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A podcast about relationships and your walk with Jesus in a post-Christian culture.


  • No. 73: I Survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye

    15/06/2019 Duration: 01h05min

    Lara and Mary Ashley lead a round-table discussion on the recent documentary “I Survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye,” about Joshua Harris’ attempts to learn about the damage that resulted from his famous book and make amends for it. You can view the film here:

  • No. 72: Lessons Learned from the Bachelor

    16/05/2019 Duration: 58min

    After a lengthy hiatus, we are back! Mary Ashley talks with Liz Galvao of the Bachelor discussion podcast My Wife Is In This Room on the lessons we all might be able to take from everyone’s favorite reality show to hate-watch.

  • No. 71: Enneagram and Relationships

    26/08/2018 Duration: 54min

    Therapist and author Katie Jo Ramsey talks through the Enneagram, the importance of knowing yourself in order to heal and grow, and how knowing your Enneagram type can help you be better in your relationships. You can check out the articles we mention in the podcast here: and You can also find Katie […]

  • No. 70: Communication in Relationships

    16/07/2018 Duration: 57min

    We talk again with Daniel Johnson, MFT, about how to communicate respectfully and effectively in relationships, including arguing! You can catch Daniel’s podcast The Color of Thought and contact him here:

  • No. 69: NFP

    03/07/2018 Duration: 43min

    We talk with Paul Fahey, contributor at Where Peter Is ( about the ins and outs of Natural Family Planning: what’s great, what’s tough, and where can the Church grow? UPDATE: Paul has two addenda and some advice for couples below. 1. I briefly spoke about Providentialism, that is, a couple not using NFP or […]

  • No. 68: The Wait – Long-Distance to Marriage

    08/05/2018 Duration: 01h30s

    Lara talks to Melody Michalski and Anthony Laurel about starting their relationship long-distance and the challenges of waiting for every part of their relationship. They speak about their journey from spiritual struggles, to figuring out how to do long-distance, to moving to be in the same city, to dating in person (finally!), and then to […]

  • No. 67: Ghosting

    24/04/2018 Duration: 49min

    Ghosting: one of our most painful and confusing modern dating rituals. We talk to MFT Naphtali Roberts at her office in Montrose about why it happens, what we do when someone is ghosting us, and how to draw appropriate boundaries so that we don’t become a ghoster ourselves. You can find Naphtali at or […]

  • [REPOST] The Dating Project

    15/04/2018 Duration: 55min

    We interviewed Megan Harrington for the Dating Project way back when and, let’s face it, we need a refresher for when we see it on Tuesday, April 17th! Get your tickets here: Go see it!* *We’re not getting paid to say this. We genuinely loved it and think you will too!

  • No 66: Faith of Our Fathers

    09/04/2018 Duration: 41min

    We talk with Raymond and Ashley from the Mass Box ( about their unique vocation story and why fathers are important for a family’s faith life.

  • No. 65: Anxiety and Depression

    03/04/2018 Duration: 59min

    Lara talks with Deana Samms and Melody Michalski about anxiety and depression, their roots, and some helpful tools to combat them. They touch on the illusion of control and where we ultimately can find our peace. You can find Deana at the Kanawha Pastoral Counseling Center in West Virginia at Music provided by Melody […]

  • No. 64: Boundaries and Abuse

    20/03/2018 Duration: 55min

    We talk with Christy Samms, a counselor out of Cleveland, OH, about how to spot abuse and define boundaries, including an in-depth discussion of the book Boundaries by Henry Cloud and John Townsend, which has been an amazing resource for so many clinicians. You can find more about Christy at

  • No. 63: Purity Culture

    12/03/2018 Duration: 53min

    We talk with Becky Murdoch, who shares the ins and outs of growing up in purity culture.

  • No. 62: A Way to Forgiveness

    05/02/2018 Duration: 47min

    Faced with the end of her marriage, filmmaker Erin Dooley walked across Spain in order to be able to fully forgive her ex-husband. Join us as we talk forgiveness, the film she made about her journey on the Camino de Santiago, and her latest project Broken & Beautiful, a Christian musical! You can connect with […]

  • No. 61: Sexuality and Celibacy

    23/01/2018 Duration: 59min

    We talk with young priest Fr. Tim Grumbach about sexuality and the need for intimacy within celibacy.

  • No. 60: Stay-at-home Dads

    13/12/2017 Duration: 46min

    Being a stay-at-home dad certainly has a stigma, and though it isn’t unheard of to see men overseeing the home and children, what challenges are there still in this growing minority? We talk to Rick Bickerstaff and Gaylan Adair about their decisions to stay at home, educational choices, and even the difficulty of being the […]

  • No. 59: Father Wounds

    29/11/2017 Duration: 40min

    We talk with Sonja Corbitt, the Bible Study Evangelista, about father wounds, the damage they can cause, and how to heal them.

  • No. 58: The Dating Project

    14/11/2017 Duration: 54min

    We talk with producer Megan Harrington about the upcoming documentary release The Dating Project.

  • No. 57: Not Just Like A Virgin

    31/10/2017 Duration: 01h10min

    Mary Ashley commemorates both Halloween and the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation by doing something truly scary: sharing her VERY personal story. Yikes!

  • No. 56: Sexuality in Media: Jane the Virgin

    12/10/2017 Duration: 01h38s

    We talk with Jane the Virgin consulting producer Valentina Garza about the show’s handling of sexuality and faith.

  • No. 55: Mother Wounds

    04/10/2017 Duration: 47min

    Mary Ashley talks with blogger Sarah Margaret Babbs about mother wounds, and how they can affect our faith. You can find her writing at Fumbling Toward Grace.

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