Branded Black Literature Show



Self-published western author Sean Chandler of Branded Black Publishing talks shop about the inner workings of self-publishing. Includes tips, interviews, and information to help you publish the book in you!


  • (Podiobooks) Branded Black Publishing

    31/10/2012 Duration: 34min

    Author Sean Chandler discusses how to increase the profitability of your written content by turning it into a PodioBook! We will go through the steps that will make you successful as well as give you a short example of what one should sound like.

  • Using Twitter to increase your following

    24/10/2012 Duration: 10min

    Author Sean Chandler discusses using short stories on twitter to increase the amount of people that are following you and your projects!

  • (Discussing Author Connect) Branded Black Literature Show

    17/10/2012 Duration: 10min

    Western action/adventure author Sean Chandler will be discussing Amazon's Author Connect. Through the podcast you will learn how to set up your own author page, and learn about some of the benefits of doing so. You can check out Sean's author connect page at or purchase his latest short story at

  • Branded Black Literature Show (Podcasting is it for you!)

    05/09/2012 Duration: 15min

    Today on the Branded Black Literature Show we will be discussing Podcasting and some of its benefits. Author/Publisher/ and now Podcaster, Sean Chandler will be using his new equipment, and you as the listener can decide for yourself if the experience of the show is better. Call in to listen to the show at (646) 595-3205 or visit for more information.

  • Bill Benitz

    18/08/2012 Duration: 22min

    Interview with Bill Benitz