Radical Spirituality And Sacred Activism

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Radical Spirituality and Sacred Activism is about personal transformation and social change and what it means to live a deeply spiritual life in a postmodern world.

We take inspiration from young people from all over the world who started the global movement for justice and solidarity by camping out on Wall Street, by taking over their cities in nonviolent occupations, and by often risking their lives to stand up for the dream that is emerging in their hearts.

We connect these new emerging dreams with inspirations and visions of spiritual giants like Father Bede Griffiths, Mahatma Gandhi, Dorothy Day, Martin Luther King, and others whose lives reflected what it means to live a transformed life and to be a healing presence in the world.

Ultimately, this show is about reflecting on ideas and dreams that can help us build a movement we sometimes call "new monasticism," where people can gather in small communities of friends, commit to a deep contemplative and spiritual practice, share in prayer, help each other discover their calling and gifts, and then through prayer and healthful presence build courage together to live as an expression of God's dream of compassion, justice, and solidarity in the world.

The ideas and opinions expressed on this program do not necessarily reflect the teachings of Unity.


  • Buddha’s Great Compassion

    01/06/2015 Duration: 01h00s
  • Make Me One With Everything: Going Beyond Separation

    04/05/2015 Duration: 01h00s
  • Contemplative Prayer Builds a Just Society

    20/04/2015 Duration: 01h00s
  • A Lesson in American Spirituality and Activism

    06/04/2015 Duration: 01h00s
  • Building a New World, One Community at a Time

    16/03/2015 Duration: 01h00s
  • Radical Passion for Change

    09/03/2015 Duration: 01h00s
  • The Dharma of No Impact Man

    23/02/2015 Duration: 01h00s
  • Living a Nonviolent Life Without Compromise

    09/02/2015 Duration: 01h00s
  • No Bull**** Exploration of Spirituality

    17/11/2014 Duration: 01h00s
  • Jim Keady Is Not Ready to Sit Down and Shut Up!

    03/11/2014 Duration: 01h00s
  • Is God a Homophobe?

    20/10/2014 Duration: 01h00s
  • Courage to Change the World

    29/09/2014 Duration: 01h00s
  • The Way of Spiritual Nonviolence

    15/09/2014 Duration: 01h00s
  • The Coming Interspiritual Age

    01/09/2014 Duration: 01h00s
  • Working for Peace

    11/08/2014 Duration: 01h00s
  • At the Heart of the Occupy Wall Street Movement

    28/07/2014 Duration: 01h00s
  • Passion for Peace, Passion for Justice

    14/07/2014 Duration: 01h00s
  • Spiritual Roots of Protest

    30/06/2014 Duration: 01h00s
  • Mysticism and Social Change

    16/06/2014 Duration: 01h00s
  • Occupy Spirituality and Live in Service of Compassion and Justice

    02/06/2014 Duration: 01h00s