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Trudge The Road is a podcast based on the principles of AA, NA & Al-Anon. Trudge is hosted by Jerry and Rich who between them have over 30 years of sobriety plus interviews from guests currently in recovery, those struggling with recovery and those family members affected by recovery.

Each week the show covers a variety of topics about recovery that is delivered in a compelling way that will make you laugh, cry, but most of all gives you an understanding of the addicted person.


  • Bernard Healing Thru Music

    23/08/2017 Duration: 53min
  • Arizona Amends

    09/08/2017 Duration: 55min
  • Narcan, Surrender & Spirituality

    25/07/2017 Duration: 54min
  • Recovery Rocks

    20/07/2017 Duration: 53min
  • Bowling For Fun

    06/07/2017 Duration: 53min
  • Bowling

    06/07/2017 Duration: 53min
  • B-RAiN

    28/06/2017 Duration: 54min
  • B-RAiN

    28/06/2017 Duration: 54min
  • Fear, 12th Steppin and The Beach

    22/06/2017 Duration: 54min
  • Fear, 12th Step & The Beach

    22/06/2017 Duration: 54min
  • I'm Sober...Now What?

    01/06/2017 Duration: 53min
  • Matt's Redemption

    12/05/2017 Duration: 54min
  • Troy's Story

    13/03/2017 Duration: 54min
  • The Rock Star

    23/02/2017 Duration: 38min
  • The RASE Project

    20/02/2017 Duration: 53min
  • Jerry Goes to Vegas

    16/02/2017 Duration: 38min
  • Jay & The Hand of AA

    12/02/2017 Duration: 53min
  • Alan from Iowa

    09/02/2017 Duration: 38min
  • Aaron's Redemption

    05/02/2017 Duration: 53min
  • "Classic TTR" featuring Jesse

    01/02/2017 Duration: 38min
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