Comm Therapy

Comm Therapy


Crystal and J.R. are self-proclaimed Communication junkies. They love geeking out on the topic of communication. This podcast will cover all sorts of topics under communication, analyzing situations, sharing personal stories and examples, and giving out tips on how to improve your communication with the people around you. This is the best group therapy session you'll ever'll want to bring your friends along with you!

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  • Active Listening: Wait...what?
    Active Listening: Wait...what?
    Duration: 21min | 16/10/2012

    We all know how to listen, or at least...we think we do. Listening is more than just hearing. It's more than just looking at someone. It's made up of several elements and takes a lot of work and energy. Do you have what it takes to be an active listener? Test it out by *actively listening* to the latest episode of Comm Therapy! (Like what I did there? Cleaver...I know.)

  • Denotation  Connotation: Youre so HOT
    Denotation & Connotation: You're so HOT
    Duration: 18min | 24/09/2012

    Words mean what we want them to mean. When you call someone "hot" are you really referring to the literal definition of the word hot? Do you really mean that s/he is running a fever, that his or her skin is hot to the touch? Probably probably mean s/he is attractive, sexy, and good-looking. What about swear words? Do we give those words their meaning? Are they "bad" because we make them bad...or are they just naturally bad? Listen, and tell us what YOU think!

  • Passive-Aggressive Behavior: Just sayin )
    Passive-Aggressive Behavior: Just sayin' ;)
    Duration: 29min | 17/09/2012

    We all deal with conflict in our own way. Passive-aggressiveness is one behavior that often creeps up in a moment of conflict. Let's examine some of the signs or possibilities of passive-aggressive behavior, shall we? Is it how we should handle conflict...or should we steer clear of it? You tell me.

  • Media: Batman is the master communicator
    Media: Batman is the master communicator
    Duration: 36min | 20/07/2012

    Movies. Music. Television. What role does the good old fashion media play in the way we communicate? Does a movie affect us the same way a conversation with a good friend can? How does the media communicate with us? What does it communicate about our society? Listen up and let us know what you think!

  • Twitter: What is it good for? Absolutely everything.
    Twitter: What is it good for? Absolutely everything.
    Duration: 37min | 06/07/2012

    What's the point of Twitter? Do you use it? Do you understand it? Do you find it useful or a huge waste of time? Join Crystal and J.R. as they argue over the advantages and disadvantages of Twitter. Who do you agree with? Let us know on which side of the Twitter coin you fall!

  • Gender Comm: The truth about boys and girls
    Gender Comm: The "truth" about boys and girls
    Duration: 36min | 22/06/2012

    Ah yes, gender affects communication. Let's chat about it, shall we? Do you fit in to the stereotypes Crystal and J.R. discussed? Listen and find out!

  • Oscalics: Who you lookin at?
    Oscalics: Who you lookin' at?
    Duration: 21min | 08/06/2012

    Eyes say it all. The roll of the eyes, a gaze, a quick glance down...we speak with our eyes. We all do why not listen to us talk about it?!

  • The many faces of Facebook
    The many faces of Facebook
    Duration: 37min | 01/06/2012

    Facebook has taken over the world. Do you like it? Do you hate it? Why do you use it? Join Crystal and J.R. as they debate about the advantages and disadvantages of this powerful communication tool.

  • Text Messaging: LOL )
    Text Messaging: LOL ;)
    Duration: 35min | 23/05/2012

    The world no longer talks to each other. We now use our thumbs to communicate. Join us in our latest therapy session as we talk about how text messaging has changed communication in our society!

  • Artifactics: Youre looking like a hot mess!
    Artifactics: You're looking like a hot mess!
    Duration: 26min | 03/05/2012

    We are what we wear. Wait...wrong phrase? Well, close enough. Did you know that the things we wear and style we portray communicates a message to people around us? It's true! Take a listen to learn all about it!

  • Paralanguage: Dont take that tone with me!
    Paralanguage: Don't take that tone with me!
    Duration: 28min | 15/04/2012

    Words can't stand alone. We may think our choice of words are effective enough to convey the message we want to share, but every word is supported by an underlying tone. This can be a beautiful thing...and at times, it can lead to major miscommunication. In this therapy session we'll explore tone of voice and examine the roll it plays in our day-to-day communication.

  • Proxemics: Get out of my personal bubble!
    Proxemics: Get out of my personal bubble!
    Duration: 18min | 08/04/2012

    Is there someone in your life who just doesn't understand your personal space? Are they getting a little too up-close and personal? Or maybe you're the culprit. Maybe every time you try to cuddle up the that special someone, s/he's always running away from you. Well, we've got an episode covering this exact topic. It's call proxemics, my friends. Kick up your feet and stay for a won't want to miss out on this entertaining comm therapy session!