarre quotient declining? ▲ A bizarre NYC custom you never heard of ▲ If life is a bit mundane - this is the fix!

  • Episode 359: No Safety Net

    28/04/2022 Duration: 26min

    How winners ride out stormy times ▲ The secret "paradise" Larry left when he moved to L.A. ▲ Why are the Dodgers the best team? (hint: it has nothing to do with baseball) ▲ Larry's experience that mimicked "The Shining" ▲ Why Malibu sucks 

  • Episode 358: From Moon Rockets to Training Wheels

    21/04/2022 Duration: 26min

    How did the American Idiocracy happen?▲ The unmentionable reason USA is doomed ▲ 2 bumper stickers that reveal all wisdom ▲ Let's speak ABUSE to power ▲ The worst 16 years in US History ▲ Parents: the new marginalized demographic ▲ Had a belly-full of JOeey & Co.? This is your episode!

  • Episode 357: Lost, Found, Fate and Faith

    14/04/2022 Duration: 21min

    Meet Bronx Tina - the antithesis of AOC ▲ Is PETA a crock? ▲ Meet Mona - the 7-pound canine angel saved by lucky timing ▲ How Easter is your ultimate survival tool ▲ Sinners' Sunday re-visited ▲ How Moose came to be guard dog of the TNS Dojo ▲ How to speak Bronx

  • Episode 356: Busting The Fake Hero Scam

    07/04/2022 Duration: 22min

    2 amazing ballsy women who are actually FEMALE! ▲ How gubmnt invents heroes ▲ The Covid hero turnstile ▲ The difference between courage, ballsiness and heroics ▲ How fake heroes undermine authentic ones ▲ The greatest war hero you never heard of ▲ Lock and load, and prepare to engage the enemy!

  • Episode 355: Larry Jumps The Shark

    31/03/2022 Duration: 20min

    What Chris Rock SHOULD have said/done to Will Smith ▲ When America began to decay ▲ How Happy Days would look in 2022 ▲ Why Putin is better/smarter than JOeeey ▲ Why De Niro is a punk ▲ Why actors deserve NO respect ▲ More BRILLIANT ADVICE from Charles Manson ▲ This episode is audio ambrosia - LISTEN and LOVE!  

  • Episode 354: Larry's Big Adventure

    24/03/2022 Duration: 21min

    Larry flies like SUPERMAN! ▲ Larry rides like Evel Knievel ▲ The 2 key elements of authentic adventure ▲ Why store-bought adventures suck ▲ How to find your true calling ▲ Tuning out killjoys and naysayers ▲ Finding adventure in YOUR life ▲ Larry's NEXT big adventure!

  • Episode 353: Larry's Margins of Reality

    17/03/2022 Duration: 23min

    Attempted murder in one of Larry's hangouts ▲ The secret of self-defense ▲ Why maniacs and psychos roam America ▲ Astral projection ride-along with Larry ▲ The Los Angeles Mask-Zombies ▲ How 2 years were stolen from Larry's kids ▲ Corporate judo at the Take No Sh*t Dojo  

  • Episode 352: Why Sweat THIS Crisis? There's ALWAYS a Crisis.

    10/03/2022 Duration: 24min

    How we came to accept life in 'Crisis-Mode' ▲ How we facilitate government control of our lives ▲ The new name for 'mainstream media' (and why they'll HATE it) ▲ Easy ways you can destroy big banks and social media ▲ Why voting may be meaningless ▲ Why "Public" is a dirty word ▲ Hate Commies? Love America? HEAR THIS EPISODE!

  • Episode 351: Propaganda's Carousel of Boogey-Men

    03/03/2022 Duration: 25min

    Copyright, L. Bleidner

  • Episode 350: War is Joey's Codpiece

    24/02/2022 Duration: 19min

    Copyright, L. Bleidner

  • Episode 349: Larry Battles T-Mobile, Trudeau and the World

    17/02/2022 Duration: 34min

    ACTUAL RECORDING! - S.O.S. call from Trudeau to his mommy! ▲ The secret reason the world is upside-down ▲ How to end abuse from gubmnt and corporations ▲ How to get a CEO fired ▲ Hear Larry beat T-Mobile... step-by-step ▲ The coming judgment day that has tyrants terrified

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