No Homers Podcast

No Homers Podcast


A Simpsons fan podcast by Niko Aldrich and Michael Viers where we discuss random Simpsons topics, episodes, and news. Please subscribe and share if you enjoy the show!

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  • Episode 3 - Death in the Simpsons
    Episode 3 - Death in the Simpsons
    Duration: 01h57s | 03/11/2015

    After a long delay No Homers Podcast is back! Michael Viers and special guest Nick Richards discuss the disappearance of co-host Niko Aldrich, moonlit walks, and the cheery topic of death in The Simpsons. Please visit us on facebook and patreon to help make this podcast happen!

  • Episode 2 - Sideshow Bob
    Episode 2 - Sideshow Bob
    Duration: 01h13min | 21/09/2015

    Support us on Patreon! Help us continue to deliver quality podcasts to you for as little as $1 per month. This week Michael and Niko discuss two Sideshow Bob episodes. Season 1’s “Krusty Gets Busted” and Season 5’s “Cape Feare”. Our music today comes courtesy of Nedal band “Okilly Dokilly” and you can find their music here Special Thanks to Travis Phillips for cleaning up our audio and making us sound better than we really are. *Due to a software issue we lost the “Homer Jobs” episode, which was intended to follow this episode. We’ll return with coverage of the Simpsons Season 27 premiere on October 5th! No Homer’s Podcast: Episode 2 0:00 – Okilly Dokilly – “They Warned Me” 1:00 – Introduction 2:00 – What We’ve Been Watching Michael: Modern Family, Scream (TV Series), Pester (2014), Vacation (2015) Niko: Bojack Horseman, The Clone Wars/Star Wars, Force Friday recap 32:40 – “Krusty Gets Busted” (S1E12) 47:15 – “Cape