Richard III by SHAKESPEARE, William



Richard III is an early history play probably written and performed around 1592-93. It is the culmination of Shakespeares earlier three plays about Henry VI, and chronicles the bloody career of Richard, Duke of Gloucester. As the play opens, the Wars of the Roses are over, King Edward IV (Richards brother) is on the throne, and all is ostensibly well. The problem? Richard wants to be king - and hell stop at nothing to realize his ambition. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett) Cast: King Edward IV: David Cole Edward, Prince of Wales: Sandra G Richard, Duke of York: Tricia G George, Duke of Clarence: Bob Sherman Richard, Duke of Gloucester: David Nicol Son of Clarence: Nadine Eckert-Boulet Henry, Earl of Richmond; Lord Mayor of London: Mark F. Smith Cardinal Bourchier; Sir James Blunt: Nullifidian Archbishop of York; Daughter of Clarence; Page: Availle Duke of Buckingham: mb Duke of Norfolk: Bruce Pirie Earl of Surrey: Lucy Perry Earl Rivers: Denny Sayers Marquis of Dorset; Second Citizen: StephenC Lord Grey: om123 Earl of Oxford; Fourth Messenger: Roger Clifton Lord Hastings: Peter Bloomfield Lord Stanley: Andy Minter Lord Lovel; Sir Walter Herbert: L. Lambert Lawson Sir Thomas Vaughan; Priest; First Gentleman: David Lawrence Sir Richard Ratcliff: Filippo Giaochin Sir William Catesby: Arixa Sir James Tyrrel; Third Citizen; Ghost of Henry VI: 1evilmofo Sir Robert Brakenbury: Garrett Fitzgerald Christopher Urswick: Christopher Caron Sheriff of Wiltshire; Bishop of Ely; First Murderer: Rismyth Queen Elizabeth; Scrivener: Elizabeth Klett Queen Margaret: Ruth Golding Duchess of York: Karen Savage Lady Anne: Arielle Lipshaw Second Murderer; First Citizen; Third Messenger: Sonja Messenger: Kalynda Second Messenger: Veronica Jenkins Pursuivant: Matt Judd Ghost of Prince Edward: Snaefaxi Narrator: Diana Majlinger Audio edited by: Elizabeth Klett