Synopsis pro staff Dan, Chunsum, Marty, and guests bring you the latest fishing reports, conditions, events, and whatever else fishing related from in northern Illinois and elsewhere in the country. In this year round weekly podcast, we will discuss everything from creeks to rivers, ponds to lake, open water to thick ice, and even lucky fishing hats.


  • Early Spring Trout And Bass

    28/03/2013 Duration: 1709h00s
  • Fishing Trip Talk with DuPage Angler

    21/03/2013 Duration: 1868h00s
  • Early Spring Fishing in DuPage

    16/03/2013 Duration: 1960h00s
  • Late Ice & Spring Fishing in DuPage

    08/03/2013 Duration: 1534h00s
  • Ice Fishing w/DuPage Angler pt 2

    28/12/2012 Duration: 1685h00s
  • Basic Ice Fishing

    21/12/2012 Duration: 1564h00s
  • Fishing With DuPage Angler

    29/11/2012 Duration: 1488h00s
  • Fall DuPage Crappies

    06/11/2012 Duration: 1223h00s
  • Salmon Fishing and DuPage Angler

    03/10/2012 Duration: 1648h00s
  • Fall Trout Season Is Here!

    17/09/2012 Duration: 1619h00s
  • Crabby Bass Lures

    07/09/2012 Duration: 1458h00s