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RoboCast is the official podcast of In it we chat about video games a lot, and all sorts of other geeky endeavors.


  • RoboCast 058 | Card Sleeve Contraceptive


    Join your Internet besties Jessie, Carl and Aron as they discuss:-Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze-South Park: The Stick of Truth-Card protector sleeves as a possible means of contraception-Yoshi's New Island

  • RoboCast 057 | Retro City Rampage Discussion


    Join panelists Jessie, Aron and Carl as they discuss:-Retro City Rampage DX for the 3DS-Some old handheld pocket gaming thingie-A crazy anime soccer RPG-The return of our Super Hero Smut segment

  • RoboCast 056 | Munchin' Mouth


    Your favorite dynamic trio brings you so many words this week, your ears are probably not big enough to even hold them all! Jessie, Carl and Aron discuss:-Bravely Default some more -Rim jobs -Sonic Boom -PBS

  • RoboCast 055 | Nintenbro


    Join panelists Jessie, Carl and Aron as they discuss: -Nintendo's future in an alternate universe-This is also a universe where Apple goes under-Recreational marijuanaAnd so much more!

  • RoboCast 054 | The Perfect Guacamole


    Join panelists Carl, Jessie and Aron as they talk about:-Bewbie Ninjas-ISP woes-Halo Reach-Nintendo's sales woes-The Wii U in general-Woey woe's woes.

  • RoboCast 053 | Itrauterian Morph Ball


    Join hosts Jessie and Aron as they discuss Jessie’s recent trip to MAGFest and they live out their dreams to be red carpet reporters at the Golden Globes. hosts Jessie and Aron as they discuss Jessie’s recent trip to MAGFest and they live out their dreams to be red carpet reporters at the Golden Globes. - See more at: hosts Jessie and Aron as they discuss Jessie’s recent trip to MAGFest and they live out their dreams to be red carpet reporters at the Golden Globes. - See more at:

  • RoboCast 052 | Magic Sacks


    Its GOTY time and our heroes discuss not just ONE game but EIGHTEEN! Listen to this video game exploding podcast and you will be in for a TREAT. Oh also, you can get a free game. That's right, one lucky listener who punches in that Xbox Arcade code will get Ms Splosion man! Happy Holidays!

  • RoboCast 051 | Front Butt


    Join hosts Jessie and Aron as they talk about:One of the more advanced Pokemon mechanics-Butt lube-Super Mario 3D World-Front butts-The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between WorldsAND SO MUCH MORE!

  • RoboCast 050 | I Could Almost Lick It


    Join panelists Jessie, Aron, Michael and Andrew as they talk about:-Pokemon (again...sorry (not sorry))-Super Mario 3D World-Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds-Rule 34 (again...sorry (not sorry again))

  • Robocast 049| Indiana Jones and the Temple of Shit


    Aron isnt here, what do we do? Well, we tie Jessie and Noel up and listen to them spin yarns about Nerdapalooza, Pokemon, and all the video games Noel has played back in the day. Give it a listen!

  • RoboCast 048 | A wild podcast has appeared!


    Okay, so maybe it's not THAT wild, but after spending almost a whole day doing some furious Pokemoning, Carl, Jessie and Aron talk about their early impressions of the new Pokemon games that hit store shelves on October 12th.There is also some talk of hockey as Jessie gets irritated with a team's performance. I can't tell if the team in question is the Penguins or if he was watching penguins play hockey.

  • RoboCast 047 | From the Asses


    Join panelists Jessie, Aron and Carl as they talk to special guest Angel Hernandez about his venture into chiptune music. There were a few rough patches with our Skype connection, but with a little TLC this has become a great episode you shouldn't miss.You can check out more of Angel's music on Bandcamp or Soundcloud.

  • RoboCast 046 | Pantless Dinosaurs


    Join panelists Jessie, Aron, Carl and David as they discuss such lovely things as the Nintendo 2DS, Pokemon X/Y (yes, AGAIN), and a certain dinosaur family and their refusal to wear pants.

  • RoboCast 045 | Time Mechanic


    Join panelists Jessie, Noel, Carl and Aron as they discuss a load of stuff about Zelda games. As usual, our intrepid podcasters get derailed and end up talking about silly stuff like True Blood and that one sportball game you play with the not-so-ball-shaped ball.

  • RoboCast 044 | This penis party's gotta go


    Join panelists Jessie, David, Aron, and Carl as they discuss Microsoft flip-flopping on the Xbox One, GameStop's terrible business practices, and premier the Super Hero Smut Segment.At about the 30 minute mark the audio gets weird and Aron's audio lags behind everyone else's, so you'll hear people occasionally replying to him before he speaks. There was no way to fix it, but there was so much good stuff in here we wanted to put up the episode anyway. Hope you can enjoy it despite the difficulties!

  • RoboCast 043 | Monkeys Throwing Poop


    Join Jessie and Aron as they talk about:The whole Fez 2 debacle and how so many people in the gaming community are a-holes.The awesomeness of AwesomenautsAron talks about Power Rangers for a second (sorry, he was a little buzzed).Don't forget to comment and give us a rating if you like the show. It will really help us grow!

  • RoboCast 042 | Swamp Crotch


    Join hosts Jessie and Aron as they try to talk about video games.This week's actual topics:-Babies are like Pokemon-Which super hero has the stinkiest junk?-And more blah blahing about Animal Crossing (hey, at least it's a game).

  • RoboCast 041 | Avengers Assemble!


    In this episode we talk about the Ouya for about five seconds, Aron wonders just what a power brick is for as Jessie cheers the fact that the PS4 won't have one, and we delve into some stories about people being real jerks over fighting games.

  • RoboCast 040 | Oh my god, we're back again


    We may have been on a break, but it didn't take long for the team here to think of a way to keep RoboAwesome alive and thriving. We may have gotten a bit burned out on writing about games for free, but we didn't get burned out on talking about them!We're going to try our darnedest to keep RoboAwesome alive and kicking in the form of RoboCast as a biweekly podcast. This week we sort of just verbally ejaculate all the stuff we're excited about in the coming year for video games. Admittedly, it's a lot of Nintendo talk but no one here has every been ashamed of their Nintendo fandom.

  • RoboCast 039 | Live from C2E2


    This is a special day in RoboAwesome history. We recorded a podcast somewhere in public, without using the magic of Skype! Listen in for a few minutes as David and Aron talk about their experience at this convention so far and as a junky DJ plays loud music several hundred feet away.

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