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We are the expert provider for wholesale pricing and market information for the global energy industries. We publish a suite of different energy reports for the natural gas, LNG, electricity, carbon-emissions, coal, renewable energy and crude oil markets.

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  • ICIS discusses the week’s energy news highlights

    03/07/2015 Duration: 437h00s
  • Podcast: What are the challenges of creating EU energy laws?

    02/07/2015 Duration: 570h00s
  • ICIS discusses the week’s energy news highlights

    26/06/2015 Duration: 471h00s
  • Greek debt crisis

    24/06/2015 Duration: 248h00s
  • ICIS Energy weekly round up, 15-19 June

    19/06/2015 Duration: 285h00s
  • China to phase out import tax on Australian coal over two years

    18/06/2015 Duration: 160h00s
  • What is expected in the EU carbon market phase IV review?

    16/06/2015 Duration: 469h00s
  • ICIS Energy weekly roundup

    12/06/2015 Duration: 365h00s
  • ICIS discusses the week's energy news highlights

    05/06/2015 Duration: 416h00s
  • Germany mulls capacity market

    01/06/2015 Duration: 320h00s
  • ICIS Energy weekly roundup

    29/05/2015 Duration: 373h00s
  • Spanish gas demand increases on use in electricity generation sector

    26/05/2015 Duration: 321h00s
  • Two-year high of LNG send-out from South Hook terminal in UK

    22/05/2015 Duration: 305h00s
  • Flow-based market coupling goes live

    20/05/2015 Duration: 408h00s
  • ICIS weekly round up

    15/05/2015 Duration: 410h00s
  • Latest developments in reforming the EU emissions trading system

    12/05/2015 Duration: 635h00s
  • ICIS discusses the week’s energy news highlights

    08/05/2015 Duration: 559h00s
  • ICIS Energy weekly round up

    01/05/2015 Duration: 557h00s
  • Austrian regulation podcast

    01/05/2015 Duration: 364h00s
  • Grid scale energy storage

    01/05/2015 Duration: 331h00s
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