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Neurosearch is setting new standards in the research of new treatments for Parkinson's disease and other neurodegenerative diseases.Our podcast is intended to provide listeners with a sense of hope and a better understanding of the exciting work that Neurosearch researchers are engaged in to fight neurodegenerative diseases.


  • Season 2 Episode 2 - Depression in Parkinson's disease

    06/03/2009 Duration: 01h01min

    In today’s episode, Neurologist, Robert M. Hutchman, MD, MDS, discusses Depression in Parkinson’s disease. Some studies indicate that anywhere from 40% to 60% of PD suffers experience clinically significant depression. Several recent research efforts have examined the efficacy of treating depression in PD with medications that approach mood stabilization differently. Some recent research is discussed that indicates depression in the Parkinson’s disease may have a different pathology that requires a different treatment approach. Tricyclic Anti-depressants (TCA), Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI), and a relatively new class of extended release atypical anti-depressants called norepinephrine and dopamine reuptake inhibitor (NDRI) are discussed in today’s episode. As Dr. Hutchman explains, the objective is to find the best medication to treat these complex issues. Does new medical research hold the answer to better treatments? Listen and find out.

  • Season 2 Episode 1: Hallucinations (psychosis) in Parkinson’s disease

    19/02/2009 Duration: 01h04min

    In today’s episode, Neurologist, Robert M. Hutchman, MD, MDS, discusses Psychosis in Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s disease, which is a form of progressive paralysis, is due to the loss of a chemical neurotransmitter in the brain called dopamine. Psychosis, which is essentially audio or visual hallucinations or delusional thinking, is sometimes related to too much dopamine in the brain. As Parkinson’s disease progresses, some studies indicate that anywhere from 40% to 70% of PD suffers will develop Psychosis. Psychosis in PD has been a vexing problem to treat because the motor-based problems of Parkinson’s are best helped by inducing or protecting dopamine in the brain. Conversely, Psychosis can be related to that same dopaminergic therapy. Add to this that most medications currently available for the treatment of Psychosis simply do not work well. As Dr. Hutchman explains, the objective is to find balance in treating these complex issues. Does new medical research hold the answer to better treatmen

  • Episode 12 - Epilepsy and the Treatment of Intractable Seizures

    17/11/2008 Duration: 56min

    In today’s episode, Neurologist, Robert Shorr, MD, discusses Epilepsy with the eminent Pediatric Neurologist and Epilepsy Specialist, William Goldie, MD. Dr. Goldie, who received his training at Stanford, UC Berkley, and Johns Hopkins Hospital, is a former Chief of Pediatric Neurology at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, and is the current head of Pediatric Neurology at Ventura County Medical Center. Today’s topic is an expansion of our previous Parkinson’s disease focused episodes to include other neurodegenerative indications. Interestingly, some newer medications are currently being researched for concurrent benefits in both Parkinson’s populations and Epilepsy populations. Although Epilepsy generally first manifests symptoms in childhood, this condition can continue through adolescence into adulthood and can be very difficult to manage. Seizure disorders in the very young and in elderly populations are the most dramatic and complex to manage. In today’s show, Dr. Shorr and Dr. Goldie discuss the p

  • Episode 11- Parkinson's Disease Dementia

    04/11/2008 Duration: 57min

    In today’s episode, Neurologist, Robert Shorr, MD, discusses Parkinson’s disease dementia with host Tom Spence, of Ventura radio station KKZZ, 1400 AM. Several leading studies indicate that dementia afflicts over 40% of patients with Parkinson’s disease. Dementia has a tremendous impact on families and caregivers of Parkinson’s patients and is a leading factor for entry into skilled care facilities. In today’s show, Dr. Shorr discusses the pathology of dementia and reviews emerging treatments.

  • Episode 10 - Early Onset Parkinson's Disease

    29/10/2008 Duration: 56min

    In today’s episode of the “Dr. Rob and Dr. Bob Show”, Co-hosts Tom Spence, of Ventura radio station KKZZ, 1400 AM and Susan Kline, Executive Director of the Hazel Hutchman Memorial Neuroscience Center, interview a panel of patients discussing Young Onset Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s disease is commonly associated with persons who are over the age of 60. However, Parkinson’s can afflict patients as young as two years of age. Young onset PD, is found in approximately 15% of Parkinson’s patients. Notable celebrity and Parkinson’s disease research activist, Michael J. Fox, has promoted greater awareness of young onset PD. In today’s show, the guest panel includes three locally distinguished Early Onset Parkinson’s patients, Pete Howard, John Evarone, and Rod Preston.

  • Episode 9 - John Ball and Team Parkinson's

    08/10/2008 Duration: 56min

    In today’s episode, John Ball, marathon runner, author of “Living Well, Running Hard: Lessons Learned from Living with Parkinson’s disease”, and the co-founder of TEAM PARKINSON’S, is interviewed by Susan Kline, Executive Director of the Hazel Hutchman Memorial Neuroscience Center, and Tom Spence of Ventura radio station KKZZ (1400 AM). John Ball is a pilot, marathon runner, author, and a leading Parkinson’s disease research advocate having raised over a million dollars for clinical research through TEAM PARKINSON’S since its founding in 2000. His book, which portrays his own intimate struggle with PD, has inspired thousand with Parkinson’s disease to fight their own battles with courage, determination, and joy! Listen as the excitement and energy in today’s episode motivates radio show host Tom Spence to join the fight and run in the LA Marathon. We are delighted to bring you this wonderful and uplifting episode.

  • Episode 8 - Profile of Robert M. Hutchman M.D.

    01/10/2008 Duration: 57min

    In today’s episode, Tom Spence, of Ventura radio station KKZZ 1400 AM, interviews Neurologist and Movement Disorders Specialist, Robert M. Hutchman, M.D. Dr. Hutchman, an Irishman by birth, received his Neurology training at the Mayo Clinic. He currently practices medicine in Southern California and oversees a clinical research company (Neurosearch) and a non-profit neuroscience center. His passion is the treatment of Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders. In today’s interview, he discusses his early influences, especially his mother, Hazel, whom he memorialized as the namesake for the Hazel Hutchman Memorial Neuroscience Center. She was a compassionate and courageous Irish mother who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and left an indelible imprint upon his life. Dr. Hutchman also discusses his medical philosophy and his growing body of work in clinical research. As a first generation Irish American and renowned Parkinson’s Specialist, Dr. Hutchman is a fascinating combination of keen intelle

  • Episode 7 - Early Detection of PD and Patient Prospectives

    22/09/2008 Duration: 01h02min

    In today’s episode Tom Spence and neurologist, Robert Shorr, MD, discuss the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease and strategies for early detection. Early detection is an important opportunity for early and aggressive management of this progressively debilitating disease. As part of today’s episode Neurosearch VP Wayne Pickerell speaks with several patients who have courageously participated in Parkinson’s related medical research studies and they share their stories with listeners. Today’s show which originally aired on radio station KKZZ (1400 AM) highlights an exciting community outreach program organized by Susan Kline, executive director of the Hazel Hutchman Memorial Neuroscience Center; A Parkinson’s disease Info Fair and Free Screening Clinic. This event is scheduled to occur in Ventura, CA on September 26, 2008 from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM. For anyone from the Ventura area, please come and join us for this exiting information opportunity.

  • Episode 6: Financial Planning and Long Term Care for Parkinson's disease

    14/09/2008 Duration: 56min

    Long Term Care is a very real issue for families who have a loved one with Parkinson’s disease. Long Term Care can be every bit as devastating to a person with PD and their family as a hurricane, if you are not prepared with the right information. Did you know that poverty is not the only answer? Today’s episode features Susan Kline, Executive Director of the Hazel Hutchman Memorial Neuroscience Center, and Mr. Bill Fisher, a Financial Planner and self proclaimed “Senior Advocate.” Susan and Bill are interviewed by Tom Spence of Ventura radio station KKZZ 1400 AM. Mr. Fisher discusses vital information that every senior and their families should know about the real financial impact of Long Term Care and survival strategies.

  • Episode 5 - Pakinson's disease medications

    06/09/2008 Duration: 57min

    In today’s episode Dr. Rob and Dr. Bob look at medications that are used to treat Parkinson’s disease. The discussion includes what is available, what is the medication intended to do, and what combinations of medication are generally appropriate. Dr. Robert Hutchman (Dr. Rob), a Mayo clinic trained movement disorders specialist, and Dr. Robert Shorr (Dr. Bob), a general neurologist with 30 years of clinical experience who received his training at USC and UCLA, discuss Parkinson's disease medications in depth on today’s episode. (Originally broadcast on KKZZ radio, 1400AM, Ventura, CA)

  • Episode 4 - Parkinson's Care Partners

    29/08/2008 Duration: 56min

    The Executive Director of the Hazel Hutchman Neuroscience Center, Susan Kline, and Tom Spence of KKZZ radio (AM 1400 in Ventura, CA) discusses the forgotten victims of Parkinson's disease; Care Partners. Those unsung heroes who sacrifice so much to care for loved ones afflicted with Parkinson's disease. A special guest, Carolyn Kopp, of the Coast Caregiver Resource Center, joins Susan in this program.

  • Season 2 Episode 3 - Parkinson's Disease Info Fair and Screening Clinic

    24/08/2008 Duration: 19min

    Dr. Robert Hutchman, a Mayo clinic trained Parkinson's specialist, Jim Duran of Cypress Place, and Kelli McKay of KKZZ Radio AM 1400, discuss Parkinson's disease and the public health initiative to raise awareness and early diagnosis strategies. Parkinson's disease symptoms, misconceptions, current treatments, and new research are also discussed.

  • Episode Introducing Dr. Rob and Dr. Bob

    17/08/2008 Duration: 56min

    Robert M. Hutchman, M.D. and Robert J. Shorr, M.D., two Neurologists from Southern California comment on Parkinson’s Disease, Epilepsy, and Clinical Research. Dr. Hutchman is a movement disorders specialist with training from the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Shorr is a general neurologist with fellowship training from USC and UCLA, with over 30 years of clinical experience. Together they direct the Hazel Hutchman Memorial Neuroscience Center a non-profit intra-disciplinary care center, and Neurosearch, an independent clinical research company.

  • Episode 1 - Dr. Bob & Dr. Bob Show

    15/08/2008 Duration: 57min

    Susan Kline, Executive Director of the Hazel Hutchman Memorial Neuroscience Center, interviewed by Tom Spence of KKZZ Radio (AM 1400) in Ventura, CA.