Drop Outs & Doctors is the podcast that professes the liberating power of education, and that always advocates for the underdog. Here we explore the variables that both inspire and discourage us along the way. We address issues of incarceration, drug abuse, gang life, broken families, and the desire to help those most in-need. On my journey from high school drop out to college graduate, and current PhD student, I have acquired key skills and resources that I must share with communities and students in need.



    31/08/2016 Duration: 358h00s
  • Passing It On w/ Big B Alvarez

    14/04/2016 Duration: 1712h00s
  • 2016 AERA Annual Meeting, Ram Dass, and Me

    13/04/2016 Duration: 2886h00s
  • Beautiful Girls 2 w/ Eliana Raphaelle

    13/04/2016 Duration: 655h00s
  • The Dropout

    20/03/2016 Duration: 5037h00s
  • Institutional Review Board: An Acceptance

    13/03/2016 Duration: 4901h00s
  • Little Revolutions with Jason Swisher

    06/03/2016 Duration: 5554h00s
  • Beautiful Girls with Eliana Raphaelle

    05/02/2016 Duration: 572h00s
  • 21st Century Chicano Children's Literature with Dr. Jesse Gainer

    13/01/2016 Duration: 4547h00s
  • Lil' R and Others: Market St. '04

    13/11/2015 Duration: 1816h00s
  • In Complete Control with Severo Perez

    09/11/2015 Duration: 4770h00s
  • A Bad Trip with Big B Alvarez

    07/11/2015 Duration: 1034h00s
  • Four Aces w/ Tony Ayala Sr. 1945-2014

    03/11/2015 Duration: 7958h00s
  • A Fighting Chance with R.H. Durrance

    22/10/2015 Duration: 5525h00s
  • Heart Connections with Counselor Amy Lyles

    19/10/2015 Duration: 2897h00s
  • Gun Violence with Big B

    17/10/2015 Duration: 781h00s
  • The Spot - Urban Clothing & Community

    17/10/2015 Duration: 2331h00s
  • Brilliant Corners with Jonathan

    08/10/2015 Duration: 4788h00s
  • Big B

    05/10/2015 Duration: 1673h00s
  • A Discussion Behind The Walls

    14/08/2015 Duration: 4562h00s
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