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Kenneth Frankly


A silly new gay / comedy / pop culture chat show from Boston-based weirdo Kenneth Frank and his co-host Rory (don't look her up)! Join us each week as we discuss hot topics, share a homo moment, answer listener questions, drink tons of wine and occasionally burst into song. Send listener questions to

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  • 61: Youre My Judy!
    61: You're My Judy!
    Duration: 01h17min | 28/01/2020

    We're back! This week we're discussing sparkling dresses, education connection, very cavallari, decent little bootie heels, the circle, jessica simpson, jen and brad, jojo siwa, and the discovery of mummy voice. Thanks for listening!

  • 60: Fallen Mirrors
    60: Fallen Mirrors
    Duration: 50min | 12/08/2019

    We really tried to make this episode about 'traveling' but it ended up being about gay memes for the most part. Kitty kitty ow ow ow Puss Puss woop woop woop woop. Bort and Gilbert & Sullivan and flying first class. Shrug, I don't really want to do the work today. Thanks for listening!

  • 59: She Chipped A Tooth (w/ Lacey Michael)!
    59: She Chipped A Tooth (w/ Lacey Michael)!
    Duration: 02h32min | 29/07/2019

    Lacey Michael is here to talk about permanent makeup, Beyonce, broken teeth, ghosts, entrepreneurship, beauty and so much more. Thanks for listening!

  • 58: BOGO Trash (w/ Jenna Rehrig)!
    58: BOGO Trash (w/ Jenna Rehrig)!
    Duration: 01h20min | 19/07/2019

    We had so much fun talking with our friend Jenna about all sorts of Reality TV, the beautiful new Encore casino, Paula Abdul and good old fashioned pink washing. Thanks for listening!

  • 57: Barracuda Betch! (with Mary Hewey and Jen Bagley)
    57: Barracuda Betch! (with Mary Hewey and Jen Bagley)
    Duration: 01h03min | 14/06/2019

    We're back! This week Kenneth Frank rambles almost nonsensically to our amazing guests Mary Hewey and Jen Bagley about their new film Jack and Yaya, new queer cinema, Fergie's infamous Today Show performance, and so much more. Thanks for listening!

  • 56: Honey Duchess!
    56: Honey Duchess!
    Duration: 02h39min | 06/06/2019

    We're just shooting the shit about Lady Lovely Locks, The Lion King, weed, dispensaries and falling down. Thanks for listening!

  • 55: Toddler Pop!
    55: Toddler Pop!
    Duration: 01h04min | 24/04/2019

    A list of today's topics: Over-cheesing (do you fuck with Merkts)? Listener voicemail! Vitamin C and Roma Downey Jr (music for toddlers and grandma tv) The #freebritney movement Beychella aka Homecoming: A Film by Beyonce And a bath & body works candle haul to round out this perfect hour of entertainment.  Enjoy!  

  • 54: Crying!
    54: Crying!
    Duration: 01h21min | 10/04/2019

    This week we went searching for Britney Spears and found Rory's wedding dress plus some "me time :)" of our own, we also drank some OK Soda and talked all about crying. Thanks for listening!

  • 53: Extra Frankly - Stonewall!
    53: Extra Frankly - Stonewall!
    Duration: 37min | 22/03/2019

    Due to technical difficulties this is a short, delayed and lonely episode of the Kenneth Frankly podcast about being unlucky, mercury in retrograde, burned tuxedos and Vanderpump Rules. We actually threw in a pretty succinct description of the riots at Stonewall at the end (nobody was killed). Enjoy!

  • 52: Parties!
    52: Parties!
    Duration: 56min | 13/03/2019

    This week we're talking about parties! Birthdays, costumes, and of course: tea. Did you know that Lucille Ball was doing poppers when she died? Talk about a party. Thanks for listening!

  • 51: Memories!
    51: Memories!
    Duration: 01h16min | 06/03/2019

    Welcome back y'all! We've missed you so. Today we're talking about memories - the good, the bad and the weird! Did anyone else loose a tooth at the school dance? Or bleed all over their favorite tween idol? Just us? Oh well. Thanks for listening!

  • 50: The Sad Bitches Win!
    50: The Sad Bitches Win!
    Duration: 01h19min | 12/12/2018

    Red bull, wine, and extracurriculars abounds on our 50th episode extravaganza! We are clownin' out and crankin' ! Thanks for listening!

  • 49: Jockey Wahlberg!
    49: Jockey Wahlberg!
    Duration: 01h05min | 21/11/2018

    Happy Thanksgiving listeners! We're talking about french failings, first class flights, celebrity sightings, harvesting organs and sex ed memories. Thanks for listening, we love you!

  • 48: Saran Wrap The Rockies! (w/ Allie Anderson)
    48: Saran Wrap The Rockies! (w/ Allie Anderson)
    Duration: 01h13min | 31/10/2018

    We're so happy to have friend of the pod and queen of the internet Allie Anderson on the show! Follow her amazing instagram @redfin_nightmares RIGHT now (that's an order). We're talking about ugly houses, Azealia Banks vs. Elon Musk and Grimes, being corny, gay fiber, work poop, bougie parfume candles, high school sluts, cuddling girl scouts, scary stories and so much more. Enjoy!

  • 47: Truffle Pig!
    47: Truffle Pig!
    Duration: 01h06min | 22/10/2018

    Talking about nuts, Britney's bizarre Vegas announcement, gambling, smoking, Christina's Liberation show, Kim Petras euphoria, birthday dread, and candle hauls! Thanks for listening!

  • 46: Britney Spears Candid 2018 Teeth!
    46: Britney Spears Candid 2018 Teeth!
    Duration: 01h22min | 16/10/2018

    Too lazy to write a description. We kept it cute and had fun. Thanks for listening!

  • BONUS EPISODE! Dont Move  Dont Touch Me!
    BONUS EPISODE! Don't Move & Don't Touch Me!
    Duration: 33min | 10/10/2018

    Rory has a very special announcement (and Boyfriend gets a nickname upgrade)! This one stops short 'cause we ordered dinner and then got too drunk to continue recording! Thanks for listening!

  • 45: Welcome To The Barn Show
    45: Welcome To The Barn Show
    Duration: 01h19min | 15/09/2018

    Mess. Face masks and wishlists and questions, oh my!

  • 44: Im So Sorry For The End of Your Life!
    44: I'm So Sorry For The End of Your Life!
    Duration: 01h15min | 21/08/2018

    We're in a mood.

  • BONUS EPISODE! Questions N Shit
    BONUS EPISODE! Questions N' Shit
    Duration: 32min | 17/08/2018

    We're answering all sorts of questions about dogs, cereal, lessons from exes, and everything in between. Thanks for tuning into this bonus episode of our queer gay comedy and pop culture podcast that you already know and love!

  • 43: Everybody Is A Teen Once In A While!
    43: Everybody Is A Teen Once In A While!
    Duration: 01h03min | 14/08/2018

    Welcome welcome welcome! We're discussing red dot issues, boats, chemical castration, paper mache, Madonna and Beyonce in Vogue, Britney's record-breaking UK pride performance, christian summer camp, Maine Lobster Festival townie drama, federal fuck ups, rich Friends and more! Thanks for listening!

  • 42: TIME CRUNCH! (The Tea)
    42: TIME CRUNCH! (The Tea)
    Duration: 54min | 09/08/2018

    Kenneth Frank is tipsy and spilling the TEA honey. ANTM, Nyle DiMarco (aka Neil Marcos), Britney's new perfume, Chaotic, the T on Shirley Temple, hot takes on Michael Jackson, prayers for Demi, Beyonce, Jenny McCarthy has a ghost in her house, Carole Radziwill vs. Bethenny Frankel, ghosts n' shit, the boston accent, adam's apples, maple syrup urine disease, Sorry To Bother Bother You. Thanks for listening!

  • BONUS EPISODE! The 90s and Listener Questions
    BONUS EPISODE! The 90's and Listener Questions
    Duration: 30min | 20/07/2018

    Surprise! On this bonus episode we recall the 90's and answer a few listener questions. Enjoy!

  • 41: Twirl N Puke!
    41: Twirl N' Puke!
    Duration: 01h08min | 16/07/2018

    This week we're talking about Bratz, makeup, AI misogyny, scarlett johansson's reluctant withdrawal from a trans-face role, God Is A Woman, adult babies, Sasha Baron Cohen trolling Sarah Palin, #AnEmmyForMegan, big dicks, Britney hitting the road, and Julien's Cassette. Thanks for listening! 

  • 40: Allison Frasier!
    40: Allison Frasier!
    Duration: 01h07min | 09/07/2018

    This week we're talking about Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, BDE, Patricia Clarkson rekindling our interest in Justin Timberlake (kind of), Ashanti and Ja Rule's upcoming record, Christina Aguilera's new record, Dr. Pimple Popper, avocado hand, exes, porn subtitles, and a few things that are bothering Kenneth Frank lately. Enjoy!

  • 39: Body - ody - odies!
    39: Body - ody - odies!
    Duration: 01h04min | 14/06/2018

    Welcome back, friends! On this episode Kenneth Frank and Rory discuss getting high, signs from the universe, bodies, kissing being over, Luann, death and so much more. Enjoy!

  • 38: Shake Em!
    38: Shake 'Em!
    Duration: 01h08min | 14/05/2018

    Courtney, take your break! We're talking about Rory's b-day trip to DC, vacuum cleaners, salad bars and buffets, and Choices (the game). These are The Cakes Of Our Lives. Vanderpump Rules! Double Dare! Guts! Twinning! Thanks for listening! 

  • 37: Roseannejie!
    37: Roseannejie!
    Duration: 01h05min | 09/04/2018

    This week we talk excitedly about the following subjects: Easter Candy! Buddy Cole and Kids In The Hall! "Eggs" ! Candy Tangent! Yodeling in Walmart! The Roseanne Reboot! Grindr fuckery! Cambridge Analytica! Yeah yeah yeah! Stoves for heat! Power Rangers! RHONY! Halloween! Trading Spaces! Christopher Lowell! Fruit snacks! ASMR! RIP Heidi Montag! Thanks for tuning in! 

  • 36: I Suck Dick For Frozen Pizzas In Newark!
    36: I Suck Dick For Frozen Pizzas In Newark!
    Duration: 01h20min | 28/03/2018

    Come out, come out wherever you are! We are talking: Mike Posner and Harry Styles' respective bisexual lyrics, Pitbull's bulge, Rihanna puts an end to Snapchat, RPDR All Stars, Anderson Cooper, thrift store drag, robes, kevin federline must be stopped, Clarissa Explains It All reboot, scrunchie queen Ruth Ginsburg, coconut oil pulling, traveler tips from rich white ladies, the Yeezy dating app, KKH, Time Hop, Crunch Time, Sonic Forces, scary movies, podcasting tips and sucking off Bill Murray in an alley! thanks for listening! 

    Duration: 01h16min | 21/03/2018

    I know, wig, I feel that already. We’re talking Bravo (RHONY, RHOBH, Vanderpump Rules), Drag Race, the return of American Idol, and our new favorite shampoo and conditioner Shoulders N’ Coke. Plus, Katy Perry puts an end to the word “wig” and the big question is about flying and puking. Enjoy!

  • 34: Dinky  Flavorless!
    34: Dinky & Flavorless!
    Duration: 01h07min | 07/02/2018

    Happy Superbowl Sunday (aka Sunday Stink Day)! It's a bulge huntin', Timberlake hatin', poop-knifin' good time. Kenneth Frank apologizes for the first time in his whole life. Should you remove that bad tattoo? What is sharing? Also, do you have the flu? So many baby dead. Rory has a beef with a brewery and Kenneth Frank shares his love for Cougar Town and Rory ponders second pee-holes. Towards the end we are just horning out about things we like about dudes and making fun of cisgender, so stick around for joy! Thanks for listening!    OUTRO: "I Want A Dyke For President" as read by Mykki Blanco  Written by Zoe Leonard, 1992

  • 33: Milk Is Disgusting
    33: Milk Is Disgusting
    Duration: 01h19min | 23/01/2018

    New year, same old shit. Y2K memories, the return of Animaniacs & Tiny Toons, Britney heading back to Vegas, "I, TONYA", Starr Andrews, the frozen closet and more. We talk about N*E*R*D, Justin and Troye in our pop music moment this week. Thanks for tuning in friends!

  • 32: Insufficient Funds!
    32: Insufficient Funds!
    Duration: 01h09min | 18/12/2017

    The holidays are upon us! We're scared of money and Elf is not a good movie! Middle school jingles with Tabitha Grimley! Dunks go-to's! Funeral procession trauma! Holiday rapid fire! Boys don't puke! Pioneer Woman! Ban all men from malls! Utopia is possible! Enjoy!

  • 31: Brewmaster Junior!
    31: Brewmaster Junior!
    Duration: 58min | 04/12/2017

    This week we enjoy the beer we brewed during the notorious drunk episode (!), workout until we cry, get extra EXTRA soft butch, find ghost hearts in the tub, shop for whatever meat goes in tacos, share credit and money goals, ponder our favorite things to do with friends (other than dinner), and start preparing for our deaths and the deaths of those we love. Don't forget listeners: people don't kill people; books kill people. Enjoy! Pop Music Showdown: Tove Lo vs. Fergie Homo Moment: "Let It Cook" Follow That Queen: Trixie & Katya

  • 30: Him, Her, and... ME?! (My Ro Is One In A Million)!
    30: Him, Her, and... ME?! (My Ro Is One In A Million)!
    Duration: 01h11min | 27/11/2017

    So, okay. Rory had an ectopic pregnancy. I know, what the fuuuuck. But she's a goddamn rockstar who is bravely sharing every single detail with us on the show. The good, the scary, and of course the funny. Thanks for listening!   

  • 29: The Basement Daughter!
    29: The Basement Daughter!
    Duration: 59min | 04/10/2017

    On this week's episode: We review the Ms. Lauryn Hill & Nas concert, discuss all the people that look like Kenny, share our first listener voicemail (!), recall elbow macaroni power outages, have big fat deal breakers, love dogs, DON'T out Demi Lovato and dick people to death! Enjoy!

  • 28: Transactions Over, Daddy! (with Tracy Lee Quinn)
    28: Transaction's Over, Daddy! (with Tracy Lee Quinn)
    Duration: 59min | 27/09/2017

    Our favorite recurring guest Ms. Tracy Lee Quinn is in the house (dur dur duh durrr)! We share our respective lists of FIVE FUN THINGS (links below) and ask the big question: Is review culture dead? We talk religious basement critters, anthropomorphia and the evolution of furries. Plus! Kathy Griffin, Trevor Noah, Free Winona, male rompers, dad bulges and so much more. Thanks for listening! Cardi B: Bodak Yellow Interview The Knife: Live At Terminal 5 Maison Margiela 'REPLICA' Jazz Club Matthew Connor - Since We Landed Music Video Big Bud Press!  

  • 27: Lets Get Campy!
    27: Let's Get Campy!
    Duration: 01h10min | 20/09/2017

    We remove ourselves from Taylor Swift's narrative, recall our traumatic experiences at "5th Grade Camp", and share the results of our recent karaoke excursion. Kenneth Frank sees Trixie Mattel in P-Town and asks you to FOLLOW THAT QUEEN (Cameron Esposito)! Rory and Kenneth Frank survive dog attacks and sneak around their partners. Get queer with it & enjoy!

  • 26: What The Fucks Ogunquit?
    26: What The Fuck's Ogunquit?
    Duration: 57min | 21/08/2017

    Kenneth Frank is full of tuna and ugly juice while Rory is sun-kissed and full of bliss! We ask the important questions: Shouldn't we all carry tampons? Don't you just love Nana's boyfriend? What the fuck is Ogunquit? We also strategize as we prepare for karaoke and Rory tells us about her "peach can toe"! Thanks for listening!

  • 25: Wart Chillers (aka The Drunk Episode)!
    25: Wart Chillers (aka The Drunk Episode)!
    Duration: 51min | 15/08/2017

    Sorry guys, this is such a drunken mess!! Kenneth Frank and Rory are on assignment at Rory's house and we're brewing beer! Kenneth Frank admits his secret celebrity crush and we discuss our respective histories with wart removal (includes wiccan wart removal spell)! Kenneth Frank and Rory share their jury duty experiences! We know a thing or two about yeast, girl. WARNING: By the end of this episode we are drunkenly discussing summer school bottled waters, gay docking and karaoke. And we're what? Alive. Enjoy!

  • 24: The Devils Cob!
    24: The Devil's Cob!
    Duration: 58min | 07/08/2017

    Hello friends! Did you know that Rory is a lovely dog? And that Kenneth Frank wants a new tattoo? On this week's episode we talk about our G-holes, VelaShape, 90's fashion and pregnant eggs. Plus: Old lady drama! Scare de La Mere! Another round of Pop Music Showdown (Demi Lovato vs. Dua Lipa)! Follow That Queen (@tkyle)! And Kenneth Frank tries to survive the cabin in the woods. Enjoy!

  • 23: What I Done Now?!
    23: What I Done Now?!
    Duration: 01h03min | 11/07/2017

    Hey friends! We're back and better than (n)ever! Rory and Kenneth Frank recall their recent family vacations (including tragic Disney cruise karaoke and Boyfriend's passport drama!), briefly discuss the return of Kesha and get pumped about season 2 and their first ever podcast photoshoot! Also on this episode: the debut a new segment ("Follow that Queen!"), tea-dances, and Rory searches for a miracle moisturizer. Thanks for listening!

  • 22: Pro-Longo! (w/ Crystal Savoy)
    22: Pro-Longo! (w/ Crystal Savoy)
    Duration: 02h30min | 25/05/2017

    This week we are honored to have "Vegan Crystal" aka Crystal Savoy on the show! She shares her wealth of knowledge on all things nutrition by answering a GANG of listener questions and describing her tips as to how to acquire more mindful and healthy eating habits. We also cover hot topics, play the very first game of TORN-ALLY LAME, Crystal shares her beverage profile and Kenneth Frank makes a new nemesis! Enjoy!

  • 21: Not All Beards Have Wizards! (w/ Brad Nelson)
    21: Not All Beards Have Wizards! (w/ Brad Nelson)
    Duration: 01h14min | 15/05/2017

    We're so excited to welcome an extremely talented writer and our dear friend Brad Nelson to the show! We shout out Tumblr porn, roll our closed eyes at John Legend, and discuss Janet Jackson's perfectly executed scam of the millennium. Ellen has "alienated" Caitlyn Jenner from the LGBTQ community. What's worse: Candace Cameron or United Airlines? When do games become sports? Brad shares some music recommendations, entertains a round of totally / lame rapid fire, and weighs in on this week's Pop Music Showdown (TLC vs. Iggy Azalea). Also: first concerts, parents enjoying their kids' taste in music, and remembering Gilbert Baker: the creator of the rainbow flag. Enjoy!  

  • 20: Melody Queen! (w/ Tracy Lee Quinn)
    20: Melody Queen! (w/ Tracy Lee Quinn)
    Duration: 01h02min | 09/05/2017

    On this week's episode we welcome back and celebrate our dear friend Tracy Lee Quinn on her birthday! We discuss being in your 30's, vaping and rollerblading at Disney World, dining out with the Quinn family, and the best candy holiday of the year. Britney Spears gets political, anime hits us hard, and crutches are for attention whores. We remember high school frictions and feel very sexy without knowing why. Thanks for listening!

  • 19: Whats The Opposite of Totally? (w/ The Yayas)
    19: What's The Opposite of Totally? (w/ The Yayas)
    Duration: 01h07min | 04/04/2017

    This week we're joined by Rory's coven the YAYAs! Lily, Allison and Helen are here and it's officially a white wine party! We review Beauty and The Beast, determine our animated inanimate objects, and invent snap chokers. In hot topics we're discussing Rachel Dolezal's return to the spotlight, the potential for "gay voice" to cost someone a job, and our fond memories of TLC's Trading Spaces. Plus a few rounds of "totally / lame" rapid fire, the tale of petty pizza person, our shared love of chocolate pudding, a fishy homo moment and much more. Enjoy!

  • 18: Look Out For Tonya!
    18: Look Out For Tonya!
    Duration: 01h16min | 27/03/2017

    Oh shit! Kenneth Frank has a hangover and sounds extra butch on this week's episode. He and Rory discuss the kindness of car accidents, our favorite figure skaters (ie Surya Bonaly), Britney Spears' Instagram fashion shows, penniless caucasian rubbish dolls and drinking through one's back pain. We thank "yesterday Rory" and root for "future Kenny". Power Rangers, Robyn and Shaq are covered in the hot topics segment, we answer a gang of listener questions, Rory shares her history in the inventions circuit, our second edition of Pop Music Showdown (Billie Eilish vs. Betty Who), and Kenneth Frank takes a moment to express gratitude for RuPaul's Drag Race at the dawn of its 9th season. Enjoy! Billie Eilish: Bellyache Betty Who - Mama Say

  • 17: Hobbits, Trolls and Hoarders!
    17: Hobbits, Trolls and Hoarders!
    Duration: 01h17min | 21/03/2017

    Kenneth Frank is marching in the land of God (land of God!) and has found his new religion: "13 Going On 30 -ism". Meanwhile, Rory is excited for some future travel plans and tries to crack the case of the missing neighbors. Kenneth Frank has his first (and hopefully last) HETERO moment. We wonder if gaydar is real? Plus the best Disney songs of all time, the proposed death of "masc" and "femme", protecting NPR/PBS and so much more! Enjoy!

  • 16: Disney Queens, Cruises and Childless Adults!
    16: Disney Queens, Cruises and Childless Adults!
    Duration: 01h10min | 14/03/2017

    Welcome back listeners! This week Kenneth Frank and Rory share their memories from their middle school musical productions, the importance of candy traditions, answer listener questions about fashion and feeling one's presence after death, Golden Girls and evergreen comedy, and donating kidneys. Speaking of green we do a little green experiment of our own. Plus Rory gets caught in a lie, sings at a dinner party AND toots in front of her boyfriend! Enjoy!

  • 15: The Kenneth Pain-Free Fart Blast!
    15: The Kenneth Pain-Free Fart Blast!
    Duration: 57min | 07/03/2017

    It's freezing in Boston and the steam radiators are cranking! Kenneth Frank (aka Auntie Kenny) has solved the case of the missing IUD! He also lazily reviews the films "Get Out" and "Kiki" while longing for an audition of his own. Meanwhile, Rory plays cornhole and has landed her first film role! Join us as we talk cartoons and witches in this week's hot topics (Duck Tales! Disney! The Craft! Lorde!) and answer listener questions about hopelessness and the future of our show. We must be talking about Remy Ma as well and like such as, because Kenneth Frank mispronounces "ether" about twenty times. Kenneth Frank lies about his weight and shares gas-passing etiquette. Thanks for listening!

  • 14: The Case of The Missing IUD!
    14: The Case of The Missing IUD!
    Duration: 01h07min | 28/02/2017

    It's just the two of us on this week's episode of the Kenneth Frankly Podcast! Join us as we discuss Kenneth Frank's gayest dream of all time, Rory's decision to expand her family, the fact that saying "so sore" is really fun with an Australian accent, and learn that Rory's IUD has truly gone rogue. We review the train wreck that was the Britney Spears Lifetime movie, discuss whether or not Justin Bieber pissed his pants, wonder who will replace Beyonce at this year's Coachella festival and share our favorite (not so) guilty TV pleasures. Plus, Kenneth Frank tells us about "Polari" and we play a fun round of "who said it?" Thanks for listening! 

  • 13: Political Economists and the Chemists Who Love Them! (w/ Ivan Zlatev  Sara Bernardo)
    13: Political Economists and the Chemists Who Love Them! (w/ Ivan Zlatev & Sara Bernardo)
    Duration: 02h09min | 21/02/2017

    This week we welcome Kenneth Frank's favorite power couple to the show: political economist Sara Bernardo and research chemist Ivan Zlatev! We discuss Refinery29 as a guide to life, Pharmaceutica and the world of recreational drug use, fragile Dysons, the racist Grammys and Katy Perry's recurring bullshit. We also ponder the spectacle of the Kardashians, Kanye and OJ Simpson, and we just can't seem to escape the topic of teeth for whatever reason! Plus: the catharsis of cancelling plans, Audre Lorde, several rounds of totally/lame, wondering if Tr*mp is beyond parody, the importance of diverse newsrooms and quality content, baby's first hemorrhoid, white genocide, "who is we?", rebranding the show and so much more! Thanks for listening!   Related reading: George Orwell - Politics and the English Language 

  • 12: Dont Yuck My Yum! (w/ Rachel Baum)
    12: Don't Yuck My Yum! (w/ Rachel Baum)
    Duration: 01h19min | 13/02/2017

    This week we're joined by the amazingly intelligent and charming Rachel Baum! Join us as we talk about Cats The Musical, the history of protests, the relevancy of librarians and fact-checking in a post-truth America, Comedy or Tragedy (the lost Shakespeare play), archiving the internet, finding humor in this crazy world, and the power of bouncers. We cover some of our favorite white trash stars during this week's hot topics (Anna Nicole Smith! Jamie Lynn Spears! "Cash Me" Girl!), Kenneth Frank eats a mustard sandwich while dropping a baby shit on the new Katy Perry single and we ponder empowerment vs. monetizing political fashion. Also, guess who's wrong this week?! Enjoy!

  • 11: None of Us Know Each Other! (w/ Matthew Connor)
    11: None of Us Know Each Other! (w/ Matthew Connor)
    Duration: 01h15min | 06/02/2017

    This week we're so excited to be joined by singer/songwriter/composer/musician (and Kenneth Frank's husband) Matthew Connor! We apologize to Kehlani, discuss music as math and the influence of ACT UP and #BlackLivesMatter. Kenneth Frank tells us about his wisdom tooth extraction, we fumble through some hot (or not so hot?) topics and speed through a round of totally/lame with Matthew before completely spinning out as we continue to wade through the bullshit that is 2017 thus far. Plus we announce the winner of our first giveaway and play another round of "Who Is Rory"! Thanks for listening!

  • 10: You Cant Fix Baby Teeth!
    10: You Can't Fix Baby Teeth!
    Duration: 02h39min | 30/01/2017

    This week Kenneth Frank discusses his experience at the #WomensMarch in Boston and Rory tells us about her mini vacation in NYC! We chat about the upcoming Britney Spears Lifetime biopic and dissect the Dog's Purpose controversy, Kenneth Frank picks his nose, and Rory scams the fuck out of CVS. We'll also tell you if it's OK to punch nazis and make fun of the littlest t*ump child (hint: yes & yes), plus we show mad love for Dippin' Dots. Also, we ask one of the most important questions of our time: Who Is Rory? Kenneth Frank stans Kid Fury, Jonny McGovern & Billy Eichner while he ponders the pitfalls of homosexual comedy in this week's homo moment, and things get a little heated when we disagree with each other about how a friend should (or shouldn't) move forward after a first date. Is Kenneth Frank wrong this week?! Thanks for listening!

  • 09: A Very Special Episode: Rory Finds Her Wife! (w/ Maura Johnston)
    09: A Very Special Episode: Rory Finds Her Wife! (w/ Maura Johnston)
    Duration: 02h34min | 24/01/2017

    Wow, guys. We are so excited to welcome this week's guest: the extremely talented writer, editor and music critic (and Rory's new wife) Maura Johnston! We discuss Maura and Rory's shared love of Law & Order, play a quick round of totally/lame, ponder the tumultuous state of pop music, and give unqualified advice to a listener in a long distance relationship. Also Maura shares some of her favorite interview memories as well as her beverage profile. Plus: attention seeking in the digital age, inauguration eye-rolling, learning how to pronounce "La Croix", discovering sissy bounce, cat parenting and so much more. Enjoy!

  • 08: A Thistle Is A Weed
    08: A Thistle Is A Weed
    Duration: 01h23min | 16/01/2017

    This week we're thrilled to welcome our good friend Tracy Lee Quinn back to the show! We discuss the Danish "hygge" trend as well as our disdain for daylight savings, recall formative music from our teen years, and deal with TMI from aggressive coworkers. We also say goodbye to the Obamas, discuss the Golden Globes, and open the library to read this week's butt-hurt white boy Bo Bice. Plus we answer listener questions about Coachella and closeted friends, share our beverage profiles, chat about the hanky code and recite some amazing poetry from the past, present & future. Enjoy!

  • 07: Diapers N Heels
    07: Diapers N' Heels
    Duration: 53min | 08/01/2017

    Kenneth Frank has been hit by a nasty little tummy bug! What type of YouTube k-hole did he go down while he was sick in bed this week? Join us as we chat about homo FOMO, iconic failed lip-synchs, 90's club kids, the messy drama from Lillehammer '94, Beyonce standom, and heroes of Eurovision. Plus we're having our very first "pop singles showdown" (Tinashe vs. Kehlani), being as gay as possible in the face of the upcoming inauguration, pondering appropriation and giving a big shout out to closeted actors. Dinky so much for listening!

  • 06: I Want Some of These!! (w/ Tracy Lee Quinn)
    06: I Want Some of These!! (w/ Tracy Lee Quinn)
    Duration: 01h04min | 02/01/2017

    Happy New Year everyone! We're back in action and so happy to be joined by our dear friend and amazingly talented artist & stylist Tracy Lee Quinn! We discuss the abominable Julia Child, porn gifs, picklebacks, drawing for pervs, creepy true crime and book deals for bigots. Plus, a PSA from Kenneth Frank regarding your oral hygiene, intersectionality by way of PrEP, and a New Year's giveaway of Oprah proportions! Enjoy!  

  • 05: Christmas Special! Killing You Down! Caveman Toddlers!
    05: Christmas Special! Killing You Down! Caveman Toddlers!
    Duration: 01h04min | 19/12/2016

    Who you callin' a Ho Ho Ho? Happy Holidays from Kenneth Frank and Rory! The christmas tree is in its collar and decorated down! The booze is flowing and we're in a very disagreeable mood. We wonder why straight boys are listening to the show, why Kanye didn't go full blonde on his eyebrows, and why Nicole Scherzinger calls her dad "Papa". We contemplate having babies, answer listener questions about gift-giving and smelly co-workers, and find out who Rory is killing (spoiler: it's Kenneth Frank). Enjoy!

  • 04: West Coast Christal
    04: West Coast Christal
    Duration: 01h02min | 12/12/2016

    Oh wow! Thanks to all of our listeners for their amazing feedback so far. We love you! On this week's episode Kenneth Frank and Rory apologize to the first victim of the show, say hello (and goose-bye) to this year's grammy nominees, tell Kelly Osbourne what her mouth is full of, and try to figure out how to be way cuter (hint: more berries, less teeth). Plus, answers to listener questions about buying a home (it's worth it!) and avoiding prosecco headaches (it's not worth it). Also, what's a stud? Enjoy!   Donate to the victims of the tragic Ghost Ship fire in Oakland: 

  • 03: The Atrium Kids
    03: The Atrium Kids
    Duration: 01h03min | 05/12/2016

    Welcome back listeners! On this week's episode: Kenneth Frank and Rory lose their minds over the show's brand new theme song! They also celebrate the birth of our nation's one true leader, provide valuable fashion insight, and talk wisdom teeth troubles. Finally, a gentle but stern reminder (tirade?) that Black Lives Matter. Enjoy!

  • 02: Maurice The Overweight Dad
    02: Maurice The Overweight Dad
    Duration: 01h03min | 28/11/2016

    Gobble gobble y'all! Kenneth Frank announces his new political leanings while introducing Rory to the best song of the millennium. We also share our favorite emojis and discuss the holidays, poppers and mortality. Please like/comment/subscribe. Thanks for listening!

  • 01: Since Im A Little Girl!
    01: Since I'm A Little Girl!
    Duration: 54min | 21/11/2016

    Welcome to the podcast! Kenneth Frank and Rory jump right into Shia LaBeouf's pants, some eyebrow drama, Hilton/Richie 2020, Rory's first homo moment, kick pleats and fruit salad!