Beware The Moon Wraith: The Orb Of Phoebe


An ancient artifact of unfathomable power.An unseen enemy who knows how to wield it.A hero who can manifest his special ability three nights a month.A recipe for action and suspense or an open invention to a butt kicking? Find out in "Beware the Moon Wraith: The Orb of Phoebe", a ten part serial that pits the Moon Wraith, a vengeful ghost for justice, against cosmic forces contained within a sphere fashioned by the gods. Actually, a god. Okay, not a god but a titan, which is not quite a god but still pretty impressive. And the Moon Wraith is not really a ghost but a ....Tell you what, just download it and find out for yourself.


  • Orb of Phoebe 08

    Orb of Phoebe 08

    22/03/2010 Duration: 07min
  • Orb of Phoebe 10

    Orb of Phoebe 10

    03/03/2010 Duration: 08min

    Episode 10: Madness in MetamorphosisPlans reach their fruition.  But whose will succeed?

  • Orb of Phoebe 09

    Orb of Phoebe 09

    03/03/2010 Duration: 06min

    Episode 9: Madness in MoistureThe truth is revealed, but it does not set Virgil free.

  • Orb of Phoebe 07

    Orb of Phoebe 07

    03/03/2010 Duration: 07min

    Episode 7: Madness in MetaphysicsOne confronation ends with victory, another ends with a draw, and still another starts with a bang.

  • Orb of Phoebe 06

    Orb of Phoebe 06

    03/03/2010 Duration: 07min

    Episode 6: Madness in the MorgueThe dead rise, a girl gets naked, and Mecias and the Moon Wraith get ready to rumble.

  • Orb of Phoebe 05

    Orb of Phoebe 05

    03/03/2010 Duration: 07min

    Episode 5: Madness in MinotaursBoth the Moon Wraith and Mecias have issues with being beaten up.

  • Orb of Phoebe 04

    Orb of Phoebe 04

    03/03/2010 Duration: 07min

    Episode 4: Madness in MeciasA new player enters and decides to hit the old town.  The old town hits back.

  • Orb of Phoebe 03

    Orb of Phoebe 03

    03/03/2010 Duration: 07min

    Episode 3: Madness in MythologyDr. Denton gives a history lesson.  And orders.

  • Orb of Phoebe 02

    Orb of Phoebe 02

    03/03/2010 Duration: 06min

    Episode 2: Madness in MotiveVirgil’s investigations lead to unintended consequences.

  • Orb of Phoebe 01

    Orb of Phoebe 01

    02/03/2010 Duration: 06min

    Episode 1: Madness in Moonlight. The party to unveil the Orb of Phoebe has an uninvited guest.