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The Word of God for the unholy. Dave and Rainer talk about God, what they are doing, how this might relate to what God is doing, and how this all relates to foosball. Dave and Rainer use the Sunday Mass scripture readings as a prompt for some exegesis and reflection on the Heilsgeschichte in their lives. Yee hah.


  • mommog #99 -- Elected

    mommog #99 -- Elected

    12/10/2008 Duration: 28min

    Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time. The election looms on the horizon. Eat good food and drink some wine and beat up your enemies. At a wedding. I've been to weddings like that. Dave wants to be a saint. Maybe he'll be a Border Links martyr. And milk cows.

  • mommog #98 -- Rocks On The Path

    mommog #98 -- Rocks On The Path

    28/09/2008 Duration: 17min

    Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time. More political comments. Bailing out the idiots. Whining in the readings, acting like kids. Media rambling. Do what you're called to do, might not be the easiest path. Oh well.

  • mommog #97 -- Reform Thy Enemy

    mommog #97 -- Reform Thy Enemy

    07/09/2008 Duration: 19min

    Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time. Some rambling. Political comments. Biblical rules for an intervention. And rules for getting stuff. Dave tries it. Asking for stuff. Doing good things to bad people. American topics. Planning for show 100.

  • mommog #96 -- Being Consumed

    mommog #96 -- Being Consumed

    24/08/2008 Duration: 26min

    Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time. Dave's birthday. Kicking out the old, and installing something new. Dave rants on the US. Consuming without satisfaction. We need foosball in the Olympics.

  • mommog #95 -- Jumping All Over The Whisper

    mommog #95 -- Jumping All Over The Whisper

    11/08/2008 Duration: 23min

    Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time. A late show. Good readings, crappy sermon: a rant. Discerning the whisper. The desert and the beach can both be scary, but go for it anyway. And if you screw up, that's okay too.

  • mommog #94 -- Marketing The Big Idea

    mommog #94 -- Marketing The Big Idea

    03/08/2008 Duration: 17min

    Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Back to the remote show. Food for thought and the soul as opposed to junk food. How to market the good stuff and make money?

  • mommog #93 -- Desert Talk

    mommog #93 -- Desert Talk

    20/07/2008 Duration: 25min

    Some Sunday in Ordinary Time. TUCSON!! La vida loca. About women. Sexuality and spirituality. Squares versus cubes in relationships.

  • mommog #92 -- Beach Talk

    mommog #92 -- Beach Talk

    29/06/2008 Duration: 17min

    Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Back from the beach, with St. Pete and St. Paul. God hanging at the beach and talking to us. Maybe we need to do something else. Touch other issues.

  • mommog #91 -- Save Me Already

    mommog #91 -- Save Me Already

    22/06/2008 Duration: 23min

    Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Pay now, play later; it's not the American way. Defining winning to mean not winning yet. Suffering due to lack of authenticity. So be who you are.

  • mommog #90 -- Lost Priests and Sheep

    mommog #90 -- Lost Priests and Sheep

    15/06/2008 Duration: 20min

    Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time. A nation of priests. Yeah. That's what we need. Some ranting. Maybe the lost sheep are better.

  • mommog #89 -- Giving Up The Goats

    mommog #89 -- Giving Up The Goats

    08/06/2008 Duration: 17min

    Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Making the right sacrifice: your will. Know God and love. Have the courage to be who you were made to be. You'll be happier. Truth works.

  • mommog #88 -- Laws and Orders

    mommog #88 -- Laws and Orders

    01/06/2008 Duration: 23min

    Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Laws. The spirit versus the letter of the law. Using the rules to try to win the game as opposed to actually listening to God. And then doing what you're told. It's not usually easy, but playing the game from either side won't work.

  • mommog #87 -- One Body From One Bread

    mommog #87 -- One Body From One Bread

    25/05/2008 Duration: 25min

    Corpus Christi. The Body and Blood of Christ. Eating bread, and making one body. Let's make some bread, and share it. Rather than feeding on each other. I'm going to go out and get some yeast. Beer is also made from grain and yeast.

  • mommog #86 -- Holy Trinity Kisses

    mommog #86 -- Holy Trinity Kisses

    18/05/2008 Duration: 12min

    Trinity Sunday. We explain the Trinity in two minutes. Holy kisses. Baseball signs. Getting God on your team. (I guess I really do need to use that wind screen...)

  • mommog #85 -- Windy Mothers

    mommog #85 -- Windy Mothers

    11/05/2008 Duration: 24min

    Pentecost. Also Mother's Day. The Holy Spirit gives you gifts (like your mother), and pushes you to succeed. Tongues of fire, speaking in tongues, xenoglossia, other. Getting out of your room and being the Church with everyone. Administrative refereeing.

  • mommog #84 -- Horsing Around

    mommog #84 -- Horsing Around

    04/05/2008 Duration: 22min

    Ascension of the Lord. Talk about horses in honor of the Derby. Dealing with the roller coaster ride that is life with the Holy Spirit. Taking the leap towards unity. Or not. Physical and/or spiritual evolution.

  • mommog #83 -- Spiritual Hookers

    mommog #83 -- Spiritual Hookers

    27/04/2008 Duration: 19min

    Sixth Sunday of Easter. Joy and the Holy Spirit. Get some joy. Not the same as stuff, or pleasure. Some rambling about the Pope. Dave is not happy with the New Yorker. Foosball planning.

  • mommog #82 -- Your Place in the Heap

    mommog #82 -- Your Place in the Heap

    20/04/2008 Duration: 24min

    Fifth Sunday of Easter. We took a week off. Deacons; they should be serving me lunch. Cheerleading pyramids. Plenty of room in heaven. The Pope is in town!

  • mommog #81 -- Jokes, Ours Goes To Eleven

    mommog #81 -- Jokes, Ours Goes To Eleven

    06/04/2008 Duration: 24min

    Third Sunday of Easter. Not recognizing Jesus. Treating people with respect. The eleven. Jokes in the scriptures. Getting the twelve back, with jokes. Paying ransom to therapists.

  • mommog #80 -- Locked Doors

    mommog #80 -- Locked Doors

    30/03/2008 Duration: 18min

    Second Sunday of Easter. Doors are locked, maybe some will open. Doubting things. Suffering and rejoicing. Eating with exultation. Exploding water. In communes.

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