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This show shares views on a variety of current events that have had a negative impact on the earth's environment. While exposing the corruption, we provide listeners with the directions and information to influence change. We also provide solutions for restoring the earth to it's pristine condition.


  • Integrated Health4Life with Jack Simmons

    07/03/2013 Duration: 30min
  • Glyco-Sugars with Gary Hilt and Dennis Taylor

    28/02/2013 Duration: 31min
  • Taylor Made Wellness with Dennis Taylor

    21/02/2013 Duration: 34min
  • Friday Night FRACKdown

    24/03/2012 Duration: 46min
  • OCCUPY the FRACKin Salvage Yards! with Mark Brobst

    24/02/2012 Duration: 44min
  • UN Protest to End Nuclear Energy Delegation from Fukushima

    22/09/2011 Duration: 28min
  • Steven Armbruster,Constitutional Sheriff;

    06/07/2011 Duration: 46min
  • Apprentice Mentor with MAD Enough to Make a Difference

    31/05/2011 Duration: 46min
  • TBA= Take Back America!!

    20/05/2011 Duration: 34min
  • TBA = Take Back America

    30/04/2011 Duration: 46min
  • TBA = Take Back America

    29/04/2011 Duration: 45min
  • K2 Media Flotilla - TBA = Take Back America

    28/04/2011 Duration: 46min
  • Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors... with TK O'Shannahan

    09/09/2010 Duration: 02h30min
  • OSE International- we are fighting on the Sunny Beaches!

    25/06/2010 Duration: 02h30min
  • GOV - Gulf Oil Volcano InvestigatorZ

    18/06/2010 Duration: 02h30min
  • ABioTiC OIl Discussion with Disclosure Host

    14/06/2010 Duration: 02h30min
  • OilSpillEaterZ -Assfault Oceans "sunny-beaches"!

    11/06/2010 Duration: 02h30min
  • OSEI = OIl Spill Eaters International corp

    04/06/2010 Duration: 01h00s
  • Winston Churchill DAY - We Shall FIGHT Them on the BEACHES!!

    03/06/2010 Duration: 02h30min
  • Apprentice TEACHer with Online Working Group

    22/05/2010 Duration: 02h30min
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