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  • Dane Storrusten, Senior Creative Director, NFL

    Dane Storrusten, Senior Creative Director, NFL

    16/06/2020 Duration: 01h33min

    Dane Storrusten, Senior Creative Director at the NFL, joins this episode to discuss his multidisciplinary design career and path to "The Shield". From majoring in illustration in art school, to designing products at Microsoft, robot interfaces, and NFL brand identities, Dane has had quite an eclectic career. He believes in saying yes to every opportunity and how doing so can lead to amazing opportunities to learn and experience new things; something that has proved to be true for his career. We discuss the value of being multidisciplinary versus specializing, starting and running a design studio, and more; including how doing side projects Dane was passionate about led to a call from the NFL with a newly-created position for him in Los Angeles. Dane gives us a peak into the creative heirarchy at the NFL between the L.A. and N.Y. offices, as well as how the teams collaborate on various projects, and the importance of breaking down creative silos in large organizations. Lastly, Dane spends some time sharin

  • William Peebles, Founder  Maker, Huntington Base Ball Co.

    William Peebles, Founder & Maker, Huntington Base Ball Co.

    10/05/2020 Duration: 01h04min

    William Peebles, Founder & Maker at Huntington Base Ball Co. in Boston, joins this episode to discuss industrial design, being a maker in the sports product industry and turning his love of baseball into a lifestyle business. We begin with William's time in art school which led to working as a designer at Reebok during their prime when endorsers were athletes like Shawn Kemp, Shaq, Allen Iverson, Frank Thomas and more. It was here he decided to take a crack at making his own baseball as a side project. It was not good. In fact, it was so bad he thought he'd never make another one again and moved onto working in other industries for a decade. A couple of economic downturns and layoffs over the next 10 years would force Peebles into making taking a second chance. He read, he researched, he practiced; 11 years later, William's passion for revitalizing relics from baseball's past has turned into a business and well-crafted brand at Huntington Base Ball Co. Listen along as William shares his story. Mentio

  • Jordan Giesler, Creative Services + Brand Manager, Kansas City Chiefs

    Jordan Giesler, Creative Services + Brand Manager, Kansas City Chiefs

    16/02/2020 Duration: 01h12min

    “We got in early on the digital brand stuff. We found it extremely important for us to know why we are who we are and tell that story consistently over time." Jordan Gielser, Creative Services & Brand Manager of Super Bowl LIV Champion Kansas City Chiefs, joined the podcast to discuss his lengthy career working for a historic NFL franchise. Jordan found his way into the Chiefs organization after majoring in commercial art in college; however, after a seasonal gig with the team he would find himself leaving sports design for a b2b industrial gig. Eventually, he returned to the Chiefs and would climb from junior graphic designer to creative services & brand manager which is his role today. The Chiefs had many successful campaigns this season including their 2019 Mexico City Campaign; which we discuss in depth. Jordan also touches on developing the creative for the historic 60th Season of Chiefs Football and how they were able to balance a completely different look for the season paying homage to the

  • From MLC 2019: Amy  Jen Hood, Creative Directors, Hoodzpah Design

    From MLC 2019: Amy & Jen Hood, Creative Directors, Hoodzpah Design

    02/11/2019 Duration: 31min

    “Fear is good, you can feed on it and it makes you work harder to be good and be better. If you get too complacent and happy, that's where you get in trouble.” A special episode from MLC Connect 2019 with two of the keynote speakers, Amy and Jen Hood of Hoodzpah Design of Southern California. Through their studio the duo have worked with companies ranging from small California businesses to major brands like Google and Target. Jay F. Hicks, a digital strategist and content lead at Bayler University Athletics and also the host of Sports Creatives Podcast, joined me to co-host in the MLC media room in the Atlanta Braves' stadium. Listen along as Jay and I chat with the Hood twins as they share how they began their company,imposter syndrome, how they developed soft skills and emotional intelligence, managing imposter syndrome, how they collaborate seamlessly with one with another and more. Mentions Include: Hoodzpah Design Hoodzpah Design on Twitter Hoodzpah Design on Instagram Jay F. Hicks on Twitter My

  • Insung Kim, Senior Creative Director, Atlanta Braves

    Insung Kim, Senior Creative Director, Atlanta Braves

    20/08/2019 Duration: 01h16min

    “Working with people is something you need practice with. Everybody has their own agenda, everybody has things that are important to them. You have to respect that but there’s times you have to fight for what you believe in.” Insung Kim joined the show to discuss his cross country journey from enivironmental design in Southern California to Kansas City to now working in the South as Senior Creative Director for the Atlanta Braves. Insung discusses how his immigrant parents supported his creativity leading him to attend art school and eventaully find a job as a designer in environmental graphics at a company where he stayed 15 years. Looking for a change, Insung moved his family to the middle of the country to work for internationally-known sports & entertainment architectural firm, Populous (formerly HOK Sport). While designing graphics for the Braves new Atlanta stadium, Insung struck up a relationship with Braves executives and was offered a job as Creative Director where he now leads a team of creat

  • Barton Damer, Founding Artist  Creative Director, AlreadyBeenChewed

    Barton Damer, Founding Artist & Creative Director, AlreadyBeenChewed

    29/06/2019 Duration: 01h08min

    Damer on getting work: "You have to be a hype machine. You have to create hype around yourself and most artists are very uncomfortable doing that because they feel they are bragging or they feel like they are going to get made fun of online." Barton Damer, founding artist and creative director of the boutique 3d animation and motion design studio AlreadyBeenChewed, joined the podcast for a chat about his career and how he has grown his company into one of the leading studios for producing motion content in sports and entertainment. Barton reveals how an injury skateboarding—a sport and culture he has always been passionate about—pushed him to learn graphic design and motion so he could continue to hang out with his skateboarding buddies. Damer touches on how he moonlighted nights and weekends for years while having a full-time job because he was the sole income supporting his family of 5 and how fourteen years into his career he began getting his first big brand work from sneaker companies as he developed

  • Simon Dent of Dark Horses on Sports Teams Competition for Attention

    Simon Dent of Dark Horses on Sports Teams' Competition for Attention

    26/03/2019 Duration: 39s

    Simon Dent shares his thoughts on the future competition of sports teams as it regards to selling attention and tickets.

  • Simon Dent, Founder  Managing Director, Dark Horses

    Simon Dent, Founder & Managing Director, Dark Horses

    24/03/2019 Duration: 57min

    "On a Saturday afternoon when every sports fan is going to watch their chosen sport, there are thousands of brands barking at them whether it's a print paper, online, in stadium on LEDs, in the matchday program; there's all these messages and presumably only the best are going to get taken home with fans and that's what our job is: to be the best messengers." Simon Dent is a former sports business lawyer & agent turned creative agency founder in the U.K. As managing partner of Dark Horses, Simon leads a team of world-class creatives working with brand such as Peloton, PUMA, City Football Group, Southampton F.C., Under Armour, Nissan and more. Whilst working as an agent, Simon realized that brands were missing opportunities to better engage fans via athletes he represented, so he founded an advertising agency. Simon discusses the emotional aspect of sport and how consumer brands can leverage those emotions to engage consumers in a more authentic way rather than simply sharing a logo on the scoreboard.

  • Episode 100: Jeremy Mitchell, Founder  Creative Director of Mitchell Bat Co.

    Episode 100: Jeremy Mitchell, Founder & Creative Director of Mitchell Bat Co.

    03/10/2018 Duration: 01h11min

    "It's 100% about relationships. Probably the most important part of Mitchell Bat is the people I've met along the way that I consider true friends or trusted advisors." Jeremy Mitchell, agency creative director, web designer and most notably founder of Mitchell Bat Co., joined the podcast for episode 100 to discuss his passion project; a company that provides custom, hand-painted wooden bats to passionate & passive baseball fans, corporations and brands alike. Jeremy discusses how his college degree in sports management, playing in a band in college and a crush on a graphic design major (who eventually became his wife) eventually led him to pursue a post-grad career in design. A passionate baseball fan, Jeremy created a mockup of a hand-painted, striped bat one night and posted to his Instagram. The post got some likes and requests on where to purchase the bat, whom fans thought was a real physical product. Thus began the quest to start Mitchell Bat Co. We discuss the social mission of MBCo, how a con

  • Episode 99: Adam White, Founder/CEO, Front Office Sports

    Episode 99: Adam White, Founder/CEO, Front Office Sports

    07/08/2018 Duration: 01h24min

    "There's so much emphasis on people getting a job right after they graduate and getting into the workforce. You'd be hard pressed to find a lot more real life lessons than working at a restaurant...the real life world lessons and the things that you learn by serving people is something that can refine skills." Starting a business as a young person takes a lot of courage. You are often looked down upon by older professionals as having too little life & professional experience and too great expectations. It takes grit, perseverance and hard work. These are the key traits of an entrepreneur. Adam White has those traits. The founder & CEO of Front Office Sports joined the show discuss how a failed goal to be a member of the U.S. Coast Guard eventually led to starting one of the sports business's leading online publications. Adam tells the story of how FOS began as a schoool project and later scaled to a much greater audience demanding more content. He also touches on how he worked full-time at a UMiami

  • Episode 98: Samuel Silverman, Assistant Director of Creative Media  Branding, Ohio State Football

    Episode 98: Samuel Silverman, Assistant Director of Creative Media & Branding, Ohio State Football

    11/06/2018 Duration: 01h37min

    "What makes a successful brand from a brand identity and visual language standpoint is having consistent style that can also be fluid and flexible where not everything necessarily looks exactly the same but everything should "feel" the same." Sam Silverman, assistant director of creative media & branding for Ohio State Football, joined the podcast to discuss his work with one of the nation's top football programs and how classic typography inspires his work. Sam touches on how his passion for cars & sneakers and how they led him to a degree in the prestigious industrial design program at Ohio State University. We discuss his transition to graphic design, learning typography skills and being inspired by historic design movements such as Swiss typography and the Bauhaus Movement, and how he is applying these things to the football brand at Ohio State University. The ethics in sports design are a very hot topic in this episode as Sam & I chat about respecting and knowing the history of the discip

  • Chris Do of TheFutur talks value based pricing on MoS #97

    Chris Do of TheFutur talks value based pricing on MoS #97

    28/02/2018 Duration: 05min

    Chris Do elaborates on why creative people should value their services more and charge accordingly without feeling guilty.

  • Episode 97: Chris Do, Founder/CEO of Blind™ and TheFutur

    Episode 97: Chris Do, Founder/CEO of Blind™ and TheFutur

    27/02/2018 Duration: 01h21min

    "Designer as maker is what is celebrated in school, not designer as entrepreneur; designer as business problem solver. To me, when you're in the mechanics, when you have your hands in the work, it's all production and I make no distinction between doing that versus becoming a brick layer." Creative therapy. That's how I refer to this episode as it takes us down a path MoS hasn't been on before. Chris Do, Emmy award winning creative director, entrepreneur and founder of TheFutur & Blind studio, joins the pod to share his views on many topics including higher education, entrepreneurship, money, self-worth, depression, and how designers can win the battle of business. We come in hot discussing the often divisive topic of higher education and wonder if a college degree is important any longer. Chris also discusses the value of time and we why should understand that value is in the eye of the beholder and oftentimes, we aren't the beholder of the work we create. Lastly, we discuss the modern state of desi

  • Episode 96: Xavier Jones, Footwear Designer, Reebok

    Episode 96: Xavier Jones, Footwear Designer, Reebok

    04/02/2018 Duration: 01h23min

    “The Internet is a great tool but you can only learn so much. Actually going to a place physically where you have someone that has [designed] at the highest level, you learn so much more…that experience is invaluable.” FYI: Sneakers are a passion of mine. It's no secret. This episode is quite nerdy on the sneaker talk. Xavier Jones, footwear designer at Reebok, joined the podcast to discuss the footwear design industry and his path to designing for athletes like Shaq and Allen Iverson. Xavier's story begins in the Michigan basketball mecca of Flint. He let's us in on his story and how SLAM Magazine, And One and Ballislife inspired and led him to pursue a dream of designing sneakers for a living. We chat about some of our favorite kicks, discuss the evolution of the Jordan Brand, reminisce about the prime of the And One Mixtape and discuss how sport influences mainstream culture and hence sneaker culture. Xavier and I also discuss the unfortunate topic of violence which often happens at rare sneaker relea

  • Episode 95: Britt Davis, Senior Designer, Atlanta Falcons  ATL United FC

    Episode 95: Britt Davis, Senior Designer, Atlanta Falcons & ATL United FC

    15/01/2018 Duration: 01h49min

    "Share your story, share your process; there might be somebody out there who's like you trying to find out where to start and you might have some insight they can use. Don't be afraid." Britt Davis, senior designer for AMB Sports + Entertainment (i.e. Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Utd. F.C., Mercedes-Benz Stadium, joined the show to discuss her quick climb to being one of sports design's most notable designers. Her story begins with a creative childhood, supportive family and an undergraduate degree at NC State in industrial design; which, due to my own curiosity about industrial design leads to a conversation about our shared interest in sneakers, as well as how design, even though it has many disciplines, has very similar principles that translate well to one another. A 6-year stint as a marketing designer at UNC Charlotte eventually influenced Britt to obtain a graduate design degree from SCAD; which led to an internship at Viacom's SpikeTV, a repositioning of her work as a sports designer, a mentorship with

  • Episode 94: The Baseball NZ Open Branding Project

    Episode 94: The Baseball NZ Open Branding Project

    09/01/2018 Duration: 56min

    On this episode, we have a crossover episode of sorts as I bring you the raw and uncut audio from a Q&A on I conducted with Brian Gundell of Brian Gundell Graphic Design Co. and Brandon Moore of the Miami Dolphins regarding their open branding freelance project for Baseball New Zealand. We discuss how the idea came about to publish a public log of process work for branding a sports organization like Baseball NZ, as well as chat about the challenges of working across 3 timezones, including one that is 18 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. We also chat about how the designers are compensating for the cultural knowledge and differences in having never been to New Zealand or being intimately familiar with NZ heritage. In addition, we discuss how the designers plan to veer from New Zealand's biggest sports brand, the All Blacks, in order to build a brand of its own for baseball. Mentions Include: Baseball New Zealand Open Branding Project The Open Branding Project Q&

  • Episode 93: Marissa McClain, Sr. Designer and Brand Specialist, Boston Red Sox

    Episode 93: Marissa McClain, Sr. Designer and Brand Specialist, Boston Red Sox

    13/11/2017 Duration: 01h14min

    "I think that the best design is design you don't notice most of the time, so I have no problem just putting up a beautiful photo if it's a beautiful photo." Marissa McClain, Sr. Designer/Brand Specialist for the Boston Red Sox joined this episode to discuss her passion for fine art & photography, and how it led to a gig with the Red Sox. We discuss her past as a student photographer for the Michigan Wolverines and an intern at Complex Media; as well as how she ended up shooting the Boston Red Sox 2013 World Series win which led to an art-loving, non-sports-liking kid to end up working full-time for one of baseball's historic teams. Marissa touches on why she pushes herself and her creative team to make things with intent, why we should let photography do its job sometimes and go easy on the textures and filters, and how design principles are the same no matter the discipline (i.e. motion, graphic design, etc.) We also discuss the fear of being a "jack of all trades, master of none" and how having an

  • Episode 92: Tal Lemming, Designer of United Typeface, Owner of Type Supply

    Episode 92: Tal Lemming, Designer of United Typeface, Owner of Type Supply

    26/09/2017 Duration: 01h54min

    "The main job of a typeface is obviously to convey some information; but the second part of that is that it has to convey information with a specific tone or a voice." Tal Lemming, the designer of the sports industry's favorite typeface, joins the podcast to talk typography, designing fonts and type's role in sports design. Having got his start as a graphic designer in the agency scene in Baton Rouge after gradating from LSU, Tal eventually moved to Delaware to become a print designer at renown type foundry, House Industries, where he designed print collateral by day and refined his type design skills at night. He shares a few stories from his House Industries tenure; including working long hours, receiving blunt art direction from a House Industries co-founder and creative director, as well as the tough job of making things for graphic designers. Oftentimes which result marked up work being mailed back or vitriolic comments and unsolicited feedback. Needless to say, resiliency is something Tal has built

  • Episode 91: Shane Mielke, Interactive Creative Director, H.S. Football Coach  Crossfit Athlete

    Episode 91: Shane Mielke, Interactive Creative Director, H.S. Football Coach & Crossfit Athlete

    15/08/2017 Duration: 01h26min

    "At the end of the day, I consider myself a creative person. I've taken the time to grow these skills slowly over time and I want to have as much fun as I can on all aspects of a project—whether that's design, animation, etc., to me it's all fun. That is what is going to stop me from burning out." Shane Seminole Mielke does many things—from coaching big-time high school football, to being a Crossfit athlete, to being a designer, developer & animator; he is a jack of all trades. Shane is not, however, a master of none as the cliché states; instead, he uses his time effectively to master his many different interests which includes building websites and animations for movies such as "Suicide Squad", "Dunkirk", "Kong" and more; as well as working with Lucasfilm (on the "Star Wars" franchise), Blizzard Ent. and Riot Games. He has won numerous awards which include: 6 Adobe Sites of the Day, 2 Awwwards, 36 FWA Sites of the Day, 4 FWA Mobile Sites of the Day, 2 FWA Sites of the Month and 3 Adobe Cutting Edge Aw

  • Episode 90: MLC Connect Panel 2017 with Chin Wang, Joe Bosack, Todd Radom  Jon Contino

    Episode 90: MLC Connect Panel 2017 with Chin Wang, Joe Bosack, Todd Radom & Jon Contino

    24/07/2017 Duration: 49min

    On this week's episode, I bring you a front seat at MLC Connect 2017 for "The Future of Sports Design" panel with Chin Wang (Creative Director, ESPN the Magazine), Todd Radom (Designer/Illustrator, Todd Radom Design), Joe Bosack (Creative Director, Joe Bosack & Co.) and Jon Contino (Creative Director, Jon Contino Studio)—all former guests of Makers of Sport. The panel is short (about 30 min.), but a lot of knowledge and experience is shared as the panelists touch on how they build relationships, manage collaborating with creatives in multiple disciplines, mistakes they've made and more. You'll hear Joe Bosack mention Tom O'Grady of Gameplan Creative and Bill Frederick of Fanbrandz who were in the audience. Enjoy. Mentions Include: MLC Connect Chin Wang's Mos Episode Todd Radom's MoS Episode Joe Bosack's MoS Episode Jon Contino's MoS Episode Tom O'Grady's MoS Episode Bill Frederick's MoS Episode My next guest is Shane Mielke, an independent creative director and interactive designer in Southern Cal

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