The greatest Baseball podcast hosted by brothers in the free world, increasing your love and appreciation for America's pastime.


  • Pitcher as MVP?

    Pitcher as MVP?


    Should a pitcher be eligible for a league's Most valuable Player award? We debate it.

  • Down on the Farm

    Down on the Farm


    Minor leagues, major baseball! The Brothers Seale discuss the attributes of minor league baseball.

  • September 14 preview

    September 14 preview


    Tigers or Royals? Cards, Brewers? Or Pirates? We analyze and agonize over what may come in the final month of the 2014 season!

  • Baseballs popularity

    Baseball's popularity


    ''Experts'' think baseball needs a popularity make-over the Seale Brothers dismiss the mean girls and stand up for our beloved game!

  • To DH or not DH?

    To DH or not DH?


    That is the question posed by the Brothers Seale. So listen in and voice your outrage at their conclusions!

  • Trade Deadline 2014

    Trade Deadline 2014


    No predictions, but instead a discussion of the dynamics of this year's trade deadline and why it's better to stay put. Also, a glimpse into the GCL!

  • Baseball Movies

    Baseball Movies


    The Brothers discuss favorite baseball movies, what makes a good one, a bad one, and a classic.

  • June is Busting Out All Over

    June is Busting Out All Over


    Discussions about the emerging Reds and Dodgers, the innovative Astros, and the fading Royals. And some obligatory Sports Illustrated and Jim Rome slights.

  • Mr Padre

    Mr Padre


    The Seale Bros reflect on the past couple of weeks in baseball, most notably the passing of one of the best hitters in the past 50 years, Tony Gwynn.

  • Small Market

    Small Market


    The streaking Red Sox, Jay and 'Stros Small Market vs Big Market, the 2001 Mariners, more!

  • Tommy John Surgery

    Tommy John Surgery


    The Seale Brothers discuss Josh Beckett's no-no, the Bosox losing streak, and in Michael's Hot Corner, the increase of Tommy John surgery and its implictions.

  • One Hundred Sixty-two

    One Hundred Sixty-two


    The resurgence of Buehrle, the feats of AL rookies, and in Michael's Hot Corner, the values of the 162 game season are debated.

  • Mid April, Part 2 - Bosox/Yanks

    Mid April, Part 2 - Bosox/Yanks


    In Michael's Hot Corner, we analyze/dispute the importance of the Yankees/Bosox rivalry, we gush over Lakeland's Joker Marchant Stadium, and review the home team.

  • Mid April, Pt 1 - 715!

    Mid April, Pt 1 - 715!


    In the first half of this podcast, the Seale Brothers discuss the importance of Aaron's 715th, Jackie Robinson, The Brewers, and the fact that no one is talking about Pujols approaching 500.

  • Interleague Play/ Opening week

    Interleague Play/ Opening week


    Reflections on the first week of the 2014 MLB season, as well as a discussion about Interleague Play and why we don't like it. Plus, Park of the Week: West Michigan!

  • Opening Day/ Hall of Fame

    Opening Day/ Hall of Fame


    We get fired up about the start of the 2014 season! And Michael gives a few ways Hall of Fame voting would make it better. Also, Park of the Week - Chattanooga's AT&T Field!

  • Spring Training 2014!

    Spring Training 2014!


    Sunburned and excited, the Seale Brothers highlight their Grapefruit League trip! Kissimmee, Bradenton, Sarasota, and Dunedin. Plus, Opening Day Down Under?