Chuck Smith



Chuck Smith, President of Charles Smith & Associates Inc. hosts "Chuck talks business." Guests are experts in entrepreneurial topics such as: Marketing, Networking, Finance, Web 2.0, Accounting and Legal issues.


  • Marketing Media Planning

    29/10/2009 Duration: 29min

    Buffy O'Connor, Media Director at The Yaffe Group and I discuss the importance of a media plan. It is not enough to simply decide to run ads. Where do your clients congregate and how to reach them. We discuss TV, radio and digital spots.

  • Financial Alchemy - Morgana Rae

    09/06/2009 Duration: 01h01min

    If you could RAPIDLY, RADICALLY, and PERMANENTLY change your Relationship with Money, what would that be worth to you? Morgana Rae is an internationally acclaimed life coach, author, and professional speaker who guides entrepreneurs to attract more than they chase, to market creatively and inexpensively, and to RADICALLY change their relationship with money. A certified Master Results Coach and mythologist trained in NLP, hypnosis, and co-active coaching, Morgana draws on these skills and 20 years in the entertainment industry to create fun, dynamic exercises that transform your life quickly – with stunning results. One of the world’s leading experts on wealth manifestation, Morgana is a popular speaker and frequent television and radio guest. She delivers keynote addresses and breakout sessions at expos and conferences from Baja Mexico to Oslo, Norway. Morgana wrote Financial Alchemy: Twelve Months of Magic and Manifestation, and she is a contributing author to the bestselling books Heart of a Woman in

  • What You Know Is Worth More Than You Know (TM)

    02/06/2009 Duration: 01h33s

    My guest on June 2nd is Melanie Jordan. Melanie heads up SunLover Publishing LLC, her publishing, media properties and coaching company. She has 20+ years of experience in marketing from her work with some of the country's largest financial services companies, her own entrepreneurial pursuits and working with clients, plus a decade of information product experience.Melanie Jordan is also a faculty member for Alex Mandossian's prestigious Optimization University for her marketing expertise in working with small businesses and professionals worldwide. She also is a frequent speaker, trainer and guest for top online conferences, teleseminars and podcasts, and a mentor to top sites such as and Wellsphere.As "Everybody's Infopreneur Coach", Melanie believes that "everyone knows something that is worth something to others", and specializes in helping Corporate America workers protect their livelihoods, its refugees regain their financial future, and entrepreneurs and content creators achieve their

  • Direct Marketing

    19/05/2009 Duration: 01h15s

    My guest on Tuesday May 19th is Michael Morin. Michael is Vice-President, Director of Client Services and a partner in The Yaffe Group, a multi-disciplinary advertising house with locations in Michigan, Texas and Arizona. Michael’s credentials include over 20 years of agency/marketing experience working with clients in healthcare, government, gaming, retail, financial services, automotive aftermarket and startup companies. His understanding of how to motivate consumers to action in an ever changing dynamic marketplace led him to develop Yaffe Direct, a proprietary database marketing system which, even in this market, has continued to produce outstanding results for his clients. Michael is a graduate of the University of Detroit, and is an active participant in charitable causes in the area including serving on the Executive Board of the Detroit Area Council Boy Scouts of America, a volunteer at Lighthouse of Oakland County where he served as President of the Board in 2004, and a Board Member of Great Lake

  • Business Legal Issues

    12/05/2009 Duration: 01h23s

    Hanna Hasl-Kelchner, The No Nonsense Lawyer™, is a licensed attorney, educator, speaker and author of The Business Guide to Legal Literacy: What Every Manager Should Know about the Law (Jossey-Bass, 2006).Her legal career began in Washington, D.C., nearly 30 years ago and has spanned private and government practice, including service at the U.S. International Trade Commission where one of her cases was decided by President Reagan. Moving to in-house practice, she developed a diverse portfolio of increasing responsibility as a corporate generalist at major corporations, including Degussa Corporation and Reichhold, Inc. She is currently Associate General Counsel and national counsel for trademark enforcement at a major consumer products company.Hanna earned her undergraduate degree from Duke University, her MBA degree from Cornell University, and her law degree from the Rutgers University School of Law – Camden, where she won awards for her advocacy skills. She has also been on the faculty and taught at the Duk

  • Conversation with a LION

    05/05/2009 Duration: 01h09s

    Tuesday May 5th, 6pm EST my guest will be Steven Burda "The Mother Teresa of Networking." Steven has over 39,000 connections and nearly 1,800 recommendations on LinkedIn. We will be discussing social networking and his pay it forward philosophy.

  • Shoestring Marketing

    28/04/2009 Duration: 01h21s

    Jessica Swanson, “The Shoestring Marketer,” has helped thousands of entrepreneurs explode their businesses using cutting-edge, proven and completely FREE marketing strategies.Five years ago, Jessica obtained her M.S. in Written Communications and launched her own internet business. Jessica spent thousands of hours personally researching and applying proven marketing strategies to grow her business.Jessica became especially excited about free marketing strategies and found that they often worked better than paid marketing. As a result, Jessica quickly built a thriving internet business using 100% free marketing techniques. Soon after, entrepreneurs and small business owners began seeking Jessica’s advice on how to productively market their own businesses for free. Jessica quickly became a top authority on the effective use of free marketing strategies for growing small businesses quickly and efficiently.Jessica now shares her knowledge through her weekly ezine, products and coaching programs. To receive her F

  • Producing Powerful Presentations

    21/04/2009 Duration: 01h03s

    My quest will be Chris Davidson, author, speaker, Managing Editor at Professional Speakers Journal and Managing Director at Active Presence Limited.We will be discussing topics around speaking and presentations, tactics for handling the butterflies and more.You can check out a little more about Chris at

  • Are you ready to be your own boss?

    14/04/2009 Duration: 59min

    Millions of Americans dream of owning their own business. Most of us even have grand visions of exactly what kind of business we’d run, and from time to time we may talk about or even take steps toward becoming entrepreneurs. But in a country suffering from serious economic challenges, do you really have a chance?Ron Cornwell has helped hundreds of would-be entrepreneurs realize their dreams, and he can help you find out if you have the right stuff to become a business owner. Find out how to stop dreaming and start doing as Ron reveals:• Why this recession is actually a great time to start a business—if you understand the realities of becoming an entrepreneur.• The myth of corporate America’s strength.• A simple self-assessment to find out whether you have what it takes to run yourown business.• How to overcome common fears and concerns most entrepreneurs face.• Myths and misinformation about starting a business, and much more!

  • You don't have to be perfect to be great

    07/04/2009 Duration: 57min

    My guest will be John DiPietro, author and business consultant. We will be discussing his book, "You don't have to be Perfect to be Great" and how to take action. What you can learn about success from some celebrity names, you are sure to know.You can find out more about John at his website