Africa Research Institute

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Africa Research Institute aims to reflect, understand and build on the dynamism in Africa today. We are a London-based think-tank which looks for practical examples of achievement - by listening to the people who have created that success, often in adversity, and by communicating that experience to organisations, companies and policymakers. We are not guided by ideology and are strictly non-partisan.

These podcasts, from our Counterpoints series, present critical accounts of defining ideas, in and about Africa. The scope is broad, from international development policy to popular perceptions of the continent. They address big picture questions, without constraints of prevailing orthodoxy. The arguments are forward looking but not speculative, informed by the present but concerned with the future.


  • How Rwanda judged its genocide

    09/05/2012 Duration: 27min
  • Whatever happened to Africa's rapid urbanisation?

    09/05/2012 Duration: 29min
  • Voices of disquiet on the Malawian airwaves

    05/03/2012 Duration: 24min
  • Why Africa can make it big in agriculture

    06/02/2012 Duration: 24min
  • How intellectuals made history in Zimbabwe

    02/01/2012 Duration: 28min