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  • Our 800th Episode!

    20/01/2022 Duration: 56min

    Well Well Well celebrates it's 800th episode this week! Cal, Michael, Rachel, Jacinta and Jack talk about their plans for the show this year. We also discuss the importance of queer community media. For more podcasts on queer health and wellbeing, check out our other JOY Podcasts!

  • Us Mob and HIV & Pride and Pandemic Survey

    13/01/2022 Duration: 48min

    We check out the Us Mob and HIV resource as well as the Pride and Pandemic Survey this week on Well, Well, Well. Cal and Jack speak with Justin Salerno from AFAO about the HIV resource with First Nations communities in mind with Us Mob and HIV. We also check in with Natalie Amos from La Trobe University's Australian Research Centre for Sex, Health & Society. They bring us up to speed on the Pride and Pandemic Survey to see how our LGBTIQ communities are dealing with the pandemic two years in. If you want to take part in the survey you can find the details here. For more podcasts on holiday health and wellbeing, check out our other JOY Podcasts!

  • New Years Resolutions

    06/01/2022 Duration: 53min

    New Years Resolutions are front and centre as Jack and Cal bring in the new year of Well, Well, Well. We speak with Sarah White from Quit and Matilda Mercury about quitting smoking. We also chat to Bethany Lewis from Your Community Health about healthy eating, diet and exercise. Definitely recommended to go and check out Matilda's story on the Quit website. For more podcasts on holiday health and wellbeing, check out our other JOY Podcasts!

  • Holiday Health

    23/12/2021 Duration: 52min

    This week we have our Holiday Health episode! Jack and Cal look into what support services can help our LGBTIQ communities get through the festive season. Venetia Brissenden speaks with us about Alcohol and Other Drug services they're involved with at The Cottage in South Australia. Nic Robinson-Griffith from Thorne Harbour also talks about how you can support friends and family during this time. If you need support via web chat or phone during the holiday period, visit Switchboard for more info. For more podcasts on holiday health and wellbeing, check out our other JOY Podcasts!

  • Skin Cancer with SunSmart

    16/12/2021 Duration: 55min

    We discuss Skin Cancer with Justine Osborne from Sunsmart as we head into the holiday period and people are keen to get back outdoors after lockdown. To download the Sunsmart app, head to https://www.sunsmart.com.au/resources/sunsmart-app And for more information on being SunSmart, you can visit the website. For more podcasts on health and wellbeing, including previous episodes covering Skin Cancer check out our other JOY Podcasts!

  • LGBTIQ Women’s Health Conference Revisited

    09/12/2021 Duration: 54min

    Rachel revisits some of the topics raised at the LGBTIQ Women's Health Conference. Our first guest is Dr Mandy Henningham from the University of Sydney. Their presentation at the conference was one of the highlights. We also speak with Ruby Mountford who is the LGBTQIA+ community officer at Your Community Health and one of the recipients of the 2021 National Award for Disability Leadership. You can find more info on Dr Mandy Henningham's conference speech and discussion here. And for more details on the National Awards for Disability Leadership visit the Disability Leaders page. For more podcasts on health and wellbeing, including previous episodes covering the LGBTIQ Women's Health Conference check out our other JOY Podcasts!

  • Laird Leatherman and Ms Adelaide Leather

    02/12/2021 Duration: 50min

    Sandwiched between World AIDS Day and the International Day of People with Disabilities, we talk to the recently crowned Laird Leatherman – Craig Burnett here in Melbourne and then we’ll be crossing the border to South Australia to talk to Cherrie Rogers – the reigning Ms Adelaide Leather. Cal and Jack are in the JOY Studio for the first time in a while to hear from our local leather communities on the leather scene and the intersection with health and wellbeing. We also cover navigating kink communities as a person with a disability. For more information on esoteric practices and guides for your first time in a cruising space, check out downandirty.org. For more podcasts on health and wellbeing, check out our other JOY Podcasts!

  • World Aids Day 2021 and FEAST Festival

    25/11/2021 Duration: 30min

    Adrian is joined by new host Jack to discuss World Aids Day 2021 and FEAST Festival. Thorne Harbour Health's World Aids Day 2021 ceremony will be online this year due to social distancing on December 1st. We speak with Stephen and Alex from the Positive Living Centre to learn more about the event. We also discuss Adelaide's FEAST Festival with with Daniel from SAMESH. For more information on these events, you can visit worldaidsday.org.au or feast.org.au. You can also download the World Aids Day app by searching for 'World AIDS Day' on the App Store or Google Play. For more podcasts on health and wellbeing, check out our other JOY Podcasts!

  • Trans Awareness Week and Trans Day of Remembrance

    18/11/2021 Duration: 54min

    Trans Pride March Melbourne cofounder and proud community advocate, Miss Katalyna, reflects on the importance of TDOR, and drops some hints at what is to come in 2022 for the rally. Later in the show, Speak Australia CEO, Sage Akouri, discusses the importance of trans visibility and safe services in regional and rural areas. To find out more about TDOR, visit tdor.org.au Trans Pride March Melbourne can be followed on Facebook so you can see what is announced on 22nd November - www.facebook.com/transpridemarch/  To find out more about the work Speak Australia do, you can go to speak.org.au

  • LGBTIQ Women’s Health Conference

    28/10/2021 Duration: 48min

    On Thursday 4 November, the LGBTIQ Women’s Health Conference held by ACON and Thorne Harbour Health kicks off online.  Rachel and Jacinta chat to Anna Barker from ACON about what’s happening at the conference this year. Later in the show, Rochelle Byrne talks about Indigilez and Yarns Heal ahead of her conference presentation. You can register for the online 2021 conference at lbq.org.au/conference/registration/ You can find out more about Indigilez Women’s Leadership and Support Group at yarnsheal.com.au/indigilez or on their Facebook page.

  • Get the Facts on the Vax

    21/10/2021 Duration: 54min

    Jacinta and Adam take a closer look at COVID vaccines, as part of Rainbow Vax Week.  How do vaccines work? Are there any interactions between the COVID vaccines and gender affirming hormones or PrEP? What about if you’re pregnant? This episode clarifies information on the vaccines for our communities with the help of guest experts.  First, we hear from Dr Jessica Kaufman, a research fellow in the Vaccine Uptake Group at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, who explains how the vaccines work and what side effects are involved. Endocrinologist, Dr Ada Cheung, then joins us to talk about gender affirming hormones, pregnancy, menopause, and more. Later in the show, GP Dr Nate Reid discusses the COVID vaccine in relation to HIV medications, PrEP and other health considerations for our communities. You can find all vaccine booking information, rainbow vaccination clinic hours and vaccine resources you need on the #FabJab website, including a gender affirming printable resource for TGD folks: joy.org.au/f

  • Safe Always

    01/10/2021 Duration: 51min

    This week Rachel and Jacinta find out about the Safe Always campaign by Rainbow Health Victoria and Thorne Harbour Health. Jackson Fairchild, Head of Policy and Programs at Rainbow Health Victoria, joins us to talk about the campaign and the LGBTIQ+ family violence primary prevention project. Later, Carolyn Gillespie, Director of Services at Thorne Harbour Health, discusses services available for LGBTIQ+ victim-survivors and perpetrators of family violence. Family violence is a serious issue and can happen to anyone. No one deserves violence. Ever. Information about the Safe Always campaign is at safealways.org.  If you or someone you know is experiencing family violence, you can get in touch with: Rainbow Door: call 1800 729 367, text 0480 017 246, email support@rainbowdoor.org.au 1800 Respect: call 1800 737 732 https://www.1800respect.org.au/  Thorne Harbour Health: call (03) 9865 6700 https://thorneharbour.org/  You can find information about the following at: Pride In Prevention Guide at Rainbow H

  • The Future of HIV – Part Two

    16/09/2021 Duration: 58min

    Michael is looking back at an earlier conversation on the future of HIV care with some HIV clinical and community leaders. In early April this year, Michael and Tex caught up with Jenny Hoy, Director of HIV Medicine at Alfred Health, to talk about Alfred Health's survey to help people living with HIV untangle what their future health care needs might be - and this week we have the results and feedback from the survey to reflect on with Jenny. Later, Richard Keane, CEO of Living Positive Victoria sheds light on how the results of the survey might shape PLHIV communities' care, and what services might support their health later in life. PLHIV can complete the survey until 31 April when it closes via Alfred Health's website To connect with the coffee table chats contact Living Positive Victoria  We caught up with Jenny and Richard earlier in the year as the survey was unfolding... You can find Part One of that conversation here: https://joy.org.au/wellwellwell/2021/04/the-future-of-hiv-care/

  • eSafety for LGBTIQ Communities

    09/09/2021 Duration: 44min

    This week Cal Hawk is chatting about navigating online spaces with Australia's eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant. Julie discusses leading the way in responding hate and abuse online as well as how their working with LGBTIQ communities to co-design resources to educate and support victims. For more info, head to the eSafety website: eSafety.gov.au

  • Religious Discrimination Bill

    19/08/2021 Duration: 47min

    Rachel and Jacinta discuss the Religious Discrimination Bill with wonderful and insightful guests. First up, Steph Lentz who was fired from Covenant Christian School after coming out as lesbian. Later, we are joined by Equality Australia Director Ghassan Kassisieh to dissect the Religious Discrimination Bill Steph Lentz in the Star Observer: https://www.starobserver.com.au/news/sydney-christian-school-fires-out-lesbian-teacher-steph-lentz/205054 Equality Australia: https://equalityaustralia.org.au  Catch the Well Well Well team each and every week via podcast at joy.org.au/wellwellwell or via your favourite podcast platform  

  • Gay Community Periodic Survey and Farewell to Tex

    12/08/2021 Duration: 01h03min

    We look back on the Gay Community Periodic Survey as we farewell Tex McKenzie from the Health Promotion Program, on this, his last show with Well Well Well! Michael and Tex sit down to chat with Professor Martin Holt of the Centre for Social Research in Health at UNSW. Tex has worked alongside Martin to deliver the annual Gay Community Periodic Survey for many years, and we use Tex's last show as co-host on Well Well Well to look at the most recent iteration, and how COVID made us rethink how we understand our community's sexual health and habits. Tex has been an integral part of the Well Well Well team for many years, and on behalf of the entire Thorne Harbour Health team, we wish him all the best for his future endeavors. Who knows, we may be able to convince him to return to the program as a guest in the future.   This week we talked about The Gay Community Periodic Survey - https://www.gcpsonline.net PrEP - https://what-works.org/prep/

  • The Bent Spoon Season 2 and Farewell to Jessie

    05/08/2021 Duration: 58min

    In this episode, we do a re-cap with some of the participants from Season 2 of the Bent Spoon - Cristian Cortes, Meredith Lee and of course the host of the show, Miss Katalyna. As this is the last show Jessie will ever be doing after hosting Well Well Well for nearly 8 + years, Miss Katalyna decides to turn the tables and ask some questions of her own before continuing on with the show! See below links for some of the projects mentioned in the podcast. The Bent Spoon An online cooking series where members of the Multicultural LGBTIQ Community share a traditional dish from their culture and tell their personal story to the rest of the world. Stay Homo An online mental health campaign developed by the community, for the community with links to several helpful resources and referrals to help us through these The Company of Men Exhibition - Instagram Page Art exhibition usually run during Midsumma, curated by Damien Hinds, that provided a platform for Queer Artists to display their artwork without fear of cen

  • The Olympics and LGBTIQ Communities

    29/07/2021 Duration: 50min

    All eyes are on Tokyo as they host the Olympics. With reports that this year's Olympic Games has more out LGBTIQ athletes competing than ever before, Cal Hawk talks to Pride Cup CEO James Lolicato about LGBTIQ representation at this year's Olympic Games and elite-level sport. Then, 2020 John Marriott LGBTIQ Sportsperson of the Year GLOBE Award winner and Queer Sporting Alliance Founder and President Stella Lesic joins the conversation to talk about QSA and LGBTIQ participation in sport. As Climbing makes its Olympic debut, Climbing QT's founding member Riley Edwards explains what we can expect to see at this year's games and how you can get involved if you're keen to have a go.

  • Mental Health

    22/07/2021 Duration: 01h01min

    Mental health concerns impact LGBTIQA+ people more than the general population. Michael and Rachel chat with Venetia Brissenden, Manager of Therapeutic Services and Capacity Building at Thorne Harbour Health to unpack anxiety, depression, and how to recognise the signs of our mental wellbeing needing a bit of attention. Later we speak with Joe Ball, CEO of Switchboard to discuss the Mental Health Royal Commission findings, and how they support our community and its services. This podcast includes mention of suicide. Up for the conversation? Listen to the Let's Talk About Suicide JOYcast - joy.org.au/letstalk/  Useful Links Beyond Blue - beyondblue.org.au Lifeline - lifeline.org.au  Suicide Callback Service - suicidecallbackservice.org.au Thorne Harbour Health's counselling services - thorneharbour.org/lgbti-health/mental-health/counselling/ Switchboard - switchboard.org.au Rainbow Door - rainbowdoor.org.au QLife - qlife.org.au  

  • International Non-Binary People’s Day and Pride Centre

    21/07/2021 Duration: 47min

    Join Tex and Jessie as they pay tribute to International Non-Binary People's Day and Pride Centre with special guests Rowen and Zi, both facilitators of the RISE workshop at Thorne Harbour. RISE is a single-session monthly peer-led workshop for people who identify as non-binary or gender diverse (including, but not limited to: genderqueer, genderfluid, agender, trans masc and trans femme). This workshops provides a safe and social space for enby and gender-diverse people to connect with each other and engage in discussions and activities relevant to non-binary experiences. Tex also chats about his visit to the long awaited Pride Centre.   Useful Links:  For more information on the RISE Workshop: https://thorneharbour.org/lgbti-health/peer-workshops  Email: peer.ed@thorneharbour.org  Pride Centre: https://pridecentre.org.au Grab this and other JOYCasts by heading to joy.org.au/wellwellwell

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