Henry V by SHAKESPEARE, William



After the turmoil and uncertainty of Henry IV a new era appears to dawn for England with the accession of the eponymous Henry V. In this sunny pageant Chorus guides us along Henrys glittering carpet ride of success as the new king completes his transformation from rebellious wastrel to a truly regal potentate. Of course, there is an underlying feeling that the good times wont last, and this is all the more reason to enjoy the Indian summer before the protracted and bitter fall of the house of Lancaster. (Introduction by Algy Pug) Cast:Alice: Caroline SophieArchbishop of Canterbury: Sean RandallBardolph: John FrickerBates: David LawrenceBishop of Ely: Algy PugBoy: AldorChorus: Elizabeth KlettConstable of France: Lars RolanderCourt: Dale BurgessDuke of Bedford: Dale BurgessDuke of Bourbon: Algy PugDuke of Burgundy: Algy PugDuke of Exeter: David GoldfarbDuke of Gloucester: Tadhg HynesDuke of Orleans: Ric FDuke of York: Algy PugEarl of Cambridge: Algy PugEarl of Salisbury: Algy PugEarl of Warwick: Algy PugEarl of Westmoreland: Timothy FergusonFirst Ambassador: Dale BurgessFluellen: Martin GeesonFrench soldier: Nadine Eckert-BouletGovernor of Harfleur: Dale BurgessGower: Bruce PirieGrandpre: Dale BurgessHenry V: Arielle LipshawHerald: Maria ThereseHostess Quickly: Elizabeth KlettJamy: lennichKatharine: ezwaKing of France: Paul AdamsLewis the Dauphin: Nadine Eckert-BouletLord Scroop: Bruce PirieMacmorris: Tadhg HynesMessenger: Elizabeth KlettMontjoy: Amy GramourNym: Sandra GPistol: Algy PugQueen Isabel: KalyndaRambures: Elizabeth KlettSir Thomas Erpingham: Dale BurgessSir Thomas Grey: Dale BurgessWilliams: Ty UnglebowerNarrator: Elizabeth KlettAudio edited by: Elizabeth Klett