Foolish Raven Farms Podcast

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A Small Homestead with Big Plans: Our conversations exploring and sharing ours thoughts on a wide variety of topics including homesteading, small farm livestock, food culture ethics, and anything else that happens to come up as we process the life of transitioning from an urban living room hydroponics garden to the overwhelming process of running a small farmstead. Share with us the discussions that come up while building up our chicken flock and rabbitry, as well as a smattering of hydroponics topics and building a market garden. Information sharing as we learn the skills related to sustainability, self-sufficiency, permaculture, food preservation, animal care, and rural living.


  • Podcast Episode 6 – Best Laid Farm Plans for 2016

    15/01/2016 Duration: 56min
  • Podcast Episode 5 – Farm plus work that pays the bills

    09/01/2016 Duration: 49h00s
  • Podcast Episode 4 – News and Worms

    22/12/2015 Duration: 52min
  • Podcast Episode 3 – Chickens and Chicken Egg Pricing

    17/12/2015 Duration: 01h08s
  • Podcast Episode 2 – Rabbits and Philosophy on the Farm

    05/12/2015 Duration: 48min
  • Podcast Episode 1 – Introductions All Around

    02/12/2015 Duration: 43min