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Inspirational and life-changing messages that will challenge and encourage you on your journey of being a Christ-follower.


  • Pushed and Pulled


    Titus 2:11-15 Theme: I am pushed by God's Grace and I am pulled by God's Glory: These are the two engines that power my living.

  • From Grace to Glory


    Titus 2:11-15 The Appearing Hope & Anchor of Our Souls

  • Where Belief and Behavior Intersect


    Titus 2:1-10 What we believe and how we behave are intertwined together. People will either be drawn toward Christ or away from Him based upon how we act. Paul addresses 5 different groups and how they should model Christ with our actions.

  • Beyond Belief to Practical Application


    Titus 2:1-10 Showing Christ's Character to the World by Serving in our Roles!

  • How to make a Godly Disciple


    Titus 1: 1-16 Paul tells Titus what the church needs that will help produce godly Christ-follwers. We will also learn how to see godly growth in a person we are spiritually fathering or mothering.

  • Developing A Healthy Faith


    How do we develop a healthy faith in a culture that is increasingly hostile to Christianity? That is exactly the issue presented in Titus 1:1-16.

  • Sharing What We Have


    2 Corinthians 9:1-8. Pastor Nathan speaks about a biblical approach to giving and generosity and challenges us to participate in the Momentum campaign.

  • Sharing With One Another


    Why is sharing so difficult for us? The early church did it all the time. Today we take a look at the early church and learn what it means to be a sharing community. Acts 4

  • Lessons from a Father to a Son


    Pastor Johnny Garrison returns to bring us 5 words for succes from a Father to his son.

  • Caring For One Another


    Phillipians 2:3-8: There are many in this world that are in need of serious help. Although, many of us are moved by the stories of people needing help, we often wait for someone else to do something about it. This week we are challenged to to take an active role in helping those in need.

  • A Culture of Caring


    Galatians 6:1-5 Pastor Mike speaks on moving forward as a church by caring for one another.

  • Living For Christ


    Pastor Nathan discusses us dying for Jesus - giving up our lives for Him so that we can live.

  • The Dedicated Life


    Pastor Mike preaches on Romans 12:1-2 and shows 5 aspects of a life totally dedicated to God.

  • Giving Thanks to God


    Psalm 106: 1-5 Sometimes we only thank God when things in our life are going good. God is good even when life is not. It is important for us to reflect on how good and how big our Lord is.

  • Forward In Thankfulness


    Psalm 100:1-5. Pastor Nathan shows that since all we have comes from God, we should respond with gratitude.

  • The Changed Fortune of the Redeemed


    Pastor Nathan discusses the redemption involved when Boaz and Ruth are married and have a child. God provides redemption to Naomi in an unexpected way.

  • Redemption Accomplished


    Pastor Mike preaches through Ruth 4:1-22 on Ruth's redemption and draws the parallels to our redemption in Christ.

  • Timing is Everything


    Ruth 3:1-18 Timing is Everything. Although we are impatient and wish for our wills to be fulfilled immediately, God is interested in the process by which we grow and are developed. How are you with waiting on God's timing to complete His will in your life?

  • A Strange Proposal


    In this message, Pastor Mike preaches through the strange story of Ruth's proposal to Boaz in Ruth 3:1-18 and draws out three marks of a person of godly character.

  • Boaz the Redeemer


    In this message we will see the lovingkindness of God being shown to Ruth through Boaz. Ruth 2:14-23

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