We get it. It can be tough out there for women who like sports - you have to know twice as much to get half the respect, and you're not often represented in the action, let alone the coverage. But we still love sports, don't you? Not Your Boyfriend's Sports Show is a fierce new podcast brought to you by two friends who think sports talk could use a couple more female voices. It's ladies, it's sports, it's ladysports. It's a fun and cheeky look at what's happening in the headlines, plus a feature every episode that takes you deeper into the social and cultural issues sports introduce. NYBF Sports brings you new episodes every two weeks, plus you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for all the amusement in between. We're ladies, we love sports, and we want to talk about them with you!


  • Episode 33: The Evolution of Equipment

    Episode 33: The Evolution of Equipment


    LaJean Lawson and Kim Blair, two experts in the sporting goods industry, join the show to discuss the evolution of equipment. Through technological and social revolutions, the unique role of the sports bra and the impact of Title IX are also examined. Logo by Michael Moffett Theme song – Happy Rock Music –

  • Episode 32: Athletes and Taxes

    Episode 32: Athletes and Taxes


    What can athletes teach us about taxes? Probably more than you think. Joe Henchman of the Tax Foundation and Richard Auxier of the Tax Policy Center join the show to discuss what happens to all that money and why it should matter to fans. Logo by Michael Moffett Theme song – Happy Rock Music […]

  • Episode 31: Pond Hockey

    Episode 31: Pond Hockey


    NYBF Sports Show visits the U.S. Pond Hockey Championships on Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis, MN. Logo by Michael Moffett Theme song – Happy Rock Music –

  • Episode 30: Shira Springer

    Episode 30: Shira Springer


    NPR and Boston Globe reporter Shira Springer joins the show for a look back at the year’s biggest stories in women’s sports. Plus, a few headlines you may have missed and larger takeaways on the state and strength of women’s sports as we head into 2017. Logo by Michael Moffett Theme song – Happy Rock […]

  • Episode 29: Sistory

    Episode 29: Sistory


    The women of Sistory join the show with two stories of integrating gendered sporting events. Shooting, synchronized swimming, and whether we set women up for success or failure by separating men’s and women’s events. Plus, A.J. Andrews wins a Golden Glove and Ali Krieger is traded to Orlando. Logo by Michael Moffett Theme song – […]

  • Episode 28: Jessica Luther

    Episode 28: Jessica Luther


    Journalist Jessica Luther joins the show to discuss her new book, Unsportsmanlike Conduct: College Football and the Politics of Rape. Logo by Michael Moffett Theme song – Happy Rock Music –

  • Episode 27: Meg Linehan

    Episode 27: Meg Linehan


    Meg Linehan, Senior Editor at Excelle Sports, joins the show with a preview of women’s soccer at the upcoming Rio Olympics. Plus, the pleasures and pitfalls of covering women’s sports and whether the state-of-play in the NWSL is strong enough to survive. Logo by Michael Moffett Theme song – Happy Rock Music –

  • Episode 26: Maddie Meyer

    Episode 26: Maddie Meyer


    Sports photographer Maddie Meyer joins the show. Maddie regularly covers all the hometown Boston teams, plus has worked on the Women’s World Cup, Super Bowl, NBA Finals, and so much more. We discuss the stories behind her favorite shots, her frighteningly healthy perspective on when you miss one, and all the advice she’s received and passes on, […]

  • Episode 25: Father’s Day Special

    Episode 25: Father’s Day Special


    It’s a Father’s Day special as Maeve’s dad joins the show to discuss sports, fatherhood, and when the two collide. Plus a healthy dose of the Red Sox (like any good Bostonian) and the return of FIERCE LADIES. Logo by Michael Moffett Theme song – Happy Rock Music –

  • Episode 24: Kathy Flores

    Episode 24: Kathy Flores


    Women’s rugby Hall-of-Famer Kathy Flores joins the show to talk about the state of the game today, its debut at the Olympics this summer, and why more women should be involved at all levels of the sport. Plus, the NCAA Women’s World Series continues and women’s lacrosse goes pro. Logo by Michael Moffett Theme song […]

  • Episode 23: Amby Burfoot

    Episode 23: Amby Burfoot


    This week on the show…Runner’s World editor and 1968 Boston Marathon winner Amby Burfoot joins us to talk about his latest book, First Ladies of Running. We discuss the early barriers to women’s running, the pioneers who broke them down, and how their experiences shape running today. Plus, the WNBA gets serious about data and […]

  • Episode 22: Chelsea Janes

    Episode 22: Chelsea Janes


    On this episode…Washington Post reporter Chelsea Janes talks about the ins and outs of covering Nationals baseball, how she keeps her reporting fresh throughout the season, and the art and skill of play-by-play tweeting. Plus, the U.S. Women’s Olympic Basketball Team is announced and the San Francisco 49ers adopt the Rooney Rule. Logo by Michael […]

  • Episode 21: Ian Levy

    Episode 21: Ian Levy


    This week on the show…we’re talking basketball analytics with Ian Levy, Editor-in-Chief of Hardwood Paroxysm and a regular contributor to FiveThirtyEight. We discuss the data gap between men’s and women’s basketball, what it would take to make women’s data robust, and try to answer the riddle of supply and demand in sports fandom. Plus, this week in […]

  • Episode 20: Jenny Vrentas

    Episode 20: Jenny Vrentas


    This week, senior writer for Sports Illustrated’s MMQB Jenny Vrentas joins us for a wide-ranging conversation on the NFL. We’re talking everything from health and safety, to the NFL’s recent efforts to promote women, how much to weight the “character” of a player, why Jenny still gets asked how she got into sports reporting, and so much […]

  • Episode 19 – Kilimanjaro

    Episode 19 – Kilimanjaro


    This week on the show…Erin Andrews has her day in court, the NFL acknowledges the link between football and brain trauma, and the women’s March Madness bracket is here again. Then, we hear from Brynn about climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro (Africa’s highest mountain), and we’ll wrap up the show with another FIERCE LADY! Logo by Michael Moffett […]

  • Episode 18: DC Rollergirls

    Episode 18: DC Rollergirls


    This week on the show…we skate into the world of women’s roller derby courtesy of DC Rollergirls. We talk to league president, Adrienne Schreiber, aka Velocity Raptor, about running the league, derby retail and real estate, and how derby can “save your soul.” Then we speak with Rollergirls veteran Angela Wall, better known as Condoleezza […]

  • Episode 17: Wrestling, Women,  Entertainment

    Episode 17: Wrestling, Women, & Entertainment


    This week on the show, we’re joined by Monica Anderson and Carroll Kim, both wrestling super fans.  We’ll discuss why it’s ok that it’s fake, its complicated history with drug abuse, the “Divas revolution”, and also have a bit of fun coming up with wrestling names and signature moves. Logo by Michael Moffett Theme song: […]

  • Episode 16: Inside the NWHL

    Episode 16: Inside the NWHL


    This week on the show…we give you an inside look at the National Women’s Hockey League straight from the women running it, covering it, and playing in it. First, we’re joined by Hayley Moore, General Manager of the Boston Pride. Then, we’re live from the Nov. 22nd Boston Pride vs. New York Riveters game with […]

  • Episode 15: Athletes and Activism

    Episode 15: Athletes and Activism


     This week on the show…Ronda Rousey is taken down while Russia is doping up. For our feature, we’re looking at the modern era of athlete activism – the causes, the controversy, and the players at helm. Then, it’s another FIERCE LADY. Logo by Michael Moffett Theme song: Happy Rock – Music: Ascension to Virginity – […]

  • Episode 14: Nicole Auerbach

    Episode 14: Nicole Auerbach


    This week on the show…Abby Wambach retires from soccer while the NWHL is just getting on its feet. Plus, as baseball wraps up with the World Series, the NBA starts a new season. For our feature this week, we’re thrilled to welcome to the show Nicole Auerbach, college football and basketball reporter for USA Today, […]

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