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The show about overanalyzing the overlooked. Your hosts, Anthony Colangelo, Patrick Marsceill, and Aura Seltzer discuss their obsessions with life's minutiae.


  • Episode 03 - It's Like a Zoo in Here

    07/01/2015 Duration: 16min

    Today's Topic: Laundry (Part 2) Show Outline Hanger situations Closet organization and squinting Dainties The raw denim lifestyle Tumble dry low Button-down problems Hashtag: #jeansurrogacy

  • Episode 02 - I Thought I Had Moths

    14/11/2014 Duration: 32min

    Today's Topic: Laundry (Part 1) Show Outline Setup: stackable, side by side, convection Timeframe Folding practices Closets vs. drawers Seasonal storage Hashtag: #seasonalstorage

  • Episode 01 - Do the Chop Chop

    03/09/2014 Duration: 51min

    Today's Topic: Sandwiches Favorites What are the qualities we look for in sandwich? Favorite types of bread Favorite ingredients Favorite condiments Favorite sandwich makers Sandwich making process Technique Toasting: bread vs. sandwich Hot lettuce is disgusting Hot tomatoes are disgusting Tips and tricks What is cringe worthy Mixing the meats Clarifications Hoagie vs. sub vs. sandwich vs. wrap vs. low-carb lettuce “wrap” Club sandwiches—why? Breakfast sandwiches Don't underestimate the power of a croissant as the bread Bagel sandwiches BONUS: Bahn Mi. Try it. You'll like it. Referenced Vendors Sarcone's Bakery Liscio's Bakery Hershel's East Side Deli Primo's Wawa Firehouse Subs Paesano's Philly Style The Bagel Factory

  • Episode 00 - My Wheelie is Long Enough

    21/07/2014 Duration: 40min

    Today's Topic: Packing for Travel On the Docket: Origin Story: Patrick’s Packing List Luggage options Looking cool vs. utility Short vs.long trips To check or not to check? Packing methods Rolling vs. folding Ironing clothes pre-packing or post-unpacking How do you pack a suit or blazer? Are garment bags a trap? Spoiler alert: yes. Dealing with dirty laundry Eliminating cross-contamination Unpacking upon arrival at destination Unpacking upon return home