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  • Picktur

    30/05/2014 Duration: 13min

    Ash speaks to Vincent the Co Founder of Picktur about the new App that extends your experience of Instagram by rewarding users for uploading winning pictures.

  • Global Trends in Cyber Crime

    10/10/2013 Duration: 25min

    Ash speaks to Rik Ferguson Trend Micro's Global Vice President of Security Research about the trends and threats that are happening online.

  • Trends in Online safety

    14/02/2013 Duration: 27min

    Ash speaks to Aman Chand security guru from Trend Micro about the latest trends in online threats and how best to protect yourself.

  • Yatango Mobile

    14/02/2013 Duration: 24min

    Ash speaks to the founder of Yatango Mobile Andy Taylor on how this new social networking Telco works and how much money you can save.

  • Apple Chat

    10/02/2013 Duration: 35min

    Ash speaks to Nik about the latest changes in Itunes and hardware requirements and what products Apple may bring out in the future.

  • Mass Effect 3

    25/01/2013 Duration: 21min

    Ash speaks to John Calhoun the producer of Mass Effect 3 about what is new in the game and how the co-op Multi-Player works. Get some great tips on how to play the game from the guys that built that built it.

  • fuse

    13/12/2012 Duration: 13min

    Ash speaks to Brian Allgeier Creative Director at Insomniac Games about the upcoming Shooter FUSE. Listen for some updated details on Fuse

  • SimCity

    13/12/2012 Duration: 11min

    Ash speaks with Jason Haber from Maxis Emeryville Studios about the game SimCity he helped produced. Find out about the new features and gameplay in the upcoming release in 2013.

  • Crysis3

    13/12/2012 Duration: 19min

    Ash speaks to Michael Elliot Read from Crytek about Crysis 3 the game he helped to produce. Find out the inside story about this upcoming First person shooter.

  • Pandora

    12/12/2012 Duration: 21min

    Ash speaks with Tim Westergren the founder of Pandora about how the service works, what music you can listen too and what the future is for Pandora. A must listen too if you love music.

  • Cyber Bullying

    06/12/2012 Duration: 18min

    Ash speaks to Aman from Trend Micro about Cyber Bullying. Get some tips and tricks on how to avoid and protect yourself and family from this problem.

  • Okan Kaya Gaming Hero

    21/11/2012 Duration: 16min

    Ash speaks to Okan Kaya who smashed the Guinness World Record for the longest continuous online game play. He clocked up almost 136 hours of gaming on Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Hear his amazing story.

  • Mobile security

    21/10/2012 Duration: 24min

    Ash speaks to Aman Chand cyber security expert from Trend Micro about the latest threat and trends in the mobile phone market. Awesome information that can save you and your phone.

  • MOH Warfighter

    04/10/2012 Duration: 13min

    Ash speaks to Kristoffer “Hoffe” Bergqvist from EA , the creative director of multiplayer for the game Medal of Honor Warfighter. Gets some tips and insights to the upcoming game and the Beta release. The beta is out October 5

  • Trend Micro

    10/09/2012 Duration: 25min

    Ash Speaks to Aman Chand cyber security expert from Trend Micro about cyber security and the best ways to protect yourself.

  • Should I change my password

    04/06/2012 Duration: 17min

    Ash speaks to Shane from "Should I change my password" website about how to check if your password has been compromised.

  • Security threat for your computer and Mobile

    07/05/2012 Duration: 25min

    Ash speaks to Michael Mckinnon security advisor for AVG about the latest security threats for your computer and mobile device. The guys chat chat about the AVG threat report and block-hole exploits.

  • Discussing 5 by 2 Hot Tek Topics

    03/05/2012 Duration: 11min

    Ash and Nik cover 5 Tek and gamings topics in 2 minutes each. Topics 1.Should we pay for online news stories? 2.What is wrong with the Call of Duty Franchise? 3.Why is console gaming stagnating? 4.What songs do you own off Itunes? 5.What do you like about Microsoft?

  • How to avoid being tracked online

    10/04/2012 Duration: 16min

    Ash Speaks to Michael McKinnon the security advisor from AVG about how to avoid being tracked online and what happens to your data once it is collected.

  • Online security Tips and tricks

    25/09/2011 Duration: 24min

    Ash speaks to LLyod Borret from AVG about how to secure yourself when using online forums. Valuable information if you want to keep your privacy.