Abdur-Raheem McCarthy is an Irish-American who accepted Islam in 1994 and traveled to Sudan to study Islam. He furthered his studies by relocating to Saudi Arabia to study Quraan, Tajweed, and the Arabic language. He was then accepted into the Islamic University of Madinah and enrolled into the Arabic Institute and then graduated from the faculty of Dawah and Usool Ad-Deen.

Since graduation in 2006 he has become a renowned international speaker lecturing around the world at conferences, events and a presenter on Peace TV, Huda TV and others. He has worked in the field of Dawah alongside several prominent Dawah organizations and in the field of Islamic education teaching Islamic studies in Sudan and Dubai.


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    11/01/2018 Duration: 27min
  • What is Our Role With Jerusalem

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  • Reflections On Islam

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  • The Most Beloved Places To Allah

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