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Radio is meant to be intense, exciting, and somewhat in your face. Radio should have opinions, debates and a face behind the voice. Too many times we get watered down versions of the same undecisive talk. Or we just get the same three songs over and over again within the same hour. Just Me, the DMZ Show is hosted by Darren Zancan. With topics such as music, current events, sports, scandals, and more you never know what you are going to get.With guests that range from authors to musicians, artists and everyone in between, Zancan promises to make radio a little different and feature a bigger and more definitive voice.DMZ Exclusives will feature never heard before music, fresh interviews, big name guests, trivia, callers that have a voice and much more.It is must hear radio at its finest....so tune in.


  • My Adoption Story....and Yours?

    11/05/2009 Duration: 01h30min

    Adoption. Another seven word people are gun shy to talk about. But in recent time, more people are aware that adoption is a serious thing, and can bring positive changes to a persons life. Adoption can also cause deeper anxiety, life questions, and wonder. This week, a Mother's Day episode, I will jump into the topic of adoption. I am an adopted child, so I will share with you my insight. But I will also talk with people looking to adopt, people who have adopted, adopted children.By being adopted or adopting someone you stop an even bigger situation from happening and that is abortion. I strongly encourage you to tune in this week and be a part of a movement. Guests announced so far include: Amazing and incredible author Marianne Richmond: Wrote I Wished for You: An Adoption Story, (Mom's Choice Award Recipient, Book of the Year Award, Creative Child Magazine)Check her out at www.mariannerichmond.comor at amazon.com (type in Marianne Richmond)Also just added: Musical guest Chad Long, who works with Youth for

  • Why Music Changes Us

    04/05/2009 Duration: 01h29min

    Music plays a pivotal part in our everyday lives. For some people, music has changed us for the better. For others music has saved and resurrected their lives. We all have experienced highs and lows. As a musician, he/she can turn to music and make turn their negative experiences and turn the into positives.This week will be a special 90 minute show that will feature an in-depth interview with musician Mary Magdalan, who has turned a hard life into an amazing story. You do not want to miss her story!I will then talk with Matt Hartke who is a rising star. His music and style are making waves in the industry. He has opened for national acts and soon will be a force to reckon with.I will also talk with Matt Cusson, winner of the John Lennon songwriting competition, in the jazz division.Music plays a large role in our lives. We will hear from just a few people on how it impacts their lives and hear new music from the artists.

  • The Word Cancer

    27/04/2009 Duration: 01h31min

    Cancer. Let that work ring out for a second. Even say it out loud. Sounds like you are swearing.Cancer is also a hard word to associate yourself with, because it is such an intense disease. Whether you have cancer, know someone that has cancer, lost someone who had cancer, it is important to really know the ins and outs of the disease. We as individuals have the ability to take care of ourselves. It should start now. We can all make a difference. All it takes is one, and I will be the first to stand up and help those. This weeks show will educate, inform, open your eyes and push the button and the envelope on this topic. This week I will talk with Mia Perovetzwho wrote the Off-Broadway Play "THE THINGS I WISH MY MOTHER WOULD HAVE TOLD ME" that premiered last fall in NYC. Mia lost her Mother to cancer. We will talk about the meaning behind the play, the inspiration and the transformation.Also I will talk with Beau Hodges, who has a life changing story to tell about a young boy named Brandon Rayner who died at

  • Just Me, The DMZ Show-Episode 1

    20/04/2009 Duration: 01h02min

    First ever Just Me, The DMZ Show hosted by Darren Zancan.Join host Darren Zancan as he introduces you to a new, innovative and fresh radio show that covers pretty much whatever he wants to talk about.His love of music, journalism and opinions will bring a lt to the table.With weekly guests, ongoing contests and callers with their opinions, Just Me, the DMZ Radio show is sure to attract more than just the mind.