Shine With Stein Podcast



Shine With Stein is a Podcast focused around Paintball, Drinking, and the Debauchery that entails. We are joined by Jeff Stein, Former Owner of the New England Hurricanes, and former GM of the Bay State Bandits to discuss paintball, moonshine, and whatever the hell else we have on our minds. We are bringing the fun back to paintball. Explicit Content ahead.


  • Shine with Stein Ep 002: NXL Atlantic City Recap

    17/07/2017 Duration: 01h34min

    We are finally back with another episode of the Shine with Stein Podcast.  After a few false starts and a few episodes we had to destroy for overall excessive drunkness, we are back to give you the second episode!   In this episode we talk about: The Rum Dumpsters performance so far this year The new Sponsor for the Show! How Atlantic City went for the New England teams. Jeff's Secrets to winning Foxball. Jeff Loves Gingers  Lefty's being a protected group. As always follow us on Facebook to get the latest news from the Shine with Stein Podcast! Also make sure to follow the Rum Dumpers on Instagram As well as Beatbox Beverages and Warzone RI!   Leave a review if you are on Itunes and Stitcher and make sure to subscribe for more drunk fun with the Shine with Stein Podcast!

  • Shine with Stein Episode 1: The Birth of Something Drunk!

    05/04/2017 Duration: 01h16min

    Here you have it folks.  The first ever episode of Shine with Stein Podcast.    Follow us on Facebook   On this episode we go over:   Bringing Fun Back to Paintball The Birth of The Rum Dumpsters Where the name "Shine with Stein" came about. Unofficial Show Sponsors How to Haze your Teammates. We school you on whiskey Sponsors in Paintball Running Kids over with Golf Carts Fat Shaming Drunk Brendon Being Drunk Man Buns The Goals for the Rum Dumpsters this season Baby Thumbs And Cock Muffins Grab a drink, grab some friends, and enjoy the first episode of Shine with Stein.