You Cannot Be Serious...

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The Elmwood Church series You Cannot Be Serious... is recorded live at Elmwood Church in Salford during the Sunday services. The speakers vary each week and cover a range of topics, following a common theme for approximately 3 months at a time.


  • Wasn't Jesus just a good man?

    04/07/2010 Duration: 32min
  • Surely Christianity isn't the only way to God?

    27/06/2010 Duration: 21min
  • Where's your proof?

    13/06/2010 Duration: 28min
  • What about all the terrible things done in the name of Christianity?

    06/06/2010 Duration: 36min
  • Why does God permit evil?

    30/05/2010 Duration: 52min
  • Doesn't the Bible contradict itself?

    23/05/2010 Duration: 32min
  • Isn't Christianity in conflict with science?

    16/05/2010 Duration: 29min
  • Why does God allow suffering?

    09/05/2010 Duration: 41min
  • Isn't the Bible just a dusty ancient text?

    02/05/2010 Duration: 25min
  • Isn't Christianity boring and irrelevant?

    11/04/2010 Duration: 23min