Impact The Dream


Impact baseball aims to give baseball players from all over the world a chance fulfill their dream of creating a brighter future for themselves. Through education and intense physical training we give players a second chance at baseball as we hope to impact their lives forever!


  • Impact the Dream Episode #2

    Impact the Dream Episode #2

    25/05/2015 Duration: 23min

    Back In California, update on the last Dominican Republic trip .

  • Impact The Dream Podcast Pilot

    Impact The Dream Podcast Pilot

    27/03/2015 Duration: 23min

    This is the launch of a new podcast from the production crew of "Impact The Dream." Recording on location in the Dominican Republic we talk about Dominican culture, baseball players, their deep love for the game and what we do to help these young men take hold of their lost dreams to play in the big legues and impact their future forever through education.